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May-day May-day…Where did May go?!
May has come and gone and summer is just around the corner which means even more time to ride! Hopefully you were able to join us for some if not all of the festivities at Bob’s these last few weeks: Open House, Women’s Day, Vintage and Classic Day, tech sessions, and group rides. If not, no worries, we have plenty more on the calendar and even more to be announced.

Let's Recap:

Open House

Open House was a bit chilly but being the true BMW riders our customers are, bikes steadily rolled in throughout the day. Visitors enjoyed speaking with the product reps and learning about all of the 2012 products. The line at the Schuberth van was non-stop with folks signing up to demo the C3 helmet. Food was served for the 11th year in a row by BlueKnights, who this year SOLD OUT of their newest menu item, pit beef.

Just about midway through the day, we unveiled the winning t-shirt design contest for our 30 Year Anniversary. Congrats to Brian Hagermann for submitting the winning design. The design is NOW available for sale ONLINE in short and long sleeve! We are very grateful for all the entries and are looking for ways to incorporate the other designs in our 30th celebration so if anyone has any ideas, let us know!

Images from Open House 2012

Women's Day

Women’s Day we switched it up a bit this year and departed for the annual group ride in the a.m. Upon return, the group was greeted by our keynote speaker Linda Crill, speaking on “Voices of Female Riders,” and a table filled with beverages and snacks. Linda shared a great presentation showing the past to present including the infamous BMW ad (which hangs in the Ladies room at Bob’s!) “I just purchased my first aftermarket accessory. I think his name is Mike.”

Finally, after a tech session on Roadside Safety and Service led by Steve Slunt, the ladies began departing around 2 to enjoy the rest of the day riding!

Images from 2012 Women’s Day

Vintage and Classic Day

Vintage and Classic Day was unbelievable weather…so unbelievable PAA staff member, Mattigan McMichael stated, “Don’t get me wrong, I love riding but I have to say today is the perfect day to be in a kayak!”

Based on the number of folks kicking tires around Bob’s parking lot and checking out the vintage bikes that were riding in, it may have been nice on the water that day, but land was just as appealing on this perfect May day!

Customers filled the lot hoping for a chance to walk away with sole bragging rights for winning “Best in Show.” And this year’s proud winner was Adam Levin (pictured to the right on his single cylinder R/27)

Throughout the day, over 60 folks enjoyed touring Bob’s annex museum across the street led by BMW history buff, Paul Rubenson. Plus, guests enjoyed a tech session led by Dave Grunberger on Vintage Tune Up tips, and great food served by Wild Dog Gourmet Hot Dogs.

Images from Vintage and Classic Day 2012

Tech Sessions

Tech Sessions were mentioned above, Vintage Tune Up Tips and Roadside Safety and Service, both very informative for our customers and for Bob’s. Bob’s learned Steve is quite the ladies man! And Dave is wealth of information when it comes to vintage and classic, and restorations. So ladies, next time your bike needs service, Steve is your man and for anyone out there with a great barn find that you want to have some fun with, Dave will have all the answers for sure!

Images from 2012 Tech Sessions

If you would like to suggest a tech session topic, email hanna.creekmore@bobsbmw.com

Group Rides

Group Rides enjoyed by dozens this year have included the Women’s Day ride and a ride to British and European Classic Motorcycle Day. The annual ladies ride was led by Bob as it always is and was a great turnout! Bob took a group of 13 on some his favorite local roads. He was accompanied by numerous BMW’s but also a fine looking 1989 Honda GB500!

The most recent ride was to British and European Classic Motorcycle Day in Clarksburg, MD. Being the vintage and classic enthusiast he is, our tech Dave who led the Vintage Tech Session the day before, led this group ride. And from what was reported, led a very spirited ride!

Antonia Pernia shared on facebook, “Went on the group ride to Classic show today. Got my GSA airborne twice, and nearly peed myself in one turn, so I would consider it a great ride! More “Dave Rides” please!”

And to add to the excitement, our very own shipping and receiving manager, Greg Bartosz won third place in the German Vintage Class, riding his 1976 BMW R90/6 that he purchased at last year’s national rally in PA. PLUS, Service Manager Chris Buell was awarded honorable mention in the same class riding his 1973 R75/5! (Both just deciding that day to park their bikes in the judging area!)

Support Your Local Club
This weekend, June 1-3 is the 38th Annual Square Route Rally hosted by the local BMW club, BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington (BMWBMW)!

You do not have to be a member to attend and this is a great way to get familiar with the cub. It is always a good time; Bob can tell you himself…he goes every year!

The rally offers food, music, a great selection of rides, seminars and tech sessions, plus evening events including dinner and a band, and most importantly great camaraderie with other BMW riders!

On Saturday, at 9:30 a.m. any rally attendees interested in joining Bob for a group ride back to Jessup can reserve their spot online today or meet Bob at the registration area by 9:15 and check in with him so that we can get the final headcount. Partake in a great scenic ride back to Bob’s for tours of the annex Vintage museum as well as a behind-the-scenes tour of Bob’s BMW, and finally at 2pm we will begin our safety seminar, “Protecting Your Most Prize Possession—YOU!” led by PAA Manager, Peter Meade. You will leave with knowledge on the various types of armor used in production, determining the correct size helmet, jacket, pant, glove, and boot, how to make a selection among the ever-so-rapidly growing variety of apparel, and the important safety functions motorcycle gear offers and how to use it!

Finally, for just $10, Bob’s will have lunch waiting for you upon your arrival.

Motorcycle Safety Month
Maybe you have seen more “share the road with motorcyclists’” advertisements or maybe more hi-vis on the road this month? If so, it is most likely because May was the nation’s official month to raise motorcycle safety awareness. Here at Bob’s that is our goal everyday!

In fact, perhaps Bob has shared one of his favorite acronyms with you (he loves acronyms!)—ATGATT—All the gear all the time! If you’re going to ride you must be prepared for anything and that includes the possibility of accidents. All it takes is one time not wearing quality gear to learn the importance of ATGATT…if you are that lucky. This is why Bob’s apparel department offers a huge inventory of men and women’s gear; a variety of types, styles, and sizes of the best quality manufacturers.

Gear includes head to toe: helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, and boots. Luckily over the years, technology has helped the industry come up with some amazing features that allow riding gear to do its job plus look cool and be cool for the rider! And please whatever you do, do not purchase the gear and then leave it at home; wear ALL the gear ALL the time!

Ok so we covered ATGATT. Next let’s talk hi-vis. Motorcyclists need to be seen on the road by others, so what better way than to choose gear that offers hi-visibility. Some high visibility is better than none so if you’re reluctant to get the full neon yellow vest, try a more discrete jacket that still gets the job done like the Olympia Nomad Transitional jacket that is more so trimmed in hi-vis. The point being…there are options people!

Now take a minute to think back when the last safety course was you took? Certainly you don’t believe that just because you have your license, the training is over?!

Every state offers motorcycle safety courses for all levels. Just around the corner from Bob’s is the Howard County Riders School that offers 7 different courses, each focusing on various skill levels and offering different lesson curriculum . And that is just in Howard County. Every county offers its own safety courses and they can easily be found by visiting the MVA’s website.

No doubt this is all stuff everyone knows and has heard before. The question is are you helping raise awareness by doing everything you can as a member of the motorcycling community?

Click here for more facts and to see how YOU can help to raise awareness!

Finally, please join us THIS Saturday on the showroom floor for a safety seminar led by our Apparel Manager, Peter Meade. Peter will lead a workshop called “Protecting Your Most Prize Possession—You!” This will be a hands-on lesson of the various types of armor being used in production today, critical information needed in determining the correct size helmet, jacket, pant, glove, and boot, how to make a selection among the ever-so-rapidly growing variety of apparel, and the important safety functions motorcycle gear offers and how to use it! You can RSVP Today to Reserve Your Spot.

Now Available in Maryland!
Thanks to the hard work and determination of your dealer of choice, Bob’s* BMW, Maryland will no longer be 1 of only 10 states that does NOT offer BMW’s 3asy Ride Financing Option. Since last year, Bob’s has been spearheading the campaign to get Maryland legislature to approve this financing option and as of June 1, it will be available!

This program is the most efficient and affordable way to make your dreams come true. It offers:

✔ Lower monthly payments
when compared to conventional financing
✔ The option to buy with ZERO down payment, for buyers who don’t wish to tie up their available cash. However, a down payment can make your monthly payments even LESS
✔ 90 days until first payment option

3asy Ride truly is easy with 3 being the magic number! After you choose an eligible new BMW and get it on the road thanks to the above 3 easy steps, after four years you have 3 easy options:

✔ Pay off the remaining balance and keep the bike
✔ Re-finance the remaining balance at a competitive rate
✔ Trade-in your motorcycle and upgrade to a brand new BMW of your choice!

This financing option is a great alternative to traditional finance and is officially available in Maryland as of Friday, June 1 2012. Bob’s BMW is authorized not only in Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia, but ALL 50 states to offer 3asy ride financing.

If you have ever considered a BMW but thought price would not permit, you no longer have any excuses! BMW has now made it possible to ride the bike of your dreams at an affordable price! Contact Tim Smith directly with any questions.

*Bob’s is authorized in MD, DC, PA, VA, DE, WV…ALL 50 states!

T-Shirt Contest Finalists!

What fun these past several weeks have been: seeing the unique 30 Year Anniversary T-shirt designs come in and watching our fans vote for their favorite! Bob's appreciates everyones participation...the designs were awesome and the votes very helpful in narrowing down the winner!

Unfortunately everyone cannot be a winner though…BUT we are currently brainstorming other ways we can incorporate some of the designs for our 30 Year Celebration in November! We have some very fun ideas we are tossing around, such as using the designs to create custom Bob’s labels for the wine bottles!

Now to announce the finalists!!! After tallying hundreds of Facebook “LIKES” and the flood of email votes, Bob wants to CONGRATULATE the finalists: Rex Beasley, Judy West, and Brian Haggerman!

Bob’s understands that any kind of public voting contests can turn into popularity contests and who can campaign the hardest (we just personally experienced this with our most recent "VOTE for BOB Person of the Year" campaign!), which is why we chose to have the ultimate say among the top 3 designs that received the most votes.We say this not to minimize the finalist’s talents by any means; only to remind the other entrants that your designs were also impressive and we're grateful for your participation!

The GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be announced this Saturday at our Open House. Shirts will be available for sale once we officially make the announcement. Be sure to join us and see who will be the Grand Prize WINNER of $300 CASH plus receive national recognition and bragging rights!

Bob’s Continues To Grow!

Enthusiasts from all over the world are choosing Bob’s BMW as their dealer of choice and to accommodate our fans worldwide, we are happy to welcome the newest members to the team: Fiona Gambino, James Eagen, Anthony Kiatta, Mike Collins, Chris Carter, and Dylan Day! Stop by at Open House and say hello!

Fiona has taken on the new Apparel Specialist position! She is here to get everyone fitted properly from head to toe so you can ride safe! And according to her, “Size Does Matter!” (Bob’s lets all of its employees have a little fun on their nametags!)

James Eagen, came to the “other side” of the counter to assist the parts team in handling the hundreds of orders, requests and questions we receive daily regarding our extensive inventory of parts and accessories. He is a BMW rider and enthusiast, just the way we like em’!

You can find Mike Collins and Chris Carter turning wrenches back in the service department Tuesday-Saturday! Due to the growing BMW community, Bob’s brought on extra support to ensure everyone’s bike is on the road and not stuck on a lift for an extended period of time. Plus…both Service Assistant positions were filled! Dylan Day and Christian Smith serve as an extra pair of hands for all of the techs! Dylan is a proud Harley rider…he is still young, he will be on a BMW before he knows it! And Christian Smith (so new to the team we don’t even have him in a shirt yet!) is attending school to become a State Policeman on days he is not with us.

Last but not least is Anthony Kiatta. With Bob’s online store becoming more and more popular every day, Anthony helps pick, pack, and ship packages in a timely manner. Anthony does not currently ride but he has plans to take the Basic RiderCourse as soon as he graduates high school this summer!

Bob's welcomes everyone! Thanks to all of our new customers we have been able to grow the Bob's team!

Win Big!
BMW Motorcycle Owners of America is giving away 12 2012 BMW Motorcycles! We are talking about 12 chances to win a brand NEW 2012 BMW motorcycle plus over 50 second place prizes! Tickets are limited and on sale NOW! Cost is only $100 and that includes your admission to the 40th annual BMW MOA rally in Missouri this year! You have got to play to win people and the winnings are huge!

If you are not currently a member of the club, join TODAY so you can enter this amazing contest. And for those of you already members get your tickets while they last!!

More information on the SUPERSTAKES

Bucky Celebrates 20 Years with Bob's BMW
March 2012 is a very special month at Bob’s BMW. It marks the 20-year anniversary of one of our most beloved employees, Bucky Buchanan. Bucky lives with Down Syndrome but that has in no way kept him from working hard, taking pride in his work, enjoying his responsibilities, making friends, and being a dedicated and valuable employee of Bob’s BMW.

Bob and Suzanne Henig discovered 20 years ago that keeping a dealership clean can be a challenge. Dividing housekeeping duties among the staff doesn’t always work; cleaning bathrooms, emptying trash, and these types of chores are the first to be procrastinated when business is brisk, and if left undone store appearance suffers greatly.

So where do you find a single employee who will not tire of routine custodial work? We found this employee through The Arc of Howard County, a non-profit organization that provides services for individuals with intellectual and development disabilities.

The Arc matched Bucky’s needs, interests, and skills to our needs and expectations. He has become a key member of our team and has developed lasting friendships with all of his co-workers. Plus, through Bucky, Bob’s BMW developed a long-lasting relationship with The Arc, supporting its annual Chocolate Ball and other fundraising events.

The team at Bob’s celebrated this month in honor of Bucky’s 20-year anniversary with a good old fashioned cookout, and some fun outside activities and games…the weather has been amazing so we were sure to take advantage of it! Bucky was the man of the hour but a handful of other employees did not go unrecognized: Sean Lee celebrated 17 years, Darryl Carmichael 10 years, Brett Ricketts 3 years, and Allen Schultz and Hanna Creekmore celebrated their first year!

Bob and Suzanne showed their appreciation to Bucky by presenting him with a personalized, one-of-a-kind Bob’s ambassador sweatshirt, a football signed by 10-season Raven’s player, Michael McCrary (one of Bob’s newest customers), a 2011 Ravens Playoff cap, and finally gift certificates for Itunes and a couple of his favorite places: the movies and Toby’s Dinner Theatre.

Many congratulations to Bucky Buchanan for 20 years on the Bob’s BMW Team!

See Images from Bucky’s 20 year Celebration

Spring has Sprung at Bob's!
We are ramping up for a very exciting season. Events have been posted and you can expect some surprise announcements throughout the year, so be sure to stay up to date with Bob’s e-club and facebook.com/bobsbmw.

March 10th we invited everyone to join us for the first tech session in a series planned for the year. The topic was “Multi-Point Inspection”. This inspection is standard in our service procedures. All bikes receive a thorough inspection by a certified technician to be sure nothing is missed while your bike is being serviced and ultimately to ensure your bike is safe for riding (hence you can enjoy riding and your bike is not sitting on a lift!).

For this session lucky participant Santiago Pombo’s R1150 was chosen at random out of 30 other attendees to be used as the demonstrator bike. And good thing because two very important things were caught: his swing arm pivots were out of alignment and one of his tag bulbs was blown. Things like these are exactly what we are looking for during this inspection. Some are immediate concerns and others are more of an FYI, to keep your eye on.

The multi-point inspection is part of Bob’s Advantage Certified Program. This program is Bob’s promise that the bike being purchased is safe, ready to ride, and in excellent condition. All bikes on the showroom floor marked Advantage Certified have:

✔ Passed Multi-Point Inspection. A complete review of the vehicle history, a test ride, and a mechanical inspection by a BMW Master Certified Technician.

✔ Passed Maryland State Inspection Certificate. MSI is one of the most strigent in the nation for one good reason...your safety.

✔ Current BMW campaigns and bulletins. No open recalls! Any found are immediately addressed.

✔ Tires with at least 80% useful life that are young and in great condition. Plus tires get a nitrogen upgrade for the life of the tire. Tires will run cooler, last a little longer, plus hold pressure better.

✔ 30-Day Major Mechanical Guarantee.* Any major mechanical driveline issues that develop within the first 30 days you encounter are covered!

✔ Automatically Considered for Extended Vehicle Service Contract. Those Advantage Certified motorcycles that qualify can be covered up to 4 years.

✔ Bob’s Service Loaner Program. For your first scheduled service, reserve a bike from Bob’s loaner fleet – one more reason to purchase the VSC.

*All internally lubricated parts are considered major mechanical issues; owner neglect is not covered.

Next month on April 14 you can join us for the tech session on “Single Cam vs. Double Cam Valve Adjustments”. The session begins at 11. Two bikes will be chosen at random to be used as the demonstrators…arrive early!

See Images from Multi-Point Inspection Tech Session

How are Gas Prices Affecting Bob’s?

Everyone is fully aware of the outrageous gas prices so instead of another article about all the obvious negatives, what about a positive article surrounding gas prices? Is that even possible? For motorcyclists it is: LESS FUEL. MORE FUN!

We “officially” kick off the season April 28 with our annual Open House event and we anticipate the lot to be overflowing with motorcyclists. Between the increase in gas prices and this amazing weather, there is no doubt people are looking for alternatives to 4 wheels; it is hopping over here!

With so many people being forced to re-evaluate their monthly expenses, more and more people are choosing to come to Bob’s and explore getting anywhere from 51-74mpg as opposed to settling for 24 mpg, the average of cars these days. This year motorcyclists are guaranteed to have MORE FUN because gas prices are literally forcing people to ride more. There are a couple other perks to more motorcyclists on the road… more parking spots will be available, everyone will encounter less traffic during their daily commutes, and there is force in numbers…more motorcyclists on the road will remind everyone to share the road with motorcyclists!

The fact of the matter is a 2 wheel vehicle is more gas efficient in comparison to 4 wheels. Secondly, BMW motorcycles get the best mpg in comparison to other motorcycle brands. And more specifically, brand new 2012 BMW models get the MOST miles per gallon. In fact the new Sertao, a G650GS, gets up to 74mpg! And this bike is not only perfect for daily commuters; it can be enjoyed off road too!

The negative is obvious, but like all other situations, there are also some positives to consider. In this situation it’s that many of us reading this article are at an advantage—we are motorcyclists! And for any non-motorcyclists reading this, if you have been waiting for the catalysts to make the purchase, today’s gas prices ought to do it!

Check out 2012 Models

Green Light…GO!
The ASRA Championship Cup Series stared this month and after a lot of hard work and dedication by our sponsored rider, Jeremy Cook and the team at Bob’s BMW during the off season, Jeremy’s S1000RR, equipped with a brand new 2012 engine, was ready for first race of the season at Roebling Road Raceway in Georgia.

