1995 BMW R100R Classic
Black • 46,306 miles
1995 BMW R100R Classic

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stock number 280890

Bob really debated on selling this bike at all.  After looking at his brand new one, still in the crate that resides in the museum for just over ten years he's really been wanting to have one to ride since they are such great machines. This is literally the only one that has come available on the market since we delivered the last ones to smart customers back in the fall of 1995. There were only 240 ever produced for the US market if memory serves us well and these were in fact the very last 1000 cc air cooled, carbureted twins ever built by BMW for the world market.  Only four Classic models were produced in the Special Paint Edition for 1995: the R100R,  R100RT, R100GS and the R100R Mystic.   
Fortunately for one lucky and discerning individual out there Bob told us that he does not want to be greedy and will offer it up for sale.  He also told us that he had an interesting idea rooted in sales practices he saw time and again recently while on tour in New Zealand that he wants  us to try out.  In NZ when a seller is not quite sure what to ask for an item, be it a car, motorcycle, boat, home or even commercial real estate they place it on the market and inform prospective buyers that they "are accepting tenders" in a specific dollar range and for a certain time frame.  It seems to work very well and sure seems like it would allow any interested buyers to speak up and tell us what they'd be willing to pay for a very rare bike, be it over or under the suggested price range.
As for the bike, here are the facts: It's not flawless but it is the only one that's been available for sale in about ten years and it is in very nice condition and shows quite well.  Mechanically it has no issues and runs just fine. It has approximately It's had all of three owners in it's life and Bob's sold it the last time around to one of the employees.  It comes with heated grips, European headlight switch, cylinder guards, bag mounts, integral saddlebags, wrist rest, tool kit, tire repair kit, owners manuals, spare keys, runnin' lights, a works rear shock and an aftermarket windscreen we have removed.  It's fully serviced, including a Maryland State Inspection plus it has excellent rubber including a new rear tire.  
Included in this transaction is one perfect original sales brochure and a rare NOS set of of the four large posters commemorating the series produced by BMW in 1995.  We will be accepting tenders in the range of $9,995. At the end of the identified time frame a decision will be made unless an offer is received that simply convinces us to make someone happy sooner.