After Jeremy’s first and very successful racing season in 2011, Jeremy moved out of the Amateur division and into the expert/pro division for 2012, where he is thrilled to be racing against well known racers like BMW’s sponsored rider, Nate Kern! Unfortunately, Nate was unable to race the first race due to mechanical issues. Jeremy on the other hand raced! And he did great for his first race in this division.

The first race of the season he brought home 2 fourth place finishes, 1 fifth and 1 “Do Not Start.” The DNS was due to a schedule change in the races and he was unable to get where he needed to be in time. But out of the 3 races he raced, up against guys that have been in this division for years, he managed to stay within the top 5! And most importantly he came home safely. His bike is on the showroom floor for anyone who has not seen it. It is pretty sweet…especially with the fresh new paint job!

Having an opportunity to sit down with Jeremy after the race, he expressed his excitement for ranking in the top 5. His goal for this first race was the top 10 so to make the top 5 he was thrilled! I asked Jeremy, “What I want to know is how you manage to finish races successfully and safely? “

He quickly responded, “By racing with your head, smartly. Always making sure you and the bike are safely prepared. You can’t go out there like a maniac and let your ego get in the way. But at the same time, you have to have the courage to push it when you have the right opportunity.”

With the closest track being SummitPoint in WV, Bob’s will be attending each race at SummitPoint providing a hospitality tent trackside for our customers to ride to and enjoy a full day of fun and excitement. Free snacks and beverages will be provided. Plus, it is the perfect reason to ride the wonderful WV roads! This year we plan on making a mark for Bob’s and BMW. We want to show riders not only does BMW make the fastest bike on the planet, BMW riders have more fun than any other brand on the planet! May 26-28…be there or be square!

See images from the 2012 Racing Season

Warehouse #3 Cancelled

Bob is disappointed to announce that he’s chosen to cancel the final Warehouse Sales as it has been a much anticipated event. Due to the overwhelming response and volume of sales at the first two Warehouse Sales the dealership simply sold far more dusty old product including helmets, jackets, pants, boots and other clothing plus assorted luggage, windscreens, countless accessories, driving lights and even entire exhaust systems along with quite a bit of assorted tools, shelving, work benches, store fixtures and even bulletin boards and other stuff that was just taking up space than we thought possible.

Needless to say, we are very happy and it would appear that the hundreds of customers who took advantage of those opportunities got some truly amazing deals. As a result Bob felt that the time needed to organize what was left coupled with the likelihood of it selling locally due to the limited size selection, etc. would simply waste our time as well as our customers.

The plan going forward, which has already begun, is that the leftover, outdated or slow moving merchandise and some of those odds and ends we used in business will be placed on eBay and eventually our own website in one of several new areas depending on the items value, category, quantity and what we believe is the current demand.

Bob has also promised to start offering up some of the very cool vintage paper, as in posters brochures, decals and other classic advertising bits that he’s squirreled away over the past 30 years to help our customers round out their own collections. Rumor has it that eventually he’ll start to allow us to sell some of his excess interesting NOS, NLA and Rare bits for the vintage, classic and antique BMW’s too.

For all this and a great deal more please check our eBay store as well as the Bob’s website at on a regular basis. We anticipate that some 20 to 30 new items with great images and excellent descriptions will be added each week. Based on the past months experience they have been described and priced well because they are selling as fast as we can get them up.

A Trip of a Lifetime
Dear Friends,

If you have not yet heard, Suzanne and I are coordinating an Edelweiss Tour in celebration of Bob’s 30th Year Anniversary. From September 2-16, 2012 (exclusive dates JUST for Bob’s group!), we will enjoy traveling on 2-wheels through Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and Hungary! Suzanne and I are thrilled to be going on this adventure called the Kings and Castle Tour. Visit the Edelweiss website, to get a day-to-day itinerary, price details, and what you can expect traveling 15 amazing days through Europe.

Here’s the kicker, after Suzanne and myself, there are only 28 spots available and 6 of those have already been filled, which leaves only 22 spots left! If this something you are even considering, I strongly encourage you to begin looking into it TODAY. Call or email me directly with questions. And if the trip is a no brainer and you know you want to go, immediately fill out the Registration Form and mail or fax it directly to me with your deposit.

I spoke to Suzanne to provide all you passengers out there with a little bit of insight. Suzanne has been a passenger on many other Edelweiss tours and after looking at this trip’s itinerary she said, “The most exciting part about this trip for me is it is very passenger friendly! Eastern Europe is somewhere I have never been and always wanted to go so I love that the trip offers enough rest days that I will be able to explore the history and experience the culture of such amazing cities, as well as experience the breathtaking scenery.”

Suzanne also wanted me to pass along, that even when traveling in a group, these trips provide her the most tranquil times ever. Once the helmet is on (and she mutes me!) it is her time to sit back and reflect.

So whether you plan on riding solo or with a passenger, the trip is a guaranteed time of your life. Suzanne and I have met some of our dearest friends on trips like these. We are looking forward to building more long lasting relationships with each and everyone that joins us in 2012!

Again, please contact me directly with any questions and do act fast! These trips have always sold out in the past and we expect this one to do the same…ONLY 22 spots left!

Bob Henig

A Great Start to 2012
Bob's Bus Trip to the New York City International Motorcycle Show

We kicked off 2012 on January 14 heading up to New York City to see what we hoped to be a spectacular show…which it was! The day started out a bit challenging (the pictures will explain more!) but nothing was going to stop 58 hard core motorcycle enthusiasts from getting to the International Motorcycle Show to get an up close sneak peek of what to expect from BMW and hundreds of other manufacturers!

Aside from the all the fun we had on the bus like a bunch of school kids, the show provided us the opportunity to see all the new BMW models including both scooter models, plus see the newest and hottest S1000RR color available in 2012…Fire Blue! Our good friend Dystany Spurlock, S1000RR drag racer, was there signing autographs. Chopper fans had the opportunity to get Paul Jr.’s autograph! Other manufacturers revealed new concept bikes such as Husquvarna with its new Baja concept. And then of course, some kick ass custom built bikes were showcased…the best of the best.

We were all very impressed with the show’s offerings especially those of us that attended the D.C show the week prior…there is no comparison between the two! Because of the great response we got from everyone on the trip, next year if all goes as planned, we will most likely arrange for not one but TWO busses to go up! We had quite a few people coming from PA, WV, and VA…we may try to coordinate a second pick up location! What do you think?! Tell us where you think next year’s second departure point should be?

See images from the New York show and bus trip.

Bob's Warehouse Sale #2

The very next weekend was Bob’s second BIG Warehouse Sale! It was a great success with well over 100 customers getting some amazing bargains on riding gear, accessories, tires, special tools, assorted hard parts and other cool stuff for motorcycles and motorcyclists.

But unfortunately it all did not sell which is to be expected considering that maybe 10% of our customers live close enough to visit the dealership on a regular basis, so here's the plan going forward: This week Peter (the PAA Manager), Bob and Colin (that new eBay/e-commerce guy mentioned in the next story!) will be reviewing what's left and determining what should be displayed at the dealership for customers to grab at warehouse sale prices in the close-out area and what will steadily be put up for auction on eBay.

There will probably be an excruciatingly long list of stuff that is posted to the Bob's website, so that with a cold drink in one hand and the evening news on the TV in the background you can review every single item to find just the right gear, part, accessory or tool you've just got to have that you didn't realize we had sitting here waiting for you to call -- but to get this stuff you'll need to pick up the phone and call.

So stay tuned to the Bob's website, read the e-blasts that arrive and watch our eBay store. You might just want to ride (or drive) over and consider checking out what arrives at the dealership each week. Keep in mind that it will likely change every week and possibly more often because it all has to go away by spring 2012!

See images from Bob's Warehouse Sale.

Alaska Adventures

And finally just this past weekend MotoQuest Founder, Phil Freeman presented Alaska Adventures! It was a packed house, bikes lined the lot and folks filled the showroom floor! Guests enjoyed an entertaining and informational FREE seminar and lunch!

One customer that attended is moving to Alaska in just a few months, so he was thrilled to be attending the seminar. He hoped to corner Phil after the show and bribe him with dinner to really pick his brain! On that note, just a quick reminder…Bob’s BMW ships worldwide, offers all of its products on the e-comm store, and makes flying in, riding out very effortless, so whether your 5 miles away, or 5,000 miles, Bob’s can still be your dealer of choice!

Now back to the story…overall the day went off without a hitch. Phil educated the group on the history of gold mining throughout Alaska; the must ride roads and must visit destinations such as, Dawson City, Dalton Highway, and Mt. McKinley (tallest mountain in N. America) to name a couple; important tips like how to handle truckers—Get out of the way! And be sure your face shield is down to protect yourself from gravel; and most importantly the requirement to take a picture with any and every road sign you pass!

Oh, and Bob made a very exciting announcement that we will know share publically! We are in the midst of planning an exclusive 30th Year anniversary celebration for the evening of November 3. Details are in the works, but one thing that is for sure is all attendees that evening are automatically registered to WIN a FREE Alaska Adventure, compliments of MotoQuest! So keep your ears open and your eyes peeled for tickets to this exciting event to go on sale.

See images from the Alaska Adventure seminar.

Welcome Back Colin!
After a trip around the world on his hand built R100GS Dakar, Colin has safely returned to us! Colin traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, through 14 countries, and realized there is no place like home, so he’s back. Like so many others, Colin began his career at Bob’s as the average day-to-day customer that eventually found himself on the other side of the counter. While rebuilding his first BMW, a R/75/5, he became a familiar face at Bob’s and eventually applied for an open service assistant position. He soon moved up as a technician and finally decided he wanted more face time with customers, so moved into parts sales. And now he is back…this time as Bob’s Internet Sales Specialist!

Bob is always looking ahead and making necessary moves to keep the company growing and expand its ability to reach enthusiasts worldwide! As part of that effort, the new Internet Sales Specialist position will focus on developing and growing Bob’s eBay store. This online outlet offers amazing bargains and deals on new parts, apparel, and accessories left over in inventory as well as gently used and rare parts and accessories looking for a good home.

If you have ever stopped by for one of Bob’s Warehouse Sales, that is exactly what you can expect at Bob’s Used Parts eBay store, but conveniently ONLINE, 24/7! Colin is only one person so can only get so much listed at a time…did you see all that stuff at the last warehouse sale?! He’s got a lot to do, so please regularly check back to Bob’s ebay store and keep in mind, if you don’t see it listed, that certainly does not mean Bob’s does not have it! Email Colin your wish list and he will check his inventory to see if it is available. Bob’s ultimate goal is for EVERYTHING to be listed but that cannot happen overnight!

So let’s all welcome Colin back and get excited about yet another way to shop at Bob’s BMW Motorcycles!

P.S. There are other positions at Bob’s to be filled…Apparel Manager, Porter/Service Assistant, and Service Technician! If you are interested in joining the team, get MORE DETAILS!

The BMW K 1600 GT is voted "International Bike Of The Year 2011"
–January 20, 2012

The BMW K 1600 GT gets the top vote of the international motorcycle press jury at the Brussels Motor Show.
Munich. The BMW K 1600 GT has won the vote for the “International Bike Of The Year 2011 (IBOTY)" award. This was announced at a press conference given by the Belgian motorcycle magazine Motor Wereld at the Brussels Motor Show. The award for the K 1600 GT comes from an international jury representing 25 motorcycle magazines.

The K 1600 GT convinced the motorcycle journalists with its unique combination of comfort, performance and use of innovative technologies. The powerful in-line 6-cylinder engine was said to offer power, refinement and lots of fun. The bike's sophisticated technology - in addition to ABS, traction control and navigation system, an adaptive headlight and electronically controlled suspension with various modes increase active riding safety - makes the K 1600 GT an incomparable touring motorcycle. On the road, the outstanding qualities of the K 1600 GT are its agile chassis and unusually light handling. All this gives the rider a unique riding experience, according to the jury, impressing the most demanding touring and sports motorcyclists.

The K 1600 GTL was rated separately and also convinced the jury, finishing fourth, while the S 1000 RR followed it in fifth place alongside the Kawasaki ZX-10R. With three models in the top five places, the BMW Motorrad put in a highly impressive showing overall.

BMW Motorrad also won the highest rating in 2010 with the S 1000 RR.

The following magazines took part in the IBOTY 2011: Australian Motorcycle News (Australia), Auto By (Japan), Autocar India (India), Bike (Scandinavia), Bike (UK), Cycle World (USA), Der Reitwagen (Austria), Inmoto (Italy), KicXstart

A Trip Down Memory Lane
Bob's BMW MotorcyclesIt’s been said before and Bob’s is proud to be able to say it again...thanks to you, our dedicated and loyal customers, Bob’s BMW finished 2011 one of the very top BMW Motorcycle dealerships in the country! From Towson to Jessup, MD; Los Angeles to Santa Rosa, CA; Tasmania to Queensland, Australia; Rio de Janeiro to Parana, Brazil (just to name a few) motorcyclists worldwide helped Bob’s BMW make BMW Motorrad USA proud.

The enthusiasm and passion within the motorcycling community is why Bob’s is what it is today...over the years Bob’s has become the resource for riders of all brands and 2011 proves it: Aprilla, Harley, Honda, Suzuki, Triumph and so many other non-bmw riders joined Bob’s Road Crew this year!

We want to put names to all of the smiling faces of our friends so please click below to access Bob’s facebook fan page and as you enjoy flipping through albums from 2011, take a moment to tag yourself and post comments of your favorite memories. If this is your first facebook visit, be sure to
LIKE our page by clicking LIKE at the top of the page.

View Images from 2011

A Bitter Sweet Farewell

Howard Sprague Bob's BMW MotorcyclesApparel Manager, Howard Sprague decided it was time to step down and let another motorcycle enthusiast become a happy and proud Bob’s team member as he did nearly 5 years ago. Howard’s familiar face will be missed but this presents the exciting opportunity for another customer service oriented person to fill his shoes. If you like shopping at Bob’s you will love working at Bob’s!

This is a full time customer service, sales and operations position. The person we’re looking for is friendly and outgoing with excellent communication, organization, and computer skills. Inventory management and control experience is necessary and motorcycling experience (any brand) is preferred. The right candidate will be responsible for assisting customers to identify the best options in apparel and head to toe riding gear that will enhance their motorcycling experience as well as help Bob’s maintain the region’s best selection of the best gear available.

But that’s not all! Thanks to another successful year, Bob’s is in need of additional employees to spread The Ultimate Motorcycling Experience worldwide! A part time shipping/receiving assistant position is available plus we have an opening for a full time Counter/Phone/Mail Order Sales Specialist and one more Service Technician.

Get Details on all Positions

What to Expect in 2012

It’s going to be a year to remember...2012 is Bob’s 30th Year Anniversary and the calendar is already jam packed! To show our appreciation to each and every one of you that helped Bob’s reach this monumental milestone we will be giving back all year...

  • Private viewings of new 2012 apparel
  • First look at 2012 models
  • Informational Tech Sessions
  • Fun and exciting events and rides
  • Speakers from far and wide
  • A new and improved website to compliment our e-comm store
  • Charity events and rides
  • New and exciting programs
  • Exciting Facebook and website contests
  • Amazing door prizes and giveaways
  • And much, much MORE!

Details for all events and more surprises will be revealed throughout the year. For now, visit our events page and mark your calendars with what has been confirmed so far!

2012 Calendar

A Customer's Memoir

Even after 30 years in business it is still flattering when customers take time to share their personal adventures with us, especially our friends overseas! Bob makes sure his team provides a unique and memorable experience to each and every person that walks through the doors, as well as every online and telephone customer.

Below is a customer’s memoir of a recent trip. Enjoy taking the journey with Dave and Judy Kerr through New Zealand. And please be sure to share your favorite adventures with Bob’s. Email your stories to Hanna.creekmore@bobsbmw.com. We are always looking for unique and fun adventures to share!

My name is Dave Kerr and my wife, Judy, and I recently completed a bike trip that we had wanted to do for years. In the past we have completed small parts of it but never really got to do it in one circuit until November this year.

We started from our home in Upper Hutt, Wellington to catch the Picton Ferry at 8.30am; it was a very smooth sailing arriving in Picton at around 12noon. From Picton we left for Kaikoura, on the East Coast of our South Island about 2 hours away, in brilliant sun only to catch the rain about an hour out; and man it was rain, could hardly see a thing and this was made worse by having to follow logging trucks. We made Kaikoura safely where we stayed the night. The next day saw us riding in great weather to Christchurch and then onto Timaru for a night. Here we stayed in a B&B right beside the beach, it was beautiful!

From Timaru it was down to Dunedin for two days while we waited for friends to catch us up. Jude walked the steepest street. From Dunedin it was out to Middlemarch and then onto Cromwell. The high light here was a quick side ride out to Saint Bathans; this is an old gold mining town that used sluicing to wash the gold out of the soft rock: all this water had to go somewhere, and it did filling a small valley - this body of water is now called the Blue Lake. Just before Cromwell is a small town called Clyde. This town was constructed to house the workers building the Clyde Dam and was supposed to have been pulled down when the job was finished but all the workers enjoyed living there and protested until they were sold the houses and allowed to stay.

From Cromwell we headed through the Kawarau Gorge to Queenstown but didn't stop as we needed to be in Kingston by 10.30am to catch the Kingston Flyer (steam train); the girls rode this down to  Fairlight where we picked them up again. We then rode through to Te Anau where we stayed for two nights. To here the ride from Dunedin has been more than we imagined. The roads were great and the views absolutely fantastic. These Central Otago roads are some of the best riding in the world: the distances aren't great between the towns and the photos stops had us checking our times regularly to make sure we had time to our next destination before dark. We spent the next day on a bus out to Milford Sound, going through the Homer Tunnel (Excavation was started in 1935 and the tunnel pierced in 1940. Work was suspended on the road and tunnel during the Second World War, and in 1945 a very large avalanche severely damaged the eastern tunnel portal. Work was resumed after the war and the tunnel was officially opened for road traffic in 1953.): out at Milford we took a boat ride to the heads and back. Milford Sound is known as the wettest inhabitable place in NZ (and one of the wettest in the world) and often receives 10 inches in a 24 hour period on 180 days a year. The Sound is also home to Mitre Peak, which sits about 2000m above sea level. When measured from the sea bed it is taller than Mt Everest! The trip out to here was well worth it and recommend it to all visitors to NZ.

We left Te Anau early the next day as we wanted to stop at Manapouri to see the hydro dam and power house. The power house is under ground and was excavated from solid granite rock 200 metres below the level of Lake Manapouri. This power station is our largest hydroelectric station and our second largest overall; it was built to solely power an aluminum smelter! Absolutely a great feat of engineering, I think so any way! After all this it was down to Invercargill, the home of Burt Monroe (Worlds Fastest Indian fame). We arrived in time for the Burt Monroe statue unveiling and even managed to get some dinner and reach the motel before it decided to rain: very good timing on our part I believe!

The next day it was still raining all the way around the Catlands (southeast corner of the South Island) and back up to Dunedin and Larnach Castle where we stayed for the night. At times we were down to 15 mph as it rained so hard; the cloud was very very low and we were riding the ridge top of the Otago Peninsular, which was very narrow and only one way in parts.

Dunedin up to Twizel didn't start very well. After filling up my braking system wouldn't set itself (I have a R1150RT) so it was off to the dealer to get it sorted; they plugged it into their computer but found no fault codes but did find a lot of road grit lodged under the brake pedal/switch which when cleared sorted the issue, they also found my rear tyre badly worn so we replaced this at the same time. Once all sorted we were off in fine weather for Twizel, unfortunately we again caught up with the rain just outside Oamaru which only got worse and stayed with us until we reached Omarama; I am sure the chill factor was below zero deg Celsius as when we reached Twizel the snow was pretty much all the way down the ranges and we were freezing. We were pleased to have reached our next B&B as the heaters were on and the showers hot!

Next it was up to Tekapo, through Burkes Pass, stopping for lunch at beautiful Fairlie and onto Geraldine taking HW77 to our next stop at Oxford. HW77 is a great road which takes you through a very scenic part of New Zealand which includes Mounts Somers and Hutt, two of our popular skiing mountains. Oxford was our overnight stay before heading to Hanmer Springs for a night and a dip in the thermal pools, boy this was a pleasure hard to beat especially after having ridden 1500mls. Hanmer Springs has the best venison steaks that I have tasted; they were tender, juicy and very very fresh; we will be back for more!

The ride up to Picton the next day was again wet as far as Blenheim from where we managed to stay dry up until boarding the ferry for Wellington and then home to Upper Hutt. In all we rode around 1800mls and even though we struck a lot of rain, we both thoroughly enjoyed it. My family is from around Central Otago and my father often talks about them and of the places they lived and worked so it has been a dream for a while to visit these areas to see them for myself. I am very fortunate to have a loving wife who also enjoys riding bikes to experience it with. I hope we both have enough good health left to keep doing it for years to come.

See Images

Cream or Sugar?
Here's a quick peek at one of the numerous reasons riders on all brands and kinds of machines in the greater DC, Northern Virginia and Baltimore region frequently stop by Bob's BMW --- coffee, conversation and information.

At Bob's the coffee is always fresh and hot. No one counts the number of pots of high test or decaf that are brewed every day, but a fresh pot is always waiting or gladly brewed if the rider before you just poured the last of either -- even if it's 15 minutes till closing. In fact fresh coffee even awaits our service customers who arrive before the dealership opens Tuesday through Saturday as well.

The information postings you see behind or models covering the walls address many varied topics of interest and are always being updated. At least once a month Bob personally changes every event, news item or simply stories of interest to motorcyclists of all brands. Sometimes he posts interesting stories having nothing to do with riding but life in general.

While Bob regularly combs countless publications, papers and the internet he's always glad to receive something you think should be shared with other enthusiast as well. Event flyers (3 folds please) plus an 8.5x11 poster of your clubs motorcycle related events will almost always be posted and if you send a good sized stack we are glad to include them in our daily shipments by region to help grow your event. For those who ride by Bob's before or after hours there's an outside information board too so event details are available.

There's even a Guest Book that riders from all over the country and the world can and have signed in on; we hope that if it's your first visit you'll add your name, city and state or country, and email as well and be sure to check out all the places people come from to visit Bob's.

There is a catch to all this --- we can't ship our far away customers coffee (at least not yet) nor do we post most of these interesting stories on our website (you can find all the events however) and that's intentional. We always want there to be a few extra reasons, beyond the delivery of the Ultimate Motorcycle Experience, to simply drop by Bob's for a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and catch up on what's new in the coffee area as well as around the dealership.

So, do you take cream or sugar or like it black?

Tell Bob Where to Go!

Bob’s has coordinated dozens of trips with Edelweiss Tours over the past 30 years. Some countries visited include Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, and San Marino, just to name a few. Looking ahead to 2012, our 30th year anniversary, Bob wanted to try things a little different and decided to leave the details up to you!

Last month a survey went out giving customers the opportunity to Tell Bob Where to Go! We received a wonderful response, as you can imagine! We asked our e-club members where they would like to go, when, and for how long. And after tallying up the votes the 2012 30th Year Anniversary Edelweiss Tour will be to…

Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary! Now we need to know who will you be joining us?! The trip has been confirmed by Edelweiss for Bob’s group to exclusively travel September 2-September 16, 2012. Departing the 1st to arrive in Vienna the 2nd and heading back to the states the 16th. There are only 30 spaces available and past tours and adventures have sold out FAST! The name of this tour is the Kings and Castles Tour. If you have an Edelweiss catalogue, you can find details on page 34 or go ONLINE . Questions regarding the tour can be sent directly to Bob at bob.henig@bobsbmw.com.

If you even have the slightest interest in this tour, we strongly encourage you to act fast, spaces are filled very quickly. These tours are pure fun and excitement and a wonderful bonding experience among riders. Prior to the tour, a private dinner will be arranged for all participants giving everyone an opportunity to get to know one another. September 2012 is not far away…fill out the Registration Form and return to bob.henig@bobsbmw.com or fax to 301-776-2338.

2012 International Motorcycle Show

We did it last year and are doing it again…take a road trip with Bob’s BMW to the NYC 2012 International Motorcycle Show! And once again our driver is one of us; Fred Oppido is a Bob’s Ambassador, F800GS rider, and a face you know. He’s also a professional driver.

Enjoy a non-stop trip among friends with the luxuries of a Chartered Coach Bus: on-board restrooms, FREE WiFi, plus video entertainment. Arriving at the Javits Convention Center by noon, enjoy a full day shopping bikes, gear, parts, and MUCH MORE! Get a sneak peek of what you can expect in 2012 from the ENTIRE Motorcycle Industry. NYC is the ONLY east coast city BMW will be showcasing the new 2012 models:

• S1000RR in black
• F800R in red/white
• K1300S HP Edition
• R1200GS Rallye
• G650GS Sertao
• C600GT and C500S Scooter
• K1600GT and GTL
• And more!

Your ticket includes coffee and donuts at Bob’s starting at 7:30a.m., admission to the show, round trip transportation, a delicious boxed lunch, plus snacks and beverages for the ride home. SPACE IS LIMITED and WILL SELL OUT FAST, just like it did in 2010!


Allan Karl Puts on A Great Show

November 19 turned out to be a full house at Bob’s. Over 75 people attended to hear Allan Karl share stories and images from his travels through 35 countries! Guests began arriving just before 6pm, grabbed a drink from Bob’s one and only bartender, Suzanne Henig, and mingled and shopped until food was served at 6:30. The menu for the evening was delicious baked zits, meatballs, salad, and rolls. Around 7:30 everyone was seated and ready to begin.

Allan took the group on a breathtaking adventure through dozens of South American and African countires. He shared his many encounters along the way, challenges and obstacles he faced riding alone on his GS Dakar, he calls "Doc" through dangerous tourist countries such as Columbia. He told us about locals that touched his heart along his travels, sights he saw, other BMW GS riders he found along the way, and much more. His message was clear. If you want to do something, anything, you can do it. How bad do you want it is the question? Allan said he was going to travel around the world and he allowed nothing to get in his way. Not a broken leg, not mechanical difficulties, not languge and culture barriers, not even the threat of danger.

Following the presentation, as the audience raised their hands to have their questions answered by Allan, dessert and coffee was made available on the showroom floor. The evening began wrapping up around 10pm but prior to guests leaving, the Door Prize winner was announced and Ian Hall walked away the proud new owner of an Airhawk2 Seat cushion!

View Photos of the Evening

Bob’s BMW owners espouse reuse and treating employees well as keys to sustainable business operations

Bob's BMW was featured in an article in Green Business Matters
–November 10, 2011 by Frank Hazzard

“For 30 years we’ve been doing things that make sense,” said Bob Henig, co-owner of Bob’s BMW, from his office in Annapolis Junction, Maryland.

“There is economic sense for most of these things,” said Suzanne Henig, Bob’s wife and business partner.

Over the past three decades, the Henigs have followed what only recently has been described as sustainable business practices. Today, they have the largest and most successful BMW motorcycle dealership in the Mid-Atlantic region.

“So much of it is simple,” said Bob. “My penchant for sustainability really started when I began accumulating parts that there was no demand for. Most dealers would toss them in a dumpster, but I started recycling the metal for scrap. This was essential to my business model in those early days,” said Bob.

Thirty years later, a good bit of the Henigs’ business involves shipping new and refurbished parts to loyal customers throughout the world.

“When we began shipping large volumes, we got every bit of free packing material we could get our hands on and reused it. Peanuts, crumpled paper, gift wrapping paper, boxes, you name it,” said Bob. “To this day we ship as much as possible in used boxes. Every once in a while someone asks us why their parts arrive in a box marked with a food brand’s logo, but most people that we deal with know by now that we reuse shipping materials.”

The Henigs estimate that they pick up and reuse 40 to 50 percent of the boxes that a nearby organic grocery store receives. This is a win-win arrangement because it reduces the food market’s recycling costs. They also get foam peanuts from another nearby firm, and one of their UPS drivers years ago told them about end rolls of clean newsprint that they could get from a local printer.

“We pick up all of this stuff for free,” said Bob. “Even when the man hours are taken into account, we still save money.”

“The cost of recycling is going up, but so is the cost of trash. Recycling pays, but not as much as it should,” said Suzanne. “Reuse is the most sustainable option. We save thousands of dollars each year by doing this.”

Bob’s BMW has undertaken numerous initiatives to save energy, too. Extra roof and wall insulation was added when the company’s 12-year-old facility was first built and the lighting has been optimized to save electricity.

In addition, the Henigs have long believed that treating their employees well – providing benefits and paying a living wage – makes them more successful over the long run.

“Some companies treat employees as a disposable commodity,” said Bob. “Is Circuit City still around? They fired most of their knowledgeable employees to save money. It didn’t work out well for them.”

“There are costs related to turnover that exceed the costs of treating employees well. My gut tells me that we get a good ROI for doing those things,” said Suzanne while stealing a glance toward Bob who gave an assuring nod.

“You can’t have long-term customers without long-term employees,” he said.

What is the primary driver for Suzanne and Bob?

“It’s a value as well as the bottom line. That value came out of being a Boy Scout. We’re running out of resources. It’s a core value. It’s the right thing to do,” said Bob.

“I am forever picking things out of the trash and recycling them,” said Suzanne. “Some people’s heads are full. They can’t think of one more thing. Throwing things away is the easiest way to get rid of them. Forget about the things that are broken, we as a society throw away perfectly good things.”

What would encourage more sustainable practices among business owners?

“No barter exists for reuse. We need a cheap, large warehouse and a website dedicated to swapping trash to treasure,” said Bob. “I’m not sure how much a community the size of our county could save with such a system, but if you do that analysis, we would love to see it.”

How Times Have Changed
Bob’s will be celebrating its 30th anniversary next year so naturally with such a milestone approaching we have started looking back, reminiscing and celebrating how far the business has come. From Bob himself traveling to swap meets around the world collecting parts, to becoming an official BMW dealer, to now offering the entire store online! Everything from keychains, to helmets, to windshields, to single parts grouped according to year and model as far back as the 50’s can be found at store.bobsbmw.com!

Bob’s online store was created to provide “front door” access to people around the world to shop. The goal was not to simply post our products online, it was to provide the same “Bob’s experience” our walk in customers have, to our online customers. The Bob’s experience includes a huge selection of products in-stock, and expert staff ready and willing to offer you friendly and professional service.

Visitors from miles away stop at Bob’s, when passing through to see where such a huge selection of inventory is stored. Because yes, all those shipments you receive are hand-picked, packed and shipped directly out of Bob’s BMW in Jessup, MD! And here is the most intriguing part…every effort is made to ship using reused packing material and boxes! Our regulars have caught on to this but for our newest customers, don’t be surprised when your orders show up in a non-branded Bob’s BMW box!

Bob’s BMW has come a long way and it is only thanks to its customer’s interest and support. There are lots of fun and exciting events, promos, and so much more coming your way to help us celebrate 30 years of success. Stay tuned…

BMW Kids Starter Bike
BMW bikes for kids! Teach them while they are young that there is only one brand bike…a BMW. No other brand provides the safety, durability, and cutting edge technology like a BMW. And now Bob’s is offering starter bikes for kids!

These bikes are made of wood with pneumatic tires and are perfect for 3-6 year old children. They are a great way to learn to ride a bike (and prepare the little one for the real deal later down the road!). Sales Manager, Ashton Menefee learned of these bikes from a military customer who saw them in Europe and introduced Bob’s to them. Two Bob’s employees have purchased the starter bikes for their 2 and 3 year old children and they love them!

These bikes are one-of-a-kind Bob’s editions featuring BMW roundels on the “tanks” and BMW valve stem caps along with custom race decal kits. Each bike is unique depending on the person applying the bells and whistles. Ashton is the creator of the red bike seen in the picture above and the blue bike was designed by salesman, James Abrashoff. Although we cannot offer demo rides, we certainly encourage you to bring your children in to be sure they fit on one.

You won’t find these bikes anywhere but at Bob’s so be sure to come in before the holidays officially kick off in a couple of weeks and check them out. We anticipate these being a hot holiday gift!

Bob’s BMW Salutes Jeremy Cook
America paused on Veterans Day to thank all the men and women who served and sacrificed for our country. It was a day to honor all troops for their loyal service to this country. Bob’s would like to pause again to extend a personal thanks to a specific marine that is not only a valued customer and ambassador of Bob’s but also a friend and the Official 2011 National Champion in the AM ASRA Series! Bob’s BMW salutes Jeremy Cook for all his hard work on and off the track and thanks him for representing Bob’s BMW brand so well!

Jeremy raced in The Champions Cup Series (CCS), a national roadracing series, on a stock engine S1000RR, purchased at and sponsored by Bob’s BMW. The engine was stock but with Bob’s support, Jeremy was able to add a couple key accessories, including custom painted sharkskinz race panels and a set of Ohlins shocks. Our very own Brett Ricketts in Service worked hand in hand with Jeremy to complete the base setup of the bike.

The racer’s infamous tagline “Your Track or Mine” became well known throughout the shop as the season progressed. In an effort to support “his track” a hospitality tent was transported to races held on Jeremy’s home turf, Summit Point Race Track. Friends of Bob’s BMW and Jeremy’s Team, Dead Presidents Racing, enjoyed fun days at Summit Point with snacks and drinks, compliments of Bob’s BMW! If you didn’t join us at the track this year, be sure to next year. The ride to the track is spectacular…got to love those West Virginia roads!

Below are some obstacles Jeremy encountered throughout the 2011 season. None of which were easy to overcome, but he did with his head held high:

  • Taken out at Roebling, GA resulted in an ER visit and some broken bike pieces. The next day finishing 3rd place in the final 2 races.

  • Going down on his home turf, Summit Point Race Track during a rain race, Jeremy put his One-Piece Rev’It Suit to the test as flames were extinguished as a result of the crash…the suit works!

  • Leading the first 4 laps at VIR, the race ended early, unable to finish the final 3 laps, after his engine blew putting his bike out of commission permanently.

So with no bike how did he end the season as National Champion? His teammate Clint Nawara, stepped up to the plate offering Jeremy his S1000RR which was also purchased right here at Bob’s! Between a courageous marine riding the Ultimate Riding Machine that truly does everything without doing anything to it, Jeremy left Daytona the champion among champions! Final race results are below:

ASRA Michelin Pro Series
(Georgia, South Carolina, Kansas, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois)
National ASRA Superstock AMDIV Champion
Atlantic Regional Championship
(New Jersey, West Virginia, New Hampshire):

2nd Place Overall Amateur (out of 258)

1st Place Amateur Unlimited Superbike
1st Place Amateur Unlimited GP
1st Place Amateur GTO
2nd Place Amateur Unlimited SuperSport

Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship
(Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, New Jersey):

3rd Placed Overall Amateur (out of 259)

2nd Place Amateur Unlimited Superbike
2nd Place Amateur Unlimited GP
2nd Place Amateur GTO
2nd Place Amateur Unlimited SuperSport

New Jersey Championship:
1st Place Amateur Unlimited Superbike
1st Place Amateur Unlimited GP
1st Place Amateur Unlimited SuperSport
2nd Place Amateur GTO
Summit Point Track Championship:
1st Place Amateur Unlimited GP
1st Place Amateur GTO
2nd Place Amateur Unlimited SuperSport
3rd Place Amateur Unlimited Superbike
Daytona Race of Champions:

1st Place AM ASRA Superstock
3rd Place Amateur Unlimited GP (even with a complete delamination of the rear tire 4 laps into the race.)
2nd Place Amateur GTO
2nd Place Amateur Unlimited SuperSport
2nd Place Amateur Unlimited Superbike

20 1st Place Finishes
43 Podium Finishes
51 Top Five Finishes
All Top Ten Finishes
3 DNF/ 3 DNS

Next season begins in March, and to keep our fans up to date on when and where the races are and how Jeremy is doing, a regularly updated web page will be on our website. Next year’s goal is for Jeremy to collect enough expert points to qualify in the AMA Superbike 1000 in 2013.

Check out pics from throughout the season…

2011 National Champion

Jeremy’s season was a huge success. A full synopsis, including season highlights and images is coming in November’s newsletter. For now let’s just say Bob’s BMW is a proud sponsor of Jeremy Cook riding the 2011 S1000RR.

This was Jeremy’s first year in the racing circuit and he WON the 2011 National Race of Champions! That is a huge accomplishment that took a tremendous amount of hard work so again hats off to you Jeremy! After every race, Jeremy visited us and proudly brought in his plaques and trophies, some of which are on display here at the shop…you can’t miss them as you are exiting the store. And that’s only a select few…there are dozens just waiting for display next year when an official Jeremy Cook/S1000RR shrine is created!

Next year’s season begins in March so be on the lookout in 2012 for the latest race updates! If you have not had the pleasure to meet Jeremy yet, you can find him at any of Bob’s events with his “Your Track or Mine!” Bob’s name tag and speak to him personally! Below are Jeremy’s final stats:

ASRA Michelin Pro Series
(Georgia, South Carolina, Kansas, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Illinois)
National ASRA Superstock AMDIV Champion
Atlantic Regional Championship
(New Jersey, West Virginia, New Hampshire):

2nd Place Overall Amateur (out of 258)

1st Place Amateur Unlimited Superbike
1st Place Amateur Unlimited GP
1st Place Amateur GTO
2nd Place Amateur Unlimited SuperSport

Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship
(Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, New Jersey):

3rd Placed Overall Amateur (out of 259)

2nd Place Amateur Unlimited Superbike
2nd Place Amateur Unlimited GP
2nd Place Amateur GTO
2nd Place Amateur Unlimited SuperSport

New Jersey Championship:
1st Place Amateur Unlimited Superbike
1st Place Amateur Unlimited GP
1st Place Amateur Unlimited SuperSport
2nd Place Amateur GTO
Summit Point Track Championship:
1st Place Amateur Unlimited GP
1st Place Amateur GTO
2nd Place Amateur Unlimited SuperSport
3rd Place Amateur Unlimited Superbike
Daytona Race of Champions:

1st Place AM ASRA Superstock
3rd Place Amateur Unlimited GP (even with a complete delamination of the rear tire 4 laps into the race.)
2nd Place Amateur GTO
2nd Place Amateur Unlimited SuperSport
2nd Place Amateur Unlimited Superbike

20 1st Place Finishes
43 Podium Finishes
51 Top Five Finishes
All Top Ten Finishes
3 DNF/ 3 DNS

Next season begins in March, and to keep our fans up to date on when and where the races are and how Jeremy is doing, a regularly updated web page will be on our website. Next year’s goal is for Jeremy to collect enough expert points to qualify in the AMA Superbike 1000 in 2013.

Check out pics from throughout the season…

My Hero!
It’s not often riders are smiling when they pull into our lot with their bike on a trailer but Ms. Diedra Dykes was, and so was everyone at Bob’s BMW after hearing this story. Although Mr. Bill Lippman “didn’t expect any attention over it,” I assured him he would be getting it as I handed over a complimentary Bob’s ROADCREW hat and t-shirt to wear proudly.

Diedra was on her way to Bob’s to get her F650GS inspected when she experienced what no motorcyclist wants to experience. As she merged off route 32 onto US 1N, she found herself unable to correct a textbook mistake—going too slow and too wide off a ramp—and before she knew it her tire was out from under her. So what could she possibly be smiling about upon her arrival?

Just behind Diedra was Mr. Bill Lippman, a truck driver that had been behind her for miles, reminiscing his past riding days and in fact praising her riding skills. Just minutes away from parking his rig after a 500 mile trip that day, Mr. Lippman did not think twice as he pulled over after seeing Diedra go down. “Are you ok? Do you need an ambulance?” Mr. Lippman, asked.

Shaking each of her limbs, Diedra responded “I think I am ok. Can you help me get my bike up?” Mr. Lippman was amazed at Diedra’s "bounce back attitude" and after taking a few minutes to be sure she was ok, he helped her get her bike back up. Unfortunately the bike did not start. It was at this point that Mr. Lippman went from being a good samaritan to an official member of Bob’s Road Crew.

“Let me call my boss to be sure he wouldn’t mind me loading your bike and taking you where you need to go,” stated Mr. Lippman. And just minutes later, the truck’s door was raised, and Diedra’s bike was being loaded and secured.

Upon their arrival, I asked Mr. Lippman, “Why did you stop?” After looking at me like I had 3 heads for asking such a question, he explained that he had been in a motorcycle accident back in the 90’s that left him out of work for two and a half months with two broken arms. When he witnessed Diedra go down, he instantly remembered that shaken up, surreal feeling he felt years ago and knew he had to make sure she was ok. And thankfully she was.

Within days, Bob’s service center had Diedra’s bike back on the road, and she was here with that bounce back attitude Mr. Lippman described, ready to ride!

Occasionally people who ride motorcycles take a spill. If that happens we want you to be able to get up, brush yourself off and get back in the saddle – even if the bike does not fare as well as you did. We’re experts at fixing them, but not you. It’s just one of the reasons Bob’s encourages everyone. not just our special customers to wear All The gear, All The Time (ATGATT!)

We want you dressed to ride and prepared for what could happen, hoping of course that you’ll never have to actually use your gear as Deidra did. Bob’s wouldn’t even be around if Bob himself did not practice ATGATT over 30 years ago. If you’d like to learn more about why good gear is important and how economical, comfortable and functional it is today just stop by Bob’s and speak with our Riding Apparel experts.

Newest 2012 Model

Last month the scooter was announced, and this month after being introduced October 3 by BMW Mottorad, Bob’s BMW is now proud to announce the newest 2012 model, the BMW G650Gs Sertão. And just like the scooter, you can pre-order this incredible machine TODAY and be one of the first on the road (or dirt!) riding the G650GS Sertão. This bike is scheduled to hit showroom floors in January and when it does, our customers will be the first to know!

BMW Motorrad added this model for all of the dual sport riders starving for more adventure. It offers ideal off-road performance, maximum touring abilities, plus a dynamic style! Key features include:

  • Single cylinder
  • Off-road chassis with long suspension travel
  • On/Off ABS
  • Wire spoke wheels with light alloy rims
  • 2 seat heights
  • High windscreen, aluminum engine guard, hand protectors, and extended front fender come standard

For questions, further details, or to be first on our pre-order list, contact us today.

500th Ride for Kids® raises $197,000 for Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation®

Contact: Mary O. Ratcliffe
800-253-6530 or mratcliffe@rideforkids.org

The first Ride for Kids® event in 1984 raised $4,000 for childhood brain tumor research. Twenty-eight years and 500 events later, motorcyclists have contributed well over $50 million toward the cause. Yesterday’s ride in Ellicott City, Md., added another $197,015 in donations to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation® (PBTF).

Young people like Maggie, Ruxandra, Janell, Nicholas, Paige, and Zachary are the reason we ride. As the stars of the 20th Baltimore-Washington Ride for Kids®, they led a leisurely 50-mile tour past beautiful homes, farmland and woods.

Back at Turf Valley Resort for the Celebration of Life program, the 450 participants heard from the brain tumor survivors, a star’s parent, and a researcher from Johns Hopkins.

“Because of research funding from the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, we have developed targeted therapy which goes after only the cancer cells and does much less damage,” said Dr. Nishant Agrawal.

Maryland State Senator Jim Robey presented a proclamation and a senate resolution, and Ginnie Gick offered a proclamation on behalf of Howard County.

Ride for Kids® supports medical research and family support programs with the help of countless fundraisers. At this event, the leaders were:

Individuals: Bob and Suzanne Henig, $36,186
Motorcycle club/chapter: The Tribe Motorcycle Club, $20,511
Motorcycle business: Bob’s BMW, $83,137
Donated Ride for Kids® drawing prizes went to Bob Henig (Honda motorcycle); Greg Balestrero (AGV helmet and Cardo Systems headset); James Hendershot (Dunlop tire); and Cathy Peifer (Tourmaster luggage).

Many thanks went to the dedicated volunteers who worked year-round on this event, including task force leaders Taryn Wilson-Wheatley, Joe Pruss and Marcy Rich. Mark your calendar now for next year’s ride on Sunday, Sept. 23.

Click HERE to see our photographs from the 500th Ride for Kid's.

Bob has already started his fundraising for 2012 (a woman in the audience at the Celebration of Life gave him $20), please donate by clicking HERE!

September's Featured Ride of the Month

CONGRATS John Gordon!

This month Bob’s would like to thank John Gordon for sharing his journey to his 50th High School reunion with us. This heart-felt memoire deserves to be recognized and therefore is Bob’s winning Ride of the month for September! John, your FREE Bob’s T-shirt is waiting for you!

Here's John's Story:
This motorcycle trip became a personal challenge, given the temperatures throughout Maryland, PA and NY State. In Jamestown, New York (our destination city) there has not been any rain in nearly 5 weeks! Weather again promised to be hot all the way North. My cousin Bob came in from Ocala, FL, joined me with his new BMW K1300S. All packed, rested and ready, we headed North on I- 97 to 32 West to 29 and then onto I-70 to Breezewood and directly North to Altoona, PA.

By the time we got to Frederick the temps were in high 80's and hydration became a necessity. Road temps were reading in the high 80's. It was like being in a wind tunnel of heated air! We persevered hoping to find shade on the highways as we entered PA but there was none. Stopping for fuel on interstate 70, we encountered some weather-beaten older men on BMW's headed for the National BMW motorcycle rally being held in Bloomsburg, PA! These guys came from FL and TN to meet each other and drive to the rally. They looked like they were at least 10 days on the road, sun burned and wilted. I hope they made it!?

Bob and I were the only bikers and vehicles riding on some of the newly finished Interstate 220 that now circumvents many small towns North of Altoona. Certainly, we were the only ones riding motorcycles headed in our direction In those hills! We made a stop in Tyrone, a small town North of Altoona that was close to the Pennsylvania Forest Preserves. I began to feel my head swelling inside the black helmet. It was beginning to feel tight on me, to the point of the beginnings of a headache. I later was told this could be a sign of heat stroke! In Tyrone, Pizza Hut was the only food place we could find with shade and ice water. We watered down our heads and shirts inside the armored jackets. After 30 minutes we fueled and headed out to find woods and hills. They were there waiting for us ahead! This change offered periods of shade and somewhat lesser road temperatures. So with many long, twisting and descending roads ahead, we proceeded to eat mountains. There were trucks and cars on the sides of hills, all over-heated. Some of the roads seemed like they were two miles to the top. We however, conquered the hills like it was eating cake. Bob brought along a pair of headsets that added dimension to the ride as we gave head's up for radar cops, deer spotting, rocks in the road, beautiful scenes of hillside views, streams and coal mining along the way of our route.

As we descended a long hills into Ridgeway, PA, (another small town of the late 1800's), I remembered a soda fountain named "Two Scoops" where I had stopped when driving to Mom and Dad's place from here in one of my old cars years ago. It was still there! So we pulled over to see if we could recharge the head sets and buy a milk shake. Whoever said bikers only stop for beer?! A small group of older citizens who were across the street sitting in the shade in lawn chairs at the county court house began waving to come over and talk. They wanted to know all about us, who we were and where we came from and where we were headed. This went on for 30 minutes until I said we needed to leave to get through some late afternoon forest areas where deer are a concern. It was funny but a great experience in what can happen when you meet people on a motorcycle. We all had a laugh or three!

There was about 125 miles of a 390 mile journey to make before dark so we headed into forests and fortunately did not encounter bear or running deer. I have a loud horn which sounds like a train horn running through deep forests and was hoping to scare them away from roadside areas and into the woods. It must have worked or there were none out as we passed through! Riding into Warren, Pa, we refueled and had another 35 miles to Jamestown, NY but had to drive around Chautauqua Lake another 20 miles to the bridge that crosses the lake to my sister's place in Bemus Point. Sister Jane had warm food ready for us! It reminded me of recipes mother used, so I was thrilled to have it before me! Their house is up a side street from the lake and dates back to the late 1800's, has a field-stone foundation and old barn in the back yard, large enough to build a boat or become a real workshop! After a two day whirl wind visit, including my 50th high school reunion, Bob and I left for the ride back to Annapolis. We finally arrived home, traveling 1000 miles up and back. The ride was a fast few days that triggered tons of memories and a face full of smiles.

The highlight of my 50th reunion was how I came dressed for the get-together on Friday night. I borrowed an earring from my sister and let my brother-in-law tattoo me with some temporary tattoos I bought. When I entered the room before my classmates, no one knew me! I said nothing but stood there wearing Hell's Angles garb with sunglasses. When someone finally called my name, I smiled and said I had left our school 50 years ago and joined a cult of motorcycle guys and gals for a new lifestyle. I had trouble convincing them it was a gag later but did show them the wheels that brought me to the events that night. It was a riot!

For myself, it was a step back in time. A time to reflect on my roots, to reconnect with old friends and family and travel to places I did as a teenager, visiting my school where I graduated, seeing 45 of my schoolmates in our 50 year class reunion and literally roll back the clock in time. It was perspective to me, a chance to look at myself and my community for what I became and how I became what I am today. I learned there are 14 of my classmates that have died. That saddened me.

I motorcycled countryside places not seen in 60 years. I visited my parents grave sites paying respects and thanking them again for all they did for me. I visited the farms where I bailed hay and drove tractors for $1.25/hr; found our miIk man's spread where I learned how to run a tractor; drove past by my high school wrestling competitor's 300 acre farm, where he and I rode Holstein bulls and bailed hay as kids. I rode my motorcycle across a new bridge over Lake Chautauqua. In high school, I ran an aquatic weed-cutting operation in the summers for the Lake Association. I bought a $10 haircut where my brother-in-law gets his cut and left a $10 tip that brought a huge smile to the hair dresser. I ate good food at a restaurant for under $10. The owner held the discus throw record at my high school, until I came along to break his mark. I bicycled morning distances with my sister and brother-in-law along the lake to see big beautiful homes built in the early 1900's that were not precut or manufactured homes. They were built and owned by industrialists, prominent business men who knew how to make money and had beautiful properties along a 30 mile lake that has places like Chautauqua Institution and Mayville (the county seat) and of course Jamestown on its shores. The home Dad and I built for Mom and my sisters is now hidden behind 60' pines that Dad planted along the road for privacy. He planted over 6000 trees that can be seen on Google Earth which line the 40 acres we owned! I cut down 50 year old Wormy Chestnut trees, that died from a Japanese beetle blight that devastated all the Chestnut trees across our country. Using Dad's chain saw and his old Ford 150 tractor I snaked them out to them have milled into paneling for the living room and kitchen cabinetry in our new home. The day of Woodstock I remember asking Dad if I could go and see it. He said he had a better idea. I could not imagine what was better than going to Woodstock! He quickly answered that he expected me to stay and help him put down 100' of running roof!!! As it was, I stayed and am still thanking him for this decision today!

I left Annapolis with my wife worried about me making it there and back. She understood what it meant to me to do it. My cousin Bob wanted to do it and I am thankful for him coming in from Florida for the ride. We had an adventure together. We discovered motorcycling... how to make machines work to our advantage and learned how to run them smoothly. It became an art.

John Gordon

Please Tell Bob’s About Your Favorite Route or Recent Journey, tell us why it’s your favorite, provide a map and pictures if possible, and be the lucky winner featured in the next newsletter PLUS receive a FREE Bob’s T-shirt!

BMW Scooters are Scooting Right Along!

You may have heard about the BMW Concept C Scooter that was unveiled and taken on tour in 2010. Well the Concept C Scooter is confirmed to arrive on showroom floors in 2012! But that is not all…BMW has just announced they will be revealing a second concept, Concept e, at the German Car Fair IAA in Frankfurt, September 15-25!

With Concept C further along and publically announced to arrive on showroom floors in 2012, more information on this scooter has been revealed than on the second BMW scooter concept, e.

By the time Concept C becomes available to the public in 2012, its name may very well be changed but for now the scooter is identified as Concept C standing for “commuter.” The machine is a cross over between a motorcycle and a scooter to provide the handling, agility, and stability of the two combined. It has a 2 cylinder inline engine with CVT (continual variable transmission). Actual power has yet to be disclosed but it’s safe to say you can expect its performance to be among the scooter industry’s top segment. Expected features include:

  • LCD monitors (connected to rear-facing cameras) will replace the standard sideview mirror
  • ABS
  • Electronically controlled windscreen
  • LED headlamp
  • Essential data will be displayed in the center of the cockpit through a third LCD monitor

More will be revealed and confirmed such as storage space, GPS, and specific power and torque. And as it is revealed Bob’s will keep you posted! To see the Concept C up close and personal, check out this video.

As for BMW’s latest announcement on its Concept e scooter, we expect more talk towards the end of this week after it is unveiled at the German Car Fair IAA in Frankfurt. Here’s what we do know for now:

  • Powered by 2-cyclinder combustion engines
  • LCD monitors will replace sideview mirrors similar to concept c
  • LCD monitor will be in cockpit displaying essential data
  • The battery is re-chargeable through standard household power sockets and can charge within 3 hours when completely flat
  • Oh and did I mention…It’s electric boogie woogie woogie woogie!

View Concept e Video

For questions, further details, and to be one of the first in the nation to put the rubber to the road, contact Carter, Charlie, or Ashton.

August's Featured Ride of the Month

Long time customer, Jim McKinna departed on his K75/6 from the Bethesda area with the intent to explore some great roads through Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, while enjoying beautiful scenery along the way. Unfortunately the trip there was not the anticipated “detox from urban living” as he hoped for. The first 20 minutes of stop and go before turning West on Route 66 and then the backup on the Fairfax Parkway was quite the disappointment. So when it came time to return after seven glorious hours of cruising back and forth through the West Virginia Mountains, Jim stopped to prepare a new route around congested areas like Route 66, Route 270, and I-70.

Ending up in Wardensville, WV below is the route he rode home:

  • Head east out of Wardensville past the Ka-Ka-Pon Restaurant
  • Bear left on Route 259
  • From Route 259, merge onto Route 50
  • From Route 50 turn right onto Route 37N and proceed to the end of the highway until it becomes
    Route 11N
  • Take a right on Summit Point Road and follow this all the way in to Charlestown, WV
  • Continue straight through town and you will reach the option to turn right or continue straight
  • IF heading to the DC/Northern VA area, turn right on Route 9/Route 7/Dranesville/Tysons and follow
    into city
  • IF heading to Maryland, head straight for the 340 bridge
  • From 340 take the second exit, Knoxville and enjoy back roads through Brunswick, Point of rocks, Poolesville, and Potomac

After traveling these roads, Jim rated the scenery, road conditions, and amenities:

  • Scenery: Rivers, mountains, valleys, bridges, small towns, railroad tracks, and more make the scenery along this route ★ ★ ★ ★★.
  • Road Conditions: The variety of open roads without a vehicle in sight, G-turns, long passing zones (if the need were to arise), long straight aways, twists and turns make the road conditions ★ ★ ★ ★★.
  • Amenities: Although far and few between, the amenities are there: gas stations, small restaurants, areas along the way to pull over and break. As long as you plan accordingly, amenities along this route get ★ ★ ★★.
We know everyone is busy riding their favorite routes but PLEASE take a minute and share the route with the rest of us!

Submit your favorite route, tell us why it’s your favorite, provide a map and pictures if possible, and the lucky winner will be featured in the next newsletter PLUS receive a FREE Bob’s T-shirt! All submissions roll over month-to-month so if your route is not chosen, there is always a chance to win another month!

Don't Throw it Out

Bob’s is an avid recycler and has been for years. In fact, Bob’s has even found great use of motorcycle parts that you may be tempted to throw away! The stands used in the Vintage Museum that display details of each motorcycle are made of 5 separate motorcycle parts. With Bob’s collection growing and more interesting and unique machines being put on display, we are in search of 2 key parts needed in the design.

If you have flywheels from the 1955-1969 BMW twins in any condition, Bob wants them! The condition of the crankshaft surface does not matter, nor does it matter if a bolt is stripped off on the clutch pack side. The second part is 1970-1978 BMW or aftermarket (Franks) fork tubes that are NOT perfectly straight, may have some minor pitting or even nicks and dings. Severely bent may be beyond intended use but bent is not a problem.

Please call or email Bob personally (as he is the engineer of these museum stands!) with what you have and he will be happy to clear out your garage! If you would like to propose a price, that is fine or if you’ve had your eye on one of the new t-shirt designs, that can also be arranged!

CONGRATS MOA National Rally Grand and Door Prize Winners!

A special congratulation goes to Bob’s Grand Prize Winners, Rick Verhotz and Otto Torrisi. Rick was a first time rally-goer and now the proud winner of head to toe BMW gear including jacket, pants, boots, Schuberth C3 Helmet, plus (3) Bob’s t-shirts and a road crew hat! Otto was our second grand prize winner of Olympia and Rev’It! mixed apparel, the new Scorpion EXO-1000 helmet, and (3) Bob’s t-shirts and a road crew hat!

Bob’s also had a total of 36 door prize winners! All winners have been contacted. If you see your name below and have not yet claimed your prize, please contact hanna.creekmore@bobsbmw.com

• Leta Barlow
• Ed Ratauczak
• Larry Friedman
• Mary Jane Schuster
• Eileen Dahl
• John MacKay
• Clark Luster
• Barbara Little
• Don Farrar
• Lawson Jenkins
• Nancy Duffy
• Emmett Brown
• Robert Cramer
• Eben Gilkenson
• Brian Bailey
• Charles Miller
• Kathy Benge
• Rose Mary Miller
• Steve Molinoff
• Joe Torre
• Jodie Emington
• Larry Bucy
• Ed Peterson
• Terry Robinson
• Mark Gill
• Duane Ridley
• W. Thompson
• Richard Huber
• Jorge Fernandez
• Don Conoon
• Leah Devlin
• Telsa Ruser
• David Denesowicz
• Michael Elston
• Patrick Moon
• John Fish

Meet Chris Buell

Chris is approaching his 60 day mark with Bob's, we are thrilled to have him on board and he is very pleased with his decision to join the Bob's BMW team. With two other offers on the table, Chris chose Bob's for no other reason than he saw Bob's for what it is...an incredibly run establishment whose primary purpose is to offer the ultimate motorcycling experience to anyone we come into contact with! Chris has the experience and knowledge needed to promise top-notch customer satisfaction-his role as Service Manager.

Please stop in and say hello to Chris, he is a pleasure to speak with and a wealth of information. When you see him be sure ask him about the R1200RT he rode over the weekend. He says he's hooked! Chris said, "I have ridden them all and by far the R1200RT is the finest piece of machinery I have ever ridden." When asked why, Chris explained, "The performance, handling, and ease make it pure luxury to ride!" He says he loves his Yamaha V-Star but by next year he will be on a BMW!

Bob's Customer of the Month – Mike Levitas
This month Bob’s is putting the spotlight on long time friend and customer, Mike Levitas, owner of Turbo Performance Center Racing of Jessup, MD. Located minutes from Bob’s BMW, TPCRacing offers maintenance, service, tuning, and modification specifically to Porsche sportcars. TPCRacing has won every major race in the USA and is currently racing in the Patron GT3 Series. Through all of these accomplishments, TPCRacing has positioned itself as an industry expert, manufacturing turbo and suspension systems worldwide! Let’s just say Mike Levitas is to Porsche sportcars, as Bob Henig is to BMW Motorcycles!

From oil changes, to racecars built from scratch, to expert track support, TPCRacing is your resource for Porsches in the Mid-Atlantic region.

A full list of services offered include:
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Oil Changes
  • Diagnostics
    2006 24hr. of Daytona Winner
    as a privateer!
  • Alignments
  • Corner Balancing
  • Lowering
  • Suspension Setup
  • Shock Rebuild Services
  • Shock Dyno
  • Dynojet Facility
  • Tire Mounting & Balancing
  • Full Race Prep
  • Rollcage Fabrication
  • Engine Building
  • ECU Tuning
  • Track Support
  • Custom Fabrication
Mike has been a customer of Bob’s since the mid-80’s when he was purchasing parts for his R90S in his college days. Over the past 20+ years, Mike has purchased a K12S model, a GS, and most recently the brand new K1600 from Bob’s BMW. These two companies have a lot in common. If you are looking for the personal, friendly, professional, expert service like you receive at Bob’s BMW be sure to stop by Turbo Performance Center Racing and explore perfection on 4 wheels or visit www.tpcracing.net.

Bob’s wants to introduce your company to its loyal customers. If you are interested, please contact us.

Ride for Kid's Annual Ride is September 25th

Last year riders rolled into the Baltimore-Washington Ride for Kids® with $248,051 in donations for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation® (PBTF). Can you help us raise more this year?

Join hundreds of other motorcyclists on September 25th for this scenic ride through the Maryland countryside, you'll have a great time while raising funds for the PBTF's medical research and family support programs! Riders on all makes and models are welcome.

Registration opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 9:15 a.m. The escorted ride starts at 9:30 a.m. sharp, rain or shine!

The ride will loop back to the start point. After a light lunch, participants will enjoy a Celebration of Life program that features interviews with young brain tumor survivors—the Ride for Kids® "stars" of the day. Award presentations to top fundraiser's will follow.

The minimum donation to ride is $35, but the more money you raise, the more premiums you earn.

For each $300 you raise, we’All enter your name into a drawing for a new Honda motorcycle, AGV helmet, Cardo Scala Rider, Dunlop tire, and Tourmaster luggage. (Must be present to win.)

If you're unable to attend, make a donation through Bob's BMW that is 100% tax deductible, click HERE to donate.

Read about the 2010 ride.

Antilock Brakes Aren't Just for Four Wheels

–Wallstreet Journal
June 29, 2011

Motorcycle makers and federal highway-safety regulators are taking a harder look at whether advanced safety technology can help reduce fatal accidents and injuries for those who ride.

Manufacturers, at the urging of federal safety officials, are moving to make antilock brakes available on more models. BMW AG is making the feature standard on all models as of the 2012 model year. At the same time, the government and industry are moving ahead with new studies of whether antilock brakes, which can help a rider stay upright during a hard stop, can reduce motorcycle fatalities.

Unlike auto makers and drivers, the motorcycle industry and riders have been relatively slow to embrace safety technology. Thirty years ago, car manufacturers fought safety requirements and most drivers didn't bother using their seat belts. Now, auto makers compete to offer the latest crash-survival and avoidance technology and more than 80% of motorists buckle up—even if only to avoid getting a ticket.

Amid this shift in car culture, the motorcycle industry and riders are still debating whether riders should be compelled to wear helmets, and remain wary of the expense and appeal of new safety technologies, such as air bags and antilock brakes, or ABS. Rider groups have long lobbied against laws mandating helmet use, and now only 20 states require all riders to be helmeted on the road.

For 11 of the last 12 years, motorcycle-fatality rates rose—dipping slightly in 2009. That year, 4,462 people died in motorcycle accidents, accounting for about 13% of all traffic deaths, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The National Transportation Safety Board has urged manufacturers to do more to make their bikes safer, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released a study last year that concluded motorcycles with antilock brakes were 37% less likely to be involved in fatal crashes than those without them.

ABS systems use electronic sensors and software to detect when a bike's wheels are about to lock up, rapidly releasing and reapplying braking pressure to allow the motorcycle to slow while the wheels keep turning. Preventing the wheels from locking in a hard stop is crucial for riders, because the gyroscopic effect of the two rotating wheels helps keep the machine upright.

"When you lock those wheels, you're down," says Adrian Lund, president of the Insurance Institute.

The NHTSA is undertaking a new study to determine the causes of motorcycle accidents. And researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute are about to launch a study funded by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation—a nonprofit industry group—that will use bike-mounted cameras and other instruments to record riders' behavior as they navigate through traffic. The group says this "naturalistic" study—recording how riders behave in real time, instead of trying to reconstruct their behavior from clues left after an accident—is the first of its kind.

These studies could take two years or more to produce results. If ABS proves to provide a significant edge in avoiding fatal accidents, that could give NHTSA the ammunition to propose requiring ABS systems on bikes—a big shift for the motorcycle industry.

Following the NTSB's urging and the Insurance Institute's study, BMW said in April it will make ABS standard on all the bikes it sells. BMW's announcement included an endorsement from National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator David Strickland.

That is significant because for years, NHTSA and its parent agency, the Transportation Department, have tiptoed around another big motorcycle-safety issue: whether riders should be required to wear helmets. Congress has effectively barred NHTSA from pushing states to enact motorcycle-helmet laws.

Two of the biggest names in the U.S. motorcycle market haven't declared plans to follow BMW's move, partly because of the high cost of ABS.

Honda Motor Co. and Harley-Davidson say they are watching customer interest in ABS technology, and moving to offer it on more models, but not all.

Honda offers ABS systems on several of its models, with a majority of the top-of-the-line Gold Wing road bikes now going out with the systems installed, says spokesman Bill Savino."It's becoming a customer pull," he says.

But Honda is wary of making ABS standard on all its products because of the cost, and because some riders don't want it. People who buy "dual sport" bikes that can ride on and off road prefer not to have ABS when they want to slide turns on a dirt trail, Savino says.

At Harley, spokesman Bob Klein says ABS is standard on 2011 touring motorcycles, including the $22,499 Road Glide Ultra and the $23,699 Electra Glide Ultra Limited. Customers who want a lower-price Softail model may order ABS as part of a $1,195 "Security Package" of options. Harley's cheapest bikes don't offer ABS. "Many customers choose not to purchase the ABS," Mr. Klein says.

Mike Godwin, a long-time rider who runs Freebyrd Custom Motorcycles in Brogue, Pa., says he likes ABS and is "a firm believer in building a safe bike that's controllable." But he can't find a supplier for competitively priced ABS systems for the custom bikes he builds. All he can do is buy the parts at close-to-retail prices from a Harley dealer.

Motorcycle makers are working on other advanced safety technologies, including air bags designed to keep riders from flying over the handlebars in a collision.

Honda offers air bags on Gold Wing models, while BMW and other manufacturers are working on systems that can warn riders if a car is headed into their path.

Still, the No. 1 safety device on a bike, says Motorcycle Safety Foundation Vice President Robert Gladden, "is between the rider's ears."

S1000RR + Jeremy Cook = WINNING!

Congratulations to Jeremy Cook who finished 1st place in your first ASRA race with his S1000RR. (Not to mention placing top 5 in every other race!). Jeremy is a proud customer of Bob’s BMW and races with the Dead Presidents!

Bob’s service team feverishly set up his winning S1000RRs with all the trick bits. VIEW PHOTOS detailing the process!

June's Featured Ride of the Month

Our readers did not make this decision easy! After much review and consideration, the Featured Ride of the Month goes to Toby Zellers. After 15 consecutive years, this ride has become a tradition for Toby; a ride he takes on Memorial Day and one he has named the “4-State Breakfast Run.” Meeting at 6:45am at the Exxon on MD 27 (South of I-70 in Mt Airy, MD), the group departs at 7am sharp.
Like Toby, we all have favorite roads to ride and Bob’s wants to hear about yours! Submit your favorite route, tell us why, send pictures if possible, and if your route is chosen you will be featured in Bob’s June Newsletter PLUS receive a FREE Bob’s T-shirt!

Here's Toby's ratings and more photographs from his ride:

  • Scenery: As you ride through Maryland and West Virginia, enjoy the beautiful mountain setting, farm landscape, and historic places of interest such as Antietam Battlefield.
    Toby gives scenery ★ ★ ★ ★.
  • Road Conditions: Practically an even amount of open road straight aways, and twisty turns.
    Speed it up on the open roads but be sure to slow it down around the many sharp turns you will encounter so you can enjoy that 4 star scenery! Toby has a personal preference for twisty roads.
    So for no other reason than he would like more twists than straight roads, he gives the road
    conditions ★ ★ ★½.
  • Amenities: You will pass many places to stop and enjoy a bite to eat but there is one that Toby faithfully visits every year, Mike Travis' Mountain Shadows Restaurant. This is the reason for the bright and early start! This is a classic 50’s style diner that serves amazing sausage gravy and pancakes, and so much more. This destination alone makes this routes score ★ ★ ★★★.
If sausage gravy and pancakes sound good to you, View this Route! (Leg 1Leg 2Leg 3)

We want to hear about your favorite roads to ride, so please share them with us.
Email hanna.creekmore@bobsbmw.com and tell us why your route should be featured next month and if it’s chosen you can come in and pick up your FREE Bob’s T-shirt! All submissions will roll over month-to-month so if your route is not chosen, there is always a chance to win another month! And we encourage you to share the fun with Bob’s and either start or end your ride right here at Bob’s BMW!

Bob’s Business of the Month

Our newsletter is received by over 8,000 fellow enthusiasts. Each month we feature a business and next month could be yours! Simply contact us and tell us who you are, about your business, history of your business, and your relationship to Bob’s.

This month Bob’s is excited to introduce Investors United School of Real Estate, the oldest real estate school nationwide located right in Baltimore. President of the school and long-standing Bob’s BMW customer, Ian Parrish came to Bob’s to accept a present from his wife…a K1200R!

Ian is a hard worker who has made a career by creating wealth not just for his family, but for his community, and members of the school. Recognizing that so often Ian does not take the time to enjoy the fruits of his labor, Mrs. Parrish made a dream come true and rewarded her husband with a brand new bike!

It was through this transaction that Bob’s became familiar with Investors United and decided our customers just may want to take advantage of a resource right around the corner that teaches and coaches people how to successfully invest in real estate. If real estate investment has ever crossed your mind, we encourage you to visit www.investorsunited.com.

Bob’s wants to introduce your company to its loyal customers. If you are interested, please contact us.

Bob Has Ridden the 1600!

A Rider’s Review

Journey to the 1600: Last week BMW found me attending an excellent new BMW motorcycle intro about 60 miles NW of Atlanta, Georgia. I flew into Atlanta on Sunday evening and borrowed a brand new R12GS from fellow dealer Bob Wooldridge and got to ride to and from the event adding another 300 plus miles to my fun! Making it better yet was that Bob spent the day leading me on some 200 plus miles of his favorite back roads in the north Georgia Mountains before we stopped for lunch and headed west. We arrived around 4 in the afternoon and I got checked in. I grabbed a cold beer with a few other early arrivals before actually hitting my room and two hours later was enjoying some great local food, more beer and great conversation with about 35 fellow dealers from around the country and a handful of those on the BMWNA team.

Tuesday started early with a good breakfast and a 2 hour classroom style training session covering the technical aspects plus the rules of the ride. We then selected bikes and took off for an enthusiastic 90 mile ride to lunch hosted at a vineyard restaurant (no wine for us so I have no idea if they make good wine) and then another 80 miles of twisty, curvy black top ending at a brief water break at a scenic state park nestled in the middle of some fantastic roads. Another 50 or so miles of terrific twisty Georgia back roads plus a very fast sprint on roughly 15 miles of interstate and we are back at the Barnsley Gardens Resort where we started some 7 hours earlier. We rode over 220 miles in small groups switching between the GT and the GTL versions with BMWNA VP Pieter de Waal as the ride leader of my group for the entire day --- a role he played out three more times when the other dealers arrived for their training and intro following us. He’s got an even tougher job than I do!

GT vs. GTL: To sum it all up: the new BMW K1600GT and GTL are amazing. I want to start by sharing what BMW has finally accomplished and a feature that will allow far more people to embrace the best BMW has to offer than ever before ---- I stand at a true 5’5” (28.5 inseam) and I can place my feet solidly on the ground, almost flat in fact on the GTL with the standard seat. There’s both a lower and taller one as well so I am confident in saying that every rider is sure to be perfectly comfortable regardless of being short like me or six feet or so tall like so many of my friends and customers seem to be. The GT version is a bit taller but again even at my stature I can comfortably have the balls of my feet solidly on the ground in the lower of the two height positions and again that’s with the standard seat. And because the bike is so much lighter than the machine its replacing and for that matter all of the completion it simply does not present any barriers in the weight or height area. In fact it feels like it weighs another 100 pounds LESS than it actually does!

I rode both bikes (about 140 on the GTL and about 80 on the GT) and loved them close to equally but I’ve got my favorite for a number of reasons and think that many customers will cleanly fall towards one or the other too simply because they learn towards either a sporty European riding position or a little more American touring alignment. Some may want the hybrid we can build for them at Bob’s once spare are plentiful and if I was buying one right now I too would combine the best of both for my personal needs. I’ll share those thoughts and details later but changing windscreens, seats and even handlebars is not uncommon as we do our best to insure each customer ends up on the perfect machine for their needs and their personal ergonomics.

Performance: Without waxing too poetic I’ll share what you may have already have read in the press that this great machine is and will continue to receive ---POWER and TORQUE are simply amazing and exceptionally smooth regardless of gear and RPM’s. Shifting up or down is smooth and effortless each time and stopping is the best it has ever been on a BMW and that’s saying a great deal because I don’t think anyone’s machines have stopped better in the last 20 plus years. The ease of tossing this bike into the curves makes it feel almost like the S1000RR with just a few more pounds and a lot of all day comfort added to the mix. The screens on both machines let the air flow beautifully all around but not right at me and thus I felt about zero buffeting but never felt like I was 100% out of the fresh air. When I opened up the pair of wind tunnel designed side vents in the afternoons upper 80 degrees I was overwhelmed with just how comfortable I was in full BMW riding gear that only offered sleeve and small chest vent panels. This was actually nothing short of fantastic as I tend to be warm blooded and get hot easily if not in fully ventilated gear when it gets to be about 75, let alone higher temperatures. Engine heat was basically non-existent even when the day hit 87 degrees and we were stopped in a little local traffic ---that too has been refined to make the riding experience that much better.

Convenient Features: The ease of reading the gauges was the best I’ve ever seen outside a modern car; even with bright sunlight directly over my shoulders I could read every single bit laid out on the panel. Even the GPS was easy to read inside its new home in the fairing and the controls are amazing and I’m just getting started with how they work. But I must admit for a guy that does not usually like a zillion extra gadgets on his machines BMW has done an exceptional job of making this new technology fairly intuitive and easy to embrace. I was adjusting suspension, engine and traction modes, heated grips and seat, checking temperature and tire pressures all in very short order and all without losing my concentration on the road. I’ve even begun to adapt to the old technology that BMW re-embraced because the rest of the world could not adapt to the 25 year run of what I still believe is the best set of turn signal controls ever designed for a motorcycle!

Engine: I can’t go on without telling you how amazing this bike sounds. After returning home and getting our demo in and sharing it Friday evening with the 115 that attended our Happy Hour and then probably 350 to 400 more during the Open House I went for a Sunday ride with our Parts, Accessory and Apparel Manager Peter who rode his Ducati and Sara from Schuberth Helmets who I loaned an S1000RR to since she’d not had the opportunity to take one out yet despite visiting plenty of other BMW dealerships. I led and they both kept up for several hours before and after a lunch stop. It was Peter’s comment that I wanted to share here: he said that following the GTL sounded like a cross between a Formula 1 race car and a jet plane without all the noise and I’ll only add that the appearance of this beautifully crafted double 3 into 3 exhaust is the best looking system BMW has ever provided. But not to be outdone we will shortly have a Akropovic system that we heard at the intro that is almost unbelievable so be sure to check out our youtube video to hear and see it yourself!

Physical Appearance: Visually the bike is ten, maybe twenty times better looking when you get to walk around it, sit on it and actually take it all in than any web image or sales brochure can possibly project. That’s not smoke from a guy whose dealership has taken more pre-sale deposits that almost any other BMW dealership has ---- it’s the truth. BMW nailed the design concept on this one perfectly and everything just flows together as if it was poured from a big can of paint. The lines are perfect and when you put your feet on the generous foot pegs, your seat in the very comfortable saddle and your hands on the grips that are attached to some amazing alloy castings and look out over the gently curved windscreen it looks even better and it feels fantastic. My staff knows that I love to critique design, even our own stuff and sometimes dream that I had pursued another career path that allowed for more of that but I honestly can’t find anything of significance to say they could have done better in the execution of this machine ---- it’s a grand slam home run and it’s going to help make Bob’s BMW the used Honda Goldwing and Harley-Davidson Road King (among other models) sales center of the mid-Atlantic over the next several years as people start trading them in on the BMW of their dreams even if they weren’t sure they wanted a BMW to begin with. This is the machine that every other manufacturer will have wished they designed and built in my opinion.

Demand for 1600: I want to share a few other thoughts to help our customers understand what lies ahead. This will not be the largest volume motorcycle BMW has to offer and sell in the US this year. That honor may become reality in 2012 even though these bikes are tagged as 2012 models. As an authorized BMW dealer I know that supplies will be terribly short compared to the demand for the remainder of this year. Those that were type A early adaptors and patient enough over the past 2 years to hand us an advance deposit will be well rewarded during the course of the next eight months as deliveries begin to occur. Late in the year we should see the distribution of whatever allocation BMWAG has seen fit to provide and while I hope and as I have suggested be done it is likely that those sales will also go to those who come in now, check this bike out in person, take a lengthy demo ride to insure it is the right bike for them and then give us a small (refundable) deposit as the others did to hold their place in line for the machines that should hopefully begin to arrive by the end of this year.

To wrap this up I’ll share that I anticipate the level of demand for the next 12-18 months could easily exceed the production capabilities at BMWAG. They are building them not just for those of us here in the US but for the entire world and the entire world wants this bike in large numbers. A waiting period could easily extend well into the first half of 2012 if demand is as strong as I believe it is and because of that I think the fairest way for BMWAG and BMWNA to hand out machines is to see that those actually waiting in line, with a confirmed deposit and in the order that they said “yes, I want one Bob” get to be riding their own K1600GT’s and GTL’s. So for now if you have a deposit here come ride my bike until yours has arrived. If you don’t but are considering one in the next 18 months come by and check it out, meet with my team, discuss your needs and your time frame and despite what I’ve written above let us go to work for you and get you the bike of your dreams and allow us to do what we do best --- provide the Ultimate Motorcycle Experience.

Your friend and dealer,

Bob Henig

May's Featured Route to Ride

Everyone has their favorite roads to ride and Bob’s wants to hear about yours! Submit your favorite route, tell us why, send pictures if possible, and if your route is chosen you will be featured in Bob’s June Newsletter PLUS receive a FREE Bob’s T-shirt!

When asking around the dealership, what roads my co-workers like to ride, Dave Grunberger referred to his favorite route as a “quick fix.” Not a long Sunday ride, but instead a route anyone can hit after work or before you mow the lawn! I asked Dave about the scenery, road conditions, and amenities along the ride and what would he rate each?
And here was his response:

  • Scenery: These roads take you along the perimeter of Patapsco Valley State Park and cut through the park once or twice. You pass over the oldest railroad grate crossing in the world, still in use!
    And are only slowed down by one, maybe two stop lights once the ride is underway. Because of this, plus what you will have to see with your own eyes, Dave said he gives the scenery of this
    route ★ ★ ★ ½.
  • Road Conditions: You will get a nice variety riding these roads. You can take advantage of straight open roads, as well as hit one or two sharp hair pin turns, plus enjoy the air you get as you hit multiple jumps down the road! Plus you have the opportunity to travel some gravel roads as well. With the variety this route provides in just a short amount of time, Dave said he gives the road conditions ★ ★ ★ ★ ★!
  • Amenities: Save your appetite for this trip. Getting started through Sykesville you have lots of restaurants to pull into and enjoy a bite to eat. And once on your way, you have multiple opportunities to pull over and enjoy what Patapsco Valley park has to offer. For a short run, Dave said he gives the amenities ★ ★ ★.
Click here for a map of Dave's route. We want to hear about your favorite roads to ride, so please share them with us. Email hanna.creekmore@bobsbmw.com and tell us why your route should be featured next month and if it’s chosen you can come in and pick up your FREE Bob’s T-shirt!

Bob’s Business of the Month

Are you a business owner interested in being featured in Bob’s next newsletter? Email us and tell us who you are, about your business, history of your business, and your relationship to Bob’s.

This month, we are proud to introduce the owner of The Rider’s Workshop, Jim Ford! If the name sounds familiar it’s because Jim used to work at Bob’s BMW before moving on to pursue his dream of creating a motorcycling workshop. Or perhaps you have already taken advantage of The Rider’s Workshop!

The Rider’s workshop is designed for riders who want to learn new roads and new destinations, find “Invisible Roads,” and ride these roads safely. Jim is offering COMPLIMENTARY rides to introduce the full course. Below are the upcoming dates:

• Wednesdays, June 15, 22, and 29
• Saturdays, May 7, 21, and 28
• Sundays, May 8, 22, and 29

Contact Jim Ford for details to SIGN UP TODAY.


Bob spent the last few Sunday’s while the dealership was closed moving out the old stuff, painting and making the changes. The new lounge is more spacious, brighter, quieter and the new seating is more comfortable. A 4’ x 8’ fabric covered tack panel has been installed so that some of our more enjoyable local routes can be highlighted on maps and shared with everyone; customers will be able to add theirs as well in the future. There are new shelves to store your helmet while waiting or browsing the dealership and Bob told us he got very creative (some used parts creation) on the coat holders that are due in next week right before the Open House. Excellent wireless access and music to enjoy is still available as are the snack and soda machines. And don’t worry about a few blank spots on the walls --- Bob says he has plans to hang new images up too!

A sizeable collection of Bob’s own motorcycle, automotive and travel coffee table books are available for visitors to enjoy. If you have spare books that you’ve read enough times already and would like to make a donation to the REAL RIDERS LOUNGE just drop them off at Bob’s office on your next visit.

If you have another idea or thought about what Bob’s can do to take this or any other customer amenity to the next level email Bob directly at bob@bobsbmw.com

BMW Motorcycles First to Offer Life-Saving ABS on all Models

Motorcycles with ABS 37 Percent Less Likely to Be in a Fatal Crash

Woodcliff Lake, NJ, April 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — After pioneering the concept of antilock brakes (ABS) on motorcycles 23 years ago, BMW Motorrad USA announced today that it will be the first motorcycle manufacturer to offer ABS as standard equipment on its entire range of 2012 model year motorcycles.

“Plain and simple, being able to stop a motorcycle faster and more predictably helps prevent a rider from becoming a statistic,” said Pieter de Waal, Vice President, BMW Motorrad USA. “It’s time for all of us in the motorcycle industry to embrace the benefits of ABS. Extensive testing by safety experts, law enforcement authorities and journalists around the world consistently demonstrates that ABS reduces overall crashes and saves lives.”

“We commend BMW for taking the lead to improve motorcycle safety,” said David Strickland, Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “Motorcycle fatalities and injuries have been on an upward trend for the past ten years and ABS and other safety technologies can help reduce these tragedies.”

An analysis of 2010 motorcycle crashes released today by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reveals that although motorcyclist fatalities are down for the past two years, they began to slightly increase in the third quarter of 2010. GHSA Executive Director Barbara Harsha noted, “We are concerned that motorcycle deaths may be on the rise again. ABS and other safety technologies and programs can help continue the progress that has been made in motorcycle safety.”

A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) revealed that motorcycles equipped with antilock brakes are 37 percent less likely to be involved in a fatal crash than models without ABS. “I commend BMW for taking the lead in making ABS standard across the board,” said Adrian Lund, IIHS president. “Our research results show ABS on motorcycles saves lives, and riders are taking note, too. A recent survey found that a majority of riders said they would look for ABS on their next bikes.”

According to IIHS, many factors contribute to motorcycle crashes, but improper braking was identified as a major pre-impact factor in a study of motorcycle crashes. When brakes are applied too gently, the rider risks colliding with the obstacle. If brakes are applied too hard, the wheels can lock and cause an overturn. ABS is crash avoidance technology, meaning it helps reduce brake pressure by detecting an impending lockup and then increasing the pressure again when wheel traction is restored. Brake pressure is evaluated by a sensor multiple times per second, so riders may brake fully in a straight line without fear of locking up.

Many law enforcement agencies, including the California Highway Patrol, concluded after testing that ABS reduced the number and severity of accidents and now mandate them on their police motorcycles. Internationally, BMW is the largest seller of motorcycles for law enforcement use. More than 80,000 BMW police motorcycles are currently in official use in over 150 countries on five continents. In the United States, more than 225 law enforcement agencies have BMW police motorcycles in their fleets of patrol vehicles.

BMW was the first motorcycle manufacturer to introduce ABS in 1988 and now offers a sixth generation and numerous ABS options across its product line, including a system that can be switched off for off-road or track use.

In addition to ABS, BMW has pioneered other technologies to improve the safety and environmental impact of its motorcycles, including:

The world’s first “Adaptive Headlight” for increased safety at night (available on the 2012 BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL)
A multi-controller on the left-hand grip (available on the 2012 BMW K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL), which allows riders to operate the motorcycle’s systems and adjust its settings without taking their hands off the bars
Electronic Suspension Adjustment — ESA II — to allow rebound damping and spring rate to be adjusted at the touch of a button to suit load and road conditions
Dynamic Traction Control (to adjust engine torque to the level of grip and angle of lean, reducing risk of wheelspin and improving control on treacherous surfaces)
The world’s first motorcycle catalytic converter and closed loop fuel injection to radically reduce emissions
Rider skill training is a key element to motorcycle safety. The latest Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) Owner Survey found that fewer than 50 percent of riders have taken formal rider education and training such as the Basic RiderCourse offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. BMW offers on- and off-road motorcycle training at the BMW Performance Driving School in Greer, SC.

Welcome Aboard

Thanks to you, the customer, not only has Bob’s survived the economic downturn, we are growing! Help us welcome new Marketing Manager, Hanna Creekmore and new PAA Advisor, Allen Schultz!

Hanna Creekmore
To make sure you don’t miss out on all the GREAT ideas floating around Bob’s, Hanna is here to see that all these ideas are implemented and each a booming success! Graduating from Towson University with her degree in Business Administration, focused in Marketing, she dove right into the marketing world! After 5 years of branding and direct mail experience in the agency world, Hanna is ready to deepen her knowledge in a fun, exciting, and growing industry so here she is, a new team member of Bob’s BMW Motorcycles.

Allen Schultz
Timing is everything…and Allen’s timing was perfect! Showcasing his 2001 Suzuki GSXR600 at the Timonium Bike Show last month, Allen found himself chatting it up at Bob’s booth and showing his broad yet deep knowledge from the dirt to the road. With such a demand in Parts, Accessories, and Apparel, Allen was brought on to show us what he’s got and he’s done just that! Bob’s knew he was a keeper when he chose his tagline to be “Living life on a wheelie!”

A Man for All Seasons
Featured Team Member: Darryl Carmichael
What makes someone ride a motorcycle through the coldest temperatures winter has to offer? Some riders keep going all winter because they enjoy it. Perhaps some do it because they want to prove something. And there are those without cars who ride in the bitter cold because they simply have no other choice. One man who doesn’t let frigid temperatures stop him is our service advisor Darryl Carmichael. What are his reasons fordoing it? All of the above!

There’s no doubt that Darryl, who’s worked here at Bob’s for almost nine years, is the kind of serious biker whose bona fides cannot be questioned: He’s been riding bikes for 32 years — street, off-road, and at the track, he rides almost every day, he has owned a multitude of bikes, many of them BMWs. The three in his current stable, each uniquely customized to his needs, are a 1989 Honda GB500, an '05 Honda CBR1000RR that he bought here at Bob's, and his daily rider, a 2001 R1100S. It's an estimable steed that now has almost 80,000 miles on the clock. He hasn’t owned a car since the early 1980s!

Maybe Darryl enjoys being the only guy out riding a motorcycle to work when it’s, say, twelve degrees outside! There’s a sort of badge of courage in it — for showing his toughness in the face of adversity and all that. (Though Darryl would be the first to admit that if someone GAVE him a car he’d gladly drive it to work when the temperature drops into the teens and below!) But now, as he counts the days till spring, he says he just settles into a “comfortable numbness” to commute on those coldest days. He’s gotten quite used to it.

Of course, he can’t allow himself to get too comfortable. The additional risks of winter riding require higher vigilance. There is the obvious hazard of slippery surfaces — black ice at night being the most treacherous, but there’s also the fact that other motorists are probably less likely to notice a motorcyclist “out of season.” Darryl understands that these dangers are compounded because his reaction times will be slower in the cold. So he has lots of reasons to take extra care — and to stay as warm as possible by dressing properly for the ride.

There are lots of wonderful products on the market these days to make winter riding not just tolerable, but actually pleasurable — and naturally, Bob’s has an incomparable selection to offer. Here is a partial list of the gear Darryl likes to use in the winter:
- Thermal underwear top & bottom by Patagonia
- Gerbing’s heated jacket liner
- Revit! windbreaker shell
- Revit! balaclava
- Darien jacket by Aerostitch
- BMW Rallye2 pants
- Gerbing’s heated gloves

Happy Birthday Gary Nixon!

Gary Nixon's AMA racing career was marked by both extraordinary success and courage. Nixon's perseverance and talent at home and abroad made him one of the most popular and most respected racers in the history of the sport. Nixon rode a Triumph to back-to-back AMA Grand National Championships in 1967 and 1968.

Bob's owns the Legend's bike pictured to the left.

To read more about Gary, click HERE!

Born on January 25, 1941, in Anadarko, Oklahoma, Nixon excelled in all sports in which he participated as a youngster. He first came onto the national racing scene as a teenager in the late 1950s. Growing up in Oklahoma,Nixon received his drivers license at the ripe old age of 14. By the time he took up racing, he had a couple of years of riding on the back roads of Oklahoma under his belt. By age 15, Nixon was already a drag racing champion. Weighing just 89 pounds, he had a big advantage over his fellow drag racing competitors. Nixon then took up scrambles racing and, again, quickly became a winner in that form of racing.

Nixon began his professional racing career in 1958 and at the AMA Grand National level in 1960. Nixon showed a great deal of promise in his rookie season, earning a seventh-place finish at the Springfield Mile in Illinois. For the next few years, Nixon was a steady performer, qualifying for a number of nationals and even getting the occasional top-10 finish. But it came as a complete surprise to everyone, including Nixon himself, when he won his first AMA national in convincing fashion on August 4, 1963, at the road race in Windber, Pennsylvania. He proved the Windber victory was no fluke when three weeks later he won a short-track national at Santa Fe Park in Hinsdale, Illinois. Nixon finished the season ranked sixth in the Grand National Series, his first time in the top 10.

Nixon got progressively faster over the next three seasons, earning a dozen podium finishes, including national wins on miles, short tracks and road racing circuits. In 1966 (right), Nixon was AMA Grand National runner-up to Bart Markel.

The 1967 racing season turned out to be the best of his career. He started the season with a hard-fought victory in the Daytona 200. By the end of the '67 season Nixon had tallied a total of five victories and had earned his first national championship. He followed up in 1968 with another title, this time in a close battle with Fred Nix that came down to the final race. Nixon's national wins in 1968 came at the season opener at the Houston Astrodome and in Columbus, Ohio.

Nixon's renowned toughness became clear in the late 1960s and early 1970s. A series of injuries that would have kept most people bed-ridden didn't even keep Nixon off the track. At one point, he raced for three years with an 18-inch stainless steel rod holding his left leg together. The injuries forced Nixon to focus primarily on road racing.

While that prevented him from winning another Grand National title, Nixon turned his infirmity into new opportunities. Nixon became known as one of the world's best pavement racers.

A longtime association with legendary tuner Erv Kanemoto began during this period. Nixon represented the United States several times in the famous series of British-American match races in the 1970s. In 1976, he laid claim to the World Prize Formula 750 Road Racing title, but was denied the championship after international politics cost him a victory, and ultimately the title, at the Venezuelan round of the series. His international success earned him the title of AMA Pro Athlete of the Year in its inaugural year.

Late in the 1970s, the number of national road races decreased, leaving little opportunity for Nixon to ply his trade.

His outside business interests became more demanding and Nixon hung up his racing leathers in 1979. During his 22 years of pro racing, Nixon earned 19 AMA National victories and amassed over 150 Grand National finishes. His career spanned three decades and he competed as a factory rider for Triumph, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Nixon now lives in Maryland with his wife Mary and has two grown children, Gary, Jr. and Kary Ann. In the 1990s, Nixon returned to racing as special guest rider for numerous legend racing events. He also serves as a consultant to several racing teams and riders.

To read more about Gary, click HERE!

Congresswoman Gabriele Giffords

Congresswoman Gabriele Giffords is one of us and we all need more good people who own, ride and simply get what motorcycles and motorcyclists are all about in Washington, DC. Please keep her in your thoughts so she can ride again --- your political leanings don’t really matter right now.

While we all wish for a full recovery for “Gabby” who was shot in Tucson, AZ recently here is a photo of her with her BMW motorcycle that has been circulating. According to the information received with this image she one day hopes to ride it down to Argentina. Let’s hope that this dream, along with returning to her official duties as an elected official come true.

For fun, here are a few notes I made about her bike: It shows that a Brown side stand, Napoleon bar-end mirrors, a 1974 vintage 5-speed gearbox with kick start plus a set of 1974-80 /6-/7 style mufflers and a 1975-76 style /6 series bench seat have been added to what appears to be a fairly stock 1972 BMW R75/5 toaster tank model.

Parts Counter Culture

Those of us who have made motorcycle riding a big part of our lives might like to think that mainstream society regards us as outsiders. After all, by choosing two wheels instead of four, haven’t we rebelled against conformity, marched to the beat of a different drummer, lived life on the edge, chosen the road not taken? (Pick your favorite cliché.) Well, yeah … but it might do us good to meet someone who will give us a fresh perspective on individuality.

Our good friend Tom Turnbull is not exactly your typical BMW rider. He’s not exactly typical by any definition of the word. Spend a little time getting to know Tom and you may realize you’re not quite as much of a “rugged individualist” as you thought you were. In fact, compared to his far-flung orbit, most of us would have to admit that the inexorable gravity of Normal still keeps relatively close to center. Looking for a true iconoclast? Tom is the genuine article; the outsider’s outsider.

Tom bought his first bike in 1978: a used 1976 BMW R75/6 with 4,000 miles on it. Since then he has owned more than thirty motorcycles, many of which were also BMWs – all airheads. Remarkably, he still owns that R75/6, and rides it regularly — now with over 400,000 miles on the clock! Lamenting the irony of how today’s consumer market economy can distort the value of things, Tom looks lovingly at his distinctive old ride and quips, “If I ever crashed it the insurance company would say it’s totaled and give me practically nothing for it. But you know what?…” He laughs, “I could ride this bike to Tierra del Fuego tomorrow and it would get me there!”

Tom has never owned a new bike. He wouldn’t want one. But he has crisscrossed the North American continent some twenty times, blasted around Mexico, and toured Europe — all on well-used BMWs. Back in the day he went to lots of rallies, “back when they were fun,” he says. If you were a rally-goer some years ago you might remember being kept awake all night long by a bunch of screaming crazies. Well, chances are Tom was among them; probably their ring leader. He says he’s not sorry for the sleep you lost. He’s just sorry you didn’t join him for the party!

While Tom loves just making “great big lazy loops around the United States,” and putting the Anonymous Book to good use to meet new friends and keep travel expenses down, he invariably returns to the place where he was born and raised, Baltimore, Maryland. It’s there in the heart of one of Baltimore’s tonier historic neighborhoods that Tom has a huge, cave-like garage where he keeps his motley collection of motorcycles, his race bikes and racing sidecar rig, some other bikes that he stores for friends, an interesting old sports car or two, a bunch of musical instruments and amps (spontaneous jam sessions occur here frequently), his workbench & tools, various works of eclectic art, and the astounding accumulation of detritus from a life lived to its fullest. Oh, and there’s a refrigerator well stocked with liquid refreshments for when biker friends, fellow musicians, or just curious passersby happen to stop in. But most of all, there is joyful disarray. Beautiful chaos. Grunge. And no effort is made to hide it. This is where Tom holds court.

Now compare that to Bob’s BMW, with its spotless, sun-drenched showroom, the gleaming new motorcycles, the meticulous apparel racks and displays featuring the latest high-tech accessories. Would anyone familiar with the environment at Bob’s consider it a bastion of counter culture? Hardly! So where does a guy like Tom Turnbull fit in? Well, Tom has actually been one of Bob’s most regular customers since the earliest days when it was Bob’s Used Parts. And it’s no wonder. With all those old – some would say archaic – bikes that he maintains, he’s almost a fixture at the parts counter. Tom certainly knows that no matter what part he may need for one of his classic or vintage treasures, Bob’s will most likely have it in stock. In Tom’s travels all over the continent he has visited most of the dealerships. He says, “BMW dealers are great; they really go out of their way for the riders, but…,” and here Tom’s eyes light up, “here comes the Big Plug — I’ve gotta say that Bob’s BMW is the best of the bunch! And I’m really lucky because it’s just down the road from me, practically in my back yard.”

Tom has never bought anything for his bikes that could be called “farkle.” Nor does he own a stitch of apparel made of GORE-TEX or Day-Glo Ballistic Nylon. Thirty year-old leathers with that lived-in look are just fine for him, thank you. He can’t stand plastic bodywork or electronic engine management, or anything mechanical that he can’t fix himself. Carbon fiber? ABS? GPS? Forget it! So while at first he may not seem to mingle easily with the adventure bound GS folks, or the mile-counting, tech-loving touring riders, or the go-fast guys on bikes with an ‘S’ in their names, or even the pipe-smokers doing the OBS-NLA heritage restoration thing, his involvement with BMW motorcycling has, in fact, encompassed all of those genres in both spirit and practice. And with Tom, it’s not just a weekend interest. It goes way deep.

In every family there’s always someone who is, let’s say, more “individual” than others. But the other customers at Bob’s who meet Tom, regardless of which riding subculture they call their own, soon realize that he is really just one of them — a motorcyclist and a distinguished member of the clan of BMW enthusiasts. They also discover that while Tom is a very serious motorcyclist, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s easy to talk to, and that makes it easy to feel a connection with him as a fellow rider. We’re very proud to say Tom is a member of our family!

–September 27, 2010
Riders rolled into the Baltimore-Washington Ride for Kids® on Sept. 26 with $248,051 in donations for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation® (PBTF).

The 19th annual event took place at a new location, the Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City, Md. Over 450 motorcyclists and supporters turned out to cheer on brain tumor survivors like Maggie, Bobby, Teodora, Shelby, Olivia, Paige, Nick and Ethan. After a pleasant Sunday morning ride through the Maryland countryside, everyone returned for a Celebration of Life program to hear these children’s stories.

Dr. Roger Packer of Children’s National Medical Center, a member of the PBTF’s Scientific Advisory Board, was on hand to tell the crowd about research advances. “We’re getting to a point where we can personalize brain tumor treatment,” he said. “We’re trying to make life better for these ‘stars’ so they can reach their life goals.”

Fundraisers are working hard to make that happen. The leading contributors at this event were:

Club/Chapter: Manassas Honda Riders Club, $12,820
Motorcycle Business: Bob’s BMW, $120,749

Volunteers are the heart of the Baltimore-Washington Ride for Kids®. This year’s team was led by Taryn Wilson-Wheatley, Marcy Rich and Joe Pruss.

About the PBTF Ride for Kids®
The national Ride for Kids® program and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation® (PBTF) promote childhood brain tumor research and provide family support through free literature about brain tumors, educational newsletters, online conferences and college scholarships. Thank you to our presenting sponsor, Honda Riders Club of America, and our national insurance sponsor, GEICO. The 2010 Ride for Kids® season continues on Oct. 3 with rides in California, Nevada and Texas. For more information, go to http://www.rideforkids.org or call 800-253-6530.

Make a donation through Bob's BMW that is 100% tax deductible, click HERE to donate.

Click HERE to see photographs from RFK 2010.

2010 Fingerlakes Rally and Belhurst Brunch

–Labor Day Weekend 2010
This year's adventure began months ago when a long time friend of Bob's reached out for help planning a father-son motorcycle trip. On an early spring visit to MD for a family gathering Bob sat down and listened to their dreams. First on the list was that said son needed to take the MSF Basic Rider Course or BRC! Months later with that done and a refresher class for dad who had been off of 2 wheels for several years the pair flew in from Tallassee, FL to Jessup, MD to start looking at bikes, gear and accessories. Good solid head-to-toe riding gear was selected based on recommendations from the knowledgeable and helpful staff at Bob's keeping in mind the ATGATT* mantra.

Then in early August Bob set aside almost a full day on their next visit to go out and help them test ride several machines that might qualify. That trip was followed by several phone conversations about refining their initial budget. Shortly afterwards a new 2010 R1200R and a barely used 2009 F800GS were selected and set aside as the bikes that they both enjoyed the most. Stephen and his son Mayon tower over Bob so selecting machines with taller ergonomics was crucial. Everything was to be ready to go including paperwork on September 1 when they'd return to take delivery, stay with Bob and then head to the FLR event in Watkins Glen, NY with two other friends of Bob's.

Several weeks later their flight to MD arrived right on time. On the way to Bob's a lunch of crab cake sandwiches was requested and enjoyed --- they're just not the same anywhere but Maryland! Upon arrival they found their two bikes waiting in the middle of the showroom with their names on laminated signs along with the selected BMW saddle bags, tank bags, rear dry bag, windscreens plus a few additional pieces of gear to keep them warm while riding in the cooler north. With their home turf substantially warmer than MD, PA or NY would be they smartly chose a mix of BMW, REV'IT and Olympia gear with removable liners and layers so they'd get the most use regardless of where they would be. Of course just one set of gloves can't do it all so they ended up with vented, 3 season and waterproof. These choices turned out to be far more useful than anticipated by anyone at the time but that's why you select gear than if needed will work.

Bob & his wife Suzanne hosted them at their home that evening with a fine feast and a comfy guest room. Henry joined them to spend the night and avoid the nasty cross MD/DC traffic. All turned in relatively early so they could meet at Jim's home and be on the road by 7:00 AM on Thursday. This allowed for a spirited ride on about 80 miles of lightly traveled back roads mostly against any rush hour traffic to the first stop of the day --- breakfast at the Hillcrest Restaurant in Littlestown, PA.

The remainder of the day involved great roads selected by Bob. Traffic was light if not almost non-existent at times with good scenery and a few stops for espresso, coffee or sodas and refueling. All proceeded as planned and the group rolled down the road very cohesively with perfect temps until towards a planned lunch stop Bob had enjoyed before. However shortly before that destination was achieved an aborted high speed pass caused Stephen and Mayon to collide. Fortunately only Stephen went down and his head-to-toe gear did everything it was supposed to (a separate story will follow) and damage to the F800GS was minor enough that Bob was able to make it safe and roadworthy in less than an hour on the roadside. Following a call from Bob to the dealership to overnight a few bits and some new gear to the hotel the adventure and high spirits continued for several hundred more miles.

The rest of the day was great; the earlier incident was reviewed and discussed over a good lunch at a newly discovered deli in PA. The days riding ended at the Falls Motel in Montour Falls, NY just a few miles from
Watkins Glen and the rally site. The motel has a excellent small restaurant and bar in a historic old house right on the property so after getting out of gear and splashing some water on their collective faces a good dinner with some beer was the order of the day. Despite the delay before their late lunch they managed to ride a little over 340 miles on nothing but back roads, which is well over 100 beyond the more direct and less interesting route --- a fine 11 hours on the road!

The 16th Annual Bob’s Excellent Brunch and Ride to the Belhurst Castle in Geneva, NY went off perfectly --- again! 89 fun loving, motorcycle riding, charitably spirited individuals signed on for the 2010 event with a record 26 taking advantage of the easy online e-commerce section of the Bob’s website to secure their places well in advance. Another 48 people picked up their tickets from Nick Plenzick’s display of products his business offers in the vendor area making it much easier for Bob to attend and enjoy the rally and spend less time hawking tickets the remaining 15 spaces.

Click image to enlarge.
Over 60 motorcycles lined up at registration and the in followed bob on some 40 miles of beautiful NY back roads passing many farms and several dozen Mennonite horse drawn buggy’s and even more on bicycles on their way to a barn raising on their way to brunch this year. The sky was spectacular and the temperatures hovered around 60 to 65 making it a very pleasant ride. Upon arrival the annual group photo was taken and the 87 that showed up (who knows why the other two never appeared) enjoyed a wonderful gourmet brunch with many new offerings.

All told this event helped Bob net a little over $1,750 which includes several outright donations as well) toward his FUNdraising goals for 2010 which he’ll turn in on September 26 at the Baltimore Washington Ride for Kids® and if you’d like to learn more about that event and consider joining Bob click right here: events.html#rfk

The rest of the weekend was excellent. Good weather, good riding, fine food, good rally fun plus the Annual Bob's Excellent Sunday Brunch Ride for the PBTF on Sunday as well as the installation of a new set of handlebars, left mirror and turn signal. Stephen and Mayon went off to visit other friends in the region on several occasions while Bob, Henry and Jim did their own riding and exploring. Once back in Maryland Bob's technicians went over the bike one more time confirming that Bob did a good job on the road and completed the break in service on the R1200R and instructed the two of them on how to perform their own oil changes once back in Florida. Two new saddlebags (1 on each bike) were installed plus a small body panel which had cracked. After another enjoyable evening together on Tuesday they took off early Wednesday for Tallassee via four days on the Blue Ridge Parkway and eventually some other fine roads in the south! The phone update from this past Sunday afternoon confirmed that the remainder of their adventure was nothing by good weather, great roads and some superb father son bonding.

Bob suggested that the photos he provided allow you to enjoy some of the other sights, events, people and places spaced out over five days and roughly 1200 miles on the first leg of the adventure instead of us telling
you more in print. We hope you enjoy them and Bob suggested that you place the Labor Day weekend and the Finger Lakes BMW Rally in your calendars for 2011; he promises that the car show he discovered you see in a few of these pictures will be incorporated into next year's Excellent Brunch and Ride to benefit the Ride for Kids and the PBTF!

To see more photographs, click HERE!

Dr. Frazier’s Big Dog BMW GS Adventure

–September 08, 2010
BMW hit a home run when it introduced the BMW G/S. Prior to that BMWs were known to be solid runners, and before the cliché “adventure riding” was introduced into motorcycling jargon, icons like Danny Liska were unknowingly doing with BMWs what today falls into the adventure-riding niche, but not on purpose-built motorcycles. Liska used road worthy BMW R60’s to tag ends of the earth, flogging these touring models through mud, jungles, deserts and snow.

Thirty years ago the Bavarian manufacturer produced their first G/S, an 800cc model made for street and gravel, or described differently “a purpose-built dual sport or enduro model,” whatever catch word advertising firms chose in varied years to market them. The evolution of the GS over the following three decades carved out a remarkable portion of the world motorcycling market for this multi-purpose model, making it today the best seller in the BMW lineup. Copies abound, competitors try to eat away at the BMW hold on choice for ‘round the world motorcycles, and it seems the term “adventure” in the current industry is as common a word as is “the” in the Bible. And yet, BMW still manages to carry the flag.

BMW GS’s welcomed adventure models from Kawasaki’s KLR650 to Honda’s Transalp and serious adventurist models in between. The BIG DOG ADVENTURE RIDE was birthed from the G/S and GS models. Originally a “BMW only” weekend adventure for G/S and GS owners from the customer base of BMW of Denver, the event grew into a described serious adventure ride for BMW purists until organizers decided to cap it for numerous reasons, including economics, legal and simple organizational management. BOB’s BMW of Jessup, Maryland joined BMW of Denver while other suppliers jumped on and off as supporters, sponsors and participants. One year KTM signed on after a decision was made to allow other than BMWs into the event. As one organizer jokingly said at the time, “Sure, let them in, we can use them for berm for our BMWs in some of the slower tight curves.”

The event morphed a bit more to include evening multi-media presentations, special events, and was copied around the world. In 2010 it remained the premier adventure ride in North America. BOB’S BMW and BMW of Denver were still cornerstones, strong supporters of the event. To celebrate 30 years of the BMW GS success, the two BMW dealers joined together August 13-15 with the Happy Trails Company to throw a wild 30th Birthday Party for the iconic GS.

The birthday party was based in Ridgway, Colorado, at the foot of the San Juan Mountains, home of some of the highest, toughest, ugliest, meanest, and dirtiest mountain passes in North America. Blessed with three days of perfect weather, blue cloudless skies and windless mountain tops, the 2010 entrants tagged passes with names that adventurists and off-road riders know to be at the top of “tough challenge” lists. Names like Imogene Pass, Black Bear Pass, and Engineer Pass cause advanced small displacement dirt bike riders to ramp-up their adrenalin output. Add 200-300 pounds, 750cc and aluminum panniers and tanks bags to the motorcycle as the BIG DOGS do and then attempting these passes could be called a wild adventure or crazed.

Listening to the BIG DOGS laugh and trade stories at their base camp after a day of topping those passes made outsiders shake their heads in wonderment. The DOGS threw a party for the GS, and seemingly all had a wild and whopping good time, even those walking wounded who rode home with bent or broken body parts.

An example of a partygoer who took it to the edge was an unnamed entrant from Carlsbad, New Mexico who arrived in Ridgway at 3 a.m. to find the “No Vacancy” sign out. He turned around and rode his motorcycle back to Ouray where he found a room, slept for two hours, then returned to Ridgway for the Rider’s Meeting at 8 a.m. By 10 a.m. he was muscling his Suzuki 1000cc V-Strom up toward the top of Engineer Pass, following his father, who was on a BMW GS. Fatigue and a soccer ball size rock joined together on a slow speed 170-degree uphill turn to drop the V-Strom on his ankle.

Two DOGS are pictured here comparing wounds at the end of the day – severe ankle sprains starting to turn rainbow colors. When serious medication was suggested, the V-Strommer shrugged them off and opted for a bag of ice and a short nap. During the evening shows after dinner it was rumored he was “out” for the next day, his celebrating was over on Day 1.

Day 2 started with another short Rider’s Meeting and there was Mr. Suzuki Iron Dog, ankle wrapped, boot on with duct tape closing the tongue gap. When asked if he wanted anything to help, he said, “A crutch or cane would be nice while we’re standing around like this. I’ll be fine once I’m back on my bike now that I’ve got some sleep.” That night before dinner he and another wounded DOG were caught laughing at the color changes their smashed ankles were undergoing.

The evening meals were hosted. Friday night the Happy Trails Company prepared a buffet described as a “Dutch Oven Idaho Chick-A-Salmon Big Dog Stew.” While the ingredients were a secret recipe attributed to Tim Bernard, owner of Happy Trails, whispers circulated that Bernard had been seen stopping along the highways to the event from his home in Boise to inspect the freshness of road kills. The recipe remained a secret but the DOGS agreed the stew was “tops,” and requested a return for 2011.

Each evening attendees were entertained by entrants with multi-media shows and adventure tales. The wild adventures of a group of Kawasaki KLR650 riders in Mexico and Central America brought laughs from the crowd as the presenting adventurist shared the group’s steep “Outside the USA” learning curve. Strange food, using coals to heat and bend a waffled front wheel straight, and crashing on ugly rocks prompted one BMW owner to shout, “Better crashing on the KLR’s, you couldn’t have afforded more than one crash on a BMW with your budget.” The presenter responded, “Sure as shootin’, that’s right!”

A second presentation by a team of three BIG DOGS, all aged over “50,” shared their Baja 500 race experience with the group. Proudly they displayed BIG DOG stickers on their privately entered and partially BIG DOG-sponsored motorcycle. The team rode a nearly impossible course and finished a respectable sixth place in the grueling race. Their team moniker printed on their riding T-shirts was El Grupo Grandes Perro Viejos.

One BMW BIG DOG rider shared his experience of being spotted as a BIG DOG in a crowd at a Steamboat Springs parade day. He said he had been dressed as a cowboy, complete with cowboy hat. A lady approached him and asked, “Are you a Big Dog?” Surprised, he stuttered “Yeah, but how did you know I was?” Reportedly she answered, “Because your zipper is down.” Whether the tale was true or not, other BMW owners at the dinner were said to have pulled the BMW cowboy aside after the revelation and shared proper Bavarian dress and etiquette tips with him.

Riding BMW motorcycle copies in Vietnam was the subject of another multi-media show. The ex-Soviet Army 650cc Urals were abandoned when the Soviets pulled out of Vietnam. They had been refurbished by a local Vietnamese group for an expedition ride through the jungles slated for extreme BIG DOG adventure seekers. The expedition promised “no Tee shirts, no swag bags, and no foil chocolate on your pillow or bed turn down service at night, just pure, extreme adventure.” Surrounding the oldest and newest BMW GS models the 2010 “BIG DOGS” celebrated 30 years of adventure riding by throwing a wild party high in the Rocky Mountains.

When the 30th BMW GS birthday party was over and entrants had left for their varied points around the USA, one BMW remained in the empty parking lot in Ridgway - a 1981 R80 G/S. It was a fitting end to a 30 year celebration, the motorcycle that had changed the terminology, if not the world, of motorcycle travel and how fulfilling travel and movement on two wheels could be. In another 30 years the avid motorcycle traveler will likely be piloting a far different breed of motorcycle, but can look back at the 1980 model, like the sole remnant in the parking lot after the BIG DOG 30th celebration, that many say started it all, the R80 G/S.

The End of an Era!

–August 31, 2010
Yesterday you all learned that the green refrigerator died over the weekend. It was probably a slow, smelly departure from its long and faithful service at Bob's BMW. Fortunately, we were not here to see or smell this take place. Yes, it's possible it could have been repaired but it's quite old and has had been serviced over the years. Besides we had a very fresh bright white replacement across the street that sits idle most of the time cooling excess event liquids. For amusement I thought I would share with you all how far back this
refrigerator goes.

It was the refrigerator that was in the kitchen of the first house I purchased about 32 or 33 years ago. It was not by any measurement of time new even then. It survived the previous homeowner and their 2 kids; then me and several house mates. Then it became the refrigerator for Bob's Used Parts around 1983 because I gave it to the business and got the ugly green refrigerator out of my kitchen.

It did however go nicely with some really ugly (just ask Suzanne) wall paper that got removed as well. It then resided in my basement next to the garage where I spent 10-12 hours a day for 6 and 7 days a week getting this business going. It survived two more moves, first to Unit Y across the street where it was for about 8 years and then to this location about 11 years ago. It has been used and abused by some 20-35 people 6 days a week for decades and rarely complained or made a squeak.

It has been abused, over used, cleaned infrequently and asked to do far more than it was ever designed to do. It's visual history goes way back as well, some of those decals are full of stories themselves being associated with bygone companies, radio stations, suppliers and events. As befitting such an amusing piece of history and in light of the fact that a funeral pyre would probably violate many local codes I have selected to see how much father the fun can go.

The image you see above and others will be placed on eBay shortly along with our own website and face book page. We will see if anyone out there, including the Smithsonian Institution might like to hang the doors on their walls. All proceeds, should someone actually make a winning bid and then pay us will be donated to charity.

I came close to saying I was going to keep one of the doors myself but I'm happily married and wish to stay that way! Hmmmmm, is it museum worthy?

Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoyed the brief distraction and history.

Bob Henig

Dad-Daughter Duo Does Distance
In November of 2006 Lisa Hecker decided she wanted to become a biker! Her dad, Marty Cover, had been an active rider many years earlier and Lisa couldn't help but notice how he always spoke fondly of those days. So she got an idea. Her birthday was coming up; what better way to celebrate than by signing up both she and her dad for an MSF rider training course? Lisa would get to launch her new life as a motorcyclist with a proper education, and Dad's long-lost love of motorcycling would be revived while he brushed up his skills. The perfect family activity! Well, it's doubtful either Lisa or Marty could have imagined then how far this idea would take them!

For Marty it was like being reborn. He went out right after taking the course and purchased an R1150RT, hitting the highways to make up for lost time. But Lisa didn't waste much time adapting to the two-wheeled lifestyle either. The moment spring rolled around she got her first bike, a 2005 F650GS. (Technically, her first bike was a Harley, but quickly realizing the mistake she’d made, she brought it back the very next day to trade for the F650. Good move, Lisa!) Then, only six weeks later, she and her Dad were on the road to Asheville, NC, for the BMW MOA National Rally. Going the distance? No problem. It must be in the blood.

Marty has always enjoyed long trips on his bikes. Last year, for instance, he took a little month-long jaunt up through Canada and Alaska to the Arctic Ocean. He was riding an ’03 F650GS on that trip, a good bike for such a ride where, he says, “Every road north of Calgary is a new adventure” with a lot of gravel, unpredictable weather (cold!) with often only fifty foot visibility, and oh, the suicide caribou! Now Marty owns an F800GS in addition to his 1150RT, and very soon he's taking that GS on a fifteen day journey to explore the Trans-Labrador Highway.

But it’s the nicest when motorcycle trips are family trips. And racking up big miles seems to be what brings the biggest smiles for this family. On a wild 1,225 mile weekend in April they rode in the Cape Fear Rally out of Wilmington, North Carolina. This event, part of the Iron Butt Series, was a 10 hour rally and Marty and Lisa’s presence in it became quite a sensation. First of all, they tied for 10th place – not bad at all! – but perhaps more interesting are the “firsts” they achieved. Lisa’s daughter Molly, who was twelve at the time, rode pillion for the event and became the first child to ever have done so. And since Lisa’s dad Marty was on the ride too, it became the first time three generations had ever ridden the rally together! Later, on Memorial Day weekend, Lisa and Marty both rode in the Mason Dixon 20-20 Rally, a thousand-mile-24-hour event out of Hagerstown, Maryland. That hard day’s ride would have gone without a hitch except that Marty somehow attracted the interest of the Vermont State Police to the tune of a $400 speeding ticket. He likes to call it a “Performance Award.” Ouch.
Lisa and Marty on a day ride from
the Finger Lakes BMW Rally 2008.

Those are just examples of the kind of the rides and rallies Marty and Lisa enjoy. But when they’re not out somewhere rolling over their odometers, they’re likely to be enjoying something a little closer to home, namely, a visit to Bob’s BMW. At Bob’s they say they feel like they’re part of the family. As Lisa pointed out, “It’s warm and fuzzy – everybody’s friendly. It’s a no-hassle, no-pressure feeling.” Even her daughter Molly likes it at Bob’s and gets upset if her mom comes to visit without her!

Marty said, “You wouldn’t go to a car dealer to hang out. There’s just something special here at Bob’s – and the service is beyond compare.” Maybe that feeling explains why when we got ready to take photos of Marty and Lisa for this article they insisted on sharing the limelight with two of their favorite Bob’s staff members who have been so helpful to them so many times in the past, Master Technician Steve Slunt and Apparel Sales Manager Howard Sprague. As Lisa and Marty both exclaimed, “We don’t know where we’d BE without these two guys!”

Lisa now owns an R1200GS and has her eye out for an F650GS Police model to augment her stable. And it makes us wonder… can it be too much longer before Molly asks for MSF training for her birthday? And so we roll on.

Marty is currently on another roadtrip. Click here to read about his Ancient Mariners Adventure!

Meet Identical Twins Todd & Troy Dibell and Dave & Bob Witt
Two Sets of Twins with the Same Passion for Riding

Todd and Troy Dibell

Many of us remember the moment when, as young kids, we realized that motorcycles were cool and decided we’d be riders someday. That’s how it was for Todd and Troy Dibell. Being identical twin brothers, however, didn’t mean that their path to eventually becoming motorcyclists would be the same.

Troy was the first to make a move. He was still a kid when he and a good friend, figuring their parents would never allow them to own a bike, hatched a scheme where each one would tell their folks that the other one owned the bike. They found a used Yamaha dirt bike they could get for $150 and went for it. On the very first day they had that bike, Troy's mom happened to see both of them riding it, threw a small fit, and made them walk the bike back to the guy they bought it from to get their money back!

Some years later, Troy bought his second bike, a Honda Shadow. But after a car accident which necessitated some recovery time (Hey, Mom, I thought you said motorcycles were dangerous!), he decided to take a break from two wheel thrills for awhile. Also, a new activity was beginning to grab his interest – something Mom would surely approve of – skydiving! And so the next several years were spent jumping out of airplanes. Todd was also a jumper, and between the two of them they logged about 2500 jumps! But when both brothers eventually got married and became fathers, it seemed like a good idea to cut back on skydiving in favor of spending more time with families. As every parent knows, raising kids provides its own set of satisfying thrills. Somewhere in the background, however, the mysterious allure of motorcycling was still there… biding its time.

Todd was visiting South Africa with his wife and kept noticing all the BMW GS’s around. So it was then, at the ripe old age of 40, that Todd decided it was time to make his childhood dream a reality. As soon as he got back to the States, he started looking for a dealer. Using Google he searched for BMW dealers closest to his home in Alexandria, Virginia. The closest dealer was the one to the south, and perhaps it would have made sense to go there, but he visited Bob’s and immediately found what he was looking for in a dealership. He bought a 2005 F650GS, and has since moved on to a 2004 R1150GS Adventure – his dream bike.

Meanwhile, Troy, who hadn’t ridden in many years, started to become a bit envious of his brother’s newfound interest and started coming along with Todd on his visits to Bob’s. Naturally, it wasn’t long till Troy had to have a bike too. Not wanting to ride something identical to Todd’s, of course, he found a 2005 R1200GS that was just right.

The brothers live only a block apart and, nowadays, ride as often as possible both for work and pleasure. Troy generally keeps it to the street while Todd is more inclined to explore off-road opportunities for adventure. And both are now regular visitors to Bob’s. It’s a place that they always find friendly and inviting. They love coming to the events – especially Teach McNeil’s stunt shows – and bring their wives and children along to share the fun.

Dave and Bob Witt

Twin brothers Dave and Bob Witt have, between them, bought FIVE bikes at Bob’s… and counting!

Dave’s first BMW was a K1200S, an awesome machine for sure. But when he saw the R1200GS Adventure, he was so convinced it was the right bike for him that he traded in the K1200S that he’d bought only a few months earlier to get it! You see, Dave loves to tinker with his bikes and he’s into “farkle,” With all the room for gadgets on an Adventure, it’s no wonder he was so drawn to it.

When Bob Witt saw the GS-Adventure that Dave got, he decided to get one too. But a little later, maybe because he wasn’t really the Adventure type of guy after all — or was it that he just had to be different? — he decided to trade it in for an R1200RT. To Bob, who doesn’t share his brother’s need to attach a lot of accessories, the RT is pretty much complete right out of the box. On the other hand, just let him loose in our Apparel Department, and watch out!

Dave enjoys turning wrenches, so he buys his parts and supplies at Bob’s BMW and does most of the routine jobs at home. It’s how he relaxes. Besides, he’d be the first to tell you that when you’ve already got tools out for some minor maintenance it’s the perfect time to bolt on another accessory!

Bob would just as soon let the experts in Bob’s Service Department keep his bike well cared for. He likes to bring it in on Saturdays because, not only does he have the time to browse the apparel racks, he knows we always have plenty of his favorite kind of donuts on hand.

Alert readers will notice that we said the brothers had bought five bikes, but only four are mentioned above. OK, here’s the story. As much as Dave loves his GS Adventure, he still sometimes gets the urge, you know, to feed the Sportbike beast that lurks inside us. His K1200S certainly served that purpose but after it was gone, what would fill the gap? One day Dave came by the store just moments after we had taken a nice, low-mileage, Kawasaki Ninja in trade. Bingo!

The Natural
It’s always great to work with a “Natural.” That’s someone who, you know, just seems like they were born with the knack for doing something really well. Training and acquired skills are important, of course, but this is something bigger. We’re talking about true talent. A gift.

In the Service Department at Bob’s we’re lucky to have a few such gifted technicians. We’d like you to meet our newest one. His name is
Sam Ellis.

Sam describes himself as a “True Motorhead.” He may have inherited the gift from his dad who liked to restore cars. They were “a Mustang family,” he says. And he spent so many hours of his youth working on cars in the garage of their Ellicott City home that he feels like he practically grew up there. But they also rode bikes. Sam started riding when he was only four years old! He would ride dirt bikes with his dad and brothers as often as they could. His first one was a little Yamaha YZ80, which, of course, led to a succession of bigger, stronger bikes, and later, ATVs too.

Up until now, Sam has been working at smaller independent bike shops. But he always wanted to work for a bigger dealer, especially a renowned one like Bob’s BMW. It was that dream of his that eventually brought him to our door. So now what? Well, of course, Sam will be adjusting to life in the busy world at Bob’s and getting to know a big new crowd of BMW riders, but he’s got another dream yet unrealized. Sam specializes in motorcycle fabrication and would like to put his “gift” to work to build his own custom bike. Will it be based on a BMW? We’ll all have to wait and see.

In the meantime, whether you’re a fellow Motorhead, or just someone who appreciates that there are folks with that kind of talent around to help keep us all running, be sure to say Hello to Sam the next time you see him here at Bob’s.

Square Route Rally Recap
square root rallyThe Square Root Rally is put on each year by the local club BMWBMW (BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington). The 2010 rally, held June 4-6th near Thurmont, MD, was another happy success, both for the club members and many other riders from outside the region who made it their weekend destination. Bob's BMW certainly played its part by conducting a couple of informative seminars. Bob himself gave an opening night talk called "How to Buy a Used Motorcycle the Smart Way," which certainly provided useful tips for many. On Saturday, our BMW Master Diagnosticians Sean Lee and Steve Slunt gave a suspension workshop which was well attended by those eager to learn the "shocking" truth about fine tuning their suspensions. We're looking forward to seeing you at the next rally!

David Grunberger's Excellent Ride to Vintage & Classic Bike Day

Bob's BMW Vintage and Classic Day–May 23, 2010
Despite the fact that it was already raining in the morning, and more wet stuff was in the forecast, a total of six hardy souls including David (in the helmet) met at the Double T Diner in Catonsville around 8:30 AM on Sunday May 23, 2010 for breakfast and a ride.

Riding his classic R60/5, David led the perfectly sized group on roughly 80 miles of superb back roads in Baltimore, Howard, Arundel and Montgomery Counties to deliver us safe, sound after an exhilarating, briskly paced ride. While the riders may have imagined how much more fun it might have been if the roads were dry, they quite appreciative of David's chosen route, nonetheless. It's no easy feat to get from Catonsville to Germantown without using main roads!

By the way, that photo of the group in the parking lot was the last time anyone's bike looked even close to clean!

Luckily, the rest of the day at the 2010 Classic and European Bike Day at Butler's Orchard remained relatively dry.

Talk about making your day!

Not only did Shawn Mason of Trafford, PA (left in image) and Paul Raley of Leonardtown, MD bring their very nice machines to this event but they also took home perhaps the nicest awards handed out --- patting ourselves on the back for being the ones handing them out.

Shawn calls his very customized, hand crafted and highly modified 1966 BSA A65 just his "Daily Rider" but to everyone who saw this machine it was far more than that. If you look closely at the photos you'll find some truly amazing craftsmanship along with a real artists eye for blending both found objects and materials with those from other machines including cars. Bob Henig, owner of Bob's BMW was very pleased to present Shawn with the award for "The Bike the Judges Most Want to take Home" and the "Most Desirable Motorcycle" not built by BMW.

Paul on the other hand started with what appears to have been a very nice and mostly original cosmetic example of a 1971 BMW R75/5, a bike that Bob is very fond of since his first BMW was a 1972 version of the same machine, and then he began his own special customization. It includes many highly polished alloy parts, aftermarket rear suspension, Albert head light mirrors, a Denfeld head light guard, Dunstall replica mufflers, the very correct turn signals with red or amber side reflectors, a set of low European handlebars and a big beautiful Heinrich 8 gallon gas tank sitting over the back bone of the frame and covering the front few inches of the correct smooth stock bench seat.

Bob's BMW own Parts Guru and resident artist Renee Tantillo created the awards from assorted spare BMW engine and transmission parts plus a few items she had laying around her studio to make these very special
one-of-a-kind awards they are sure to treasure.

2010 European, Classic & Vintage Bike Day
Bob's BMW Vintage and Classic Day–May 23, 2010
The true enthusiasts showed up despite more than enough rain in the early morning hours to make one consider the insanity of it all. By 11:30 hundreds of fantastic original, restored and customized motorcycles filed the fields for the concours and several dozen vendors occupied the flea market roadway. Every major European and British brand was well represented and Bob says that a 1914 BSA may have been the oldest machine there so he just might be inclined to haul his 1913 Indian single up in 2011. Quite a bit of stuff changed ownership in this flea market and several bikes had FOR SALE signs attached even in the judging area including the amazing 1985 K100RS with EML sidecar (body only) that Bob rode in on. This event is not to be missed in any year regardless of the weather so mark your calendars for what will probably be the 3rd or 4th Saturday next May.

Image 1Image 2Image 3

Bob's Vintage and Classic Day

Bob's BMW Vintage and Classic Day–May 22, 2010
The parking lot was full most all day with assorted vintage, classic and more modern BMW and a nice selection of some non-BMW's. These images arejust a small sampling of what rode in and what a treat to have one of our Flea market participants arrive in a restored and converted 1946 Flexible Bus that originally saw duty as a Hollywood crew rig as well as being in some scenes of several famous movies like North by Northwest! As Bob who had may roles that day including giving tours at the Vintage Museum Annex he was not able to capture all the great machines that showed up but it was a really great selection of fine machines. The head count for the two scheduled and one additional tour across the street came to over 100 people alone! Everyone really enjoyed seeing the other 20 machines that now make up the Vintage Museum at Bob's and he's promised to take some photos of those bikes which rotate in and out of the main museum to tease us some more!

Bob's BMW Vintage and Classic Day Bob's BMW Vintage and Classic Day Bob's BMW Vintage and Classic Day
Bob's BMW Vintage and Classic Day Bob's BMW Vintage and Classic Day Bob's BMW Vintage and Classic Day

Peter Arndt won the best in show with his 1954 BMW R25. He won a wonderful hand built art trophy created by our own Renee Tantillo that we call "the BMW the Judges Most Want to take Home". Congratulations Peter!

Flea market at Bob's during Vintage & Classic day
–May 22, 2010
Mother nature treated us exceptionally well this year delivering a beautiful sunny day with some mixed clouds. Not a drop of rain fell all day. 21 spaces were reserved in advance and another 5 people simply showed up to try and sell, trade or swap their BMW and motorcycle related items. From 9 AM following a 1 hour set up window lots of large and small items exchanged owners. One person even rode in on his pre 1955 single with the items he was selling strapped to his rear seat! The date is yet to be established but Bob is considering hosting another Flea market this fall so if you'd like to see that happen and participate please drop him a short email at bob@bobsbmw.com so he knows how much interest there is.

Wounded Warriors Support Picnic

Bob Henig–May 14, 2010
Bob's BMW recently provided the 201st Airborne Squadron with some financial support, a lot of BMW caps for the troops and several rides in Bob's Duetto sidecar. The event was held at Andrews AFB in Suitland, MD as part of the Joint Services Air Show. Soldiers recovering from injuries sustained in Afghanistan and Iraq at area Military Hospitals were brought by bus to the event where they had some down time with their families and friends as well as fellow military personal. Bob was personally solicited by one of our customers who is 2nd in command at the 201st Airborne Support and has regularly seen what Bob does at the Ride for Kids.

About 75 military personal were present. It was a great event and a bob's bmwpleasure to meet so many that serve our country so that we can, well get to ride motorcycles. Due to privacy issues Bob took very few images at the event showing these fine individuals. The Washington Redskins Cheer leaders came out in support of these men and women as well but did not get a ride in Bob's Duetto. As a bonus Bob had a few hours following the picnic to enjoy the practice day at the Air Show that opened to the public on Saturday and Sunday.
Numerous vintage and modern war planes, transport and other support equipment from all US military operations plus the Coast Guard, Homeland Security, DEA and more were on display plus the Blue Angels did a
performance along with many vintage aircraft being flown.

Bob's bmwThere was even a sky writing team showing off their skills.Perhaps one of the most fun things on exhibit and to enjoy was Johnsonville's World's Largest traveling Grill.

International Female Day and Bob's Female Day Ride
–May 8, 2010
Basically they all braved strong winds and serious gusts for about 60 miles on excellent Howard and Montgomery County back roads following my brief safety and road courtesy, communication and riding guidelines around the picnic table at the dealership. While the day was beautiful we did not see that many other riders out there, probably a result of the windy conditions. My hats off to all that showed up and went for a great ride and I and the dealership look forward to doing it again in 2011 and making it grow so start watching our website and the Internet for International Female Ride Day and Bob's related event in May of 2011.

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