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BMW Motorrad USA Announces Pricing For Latest 2014 Models


Woodcliff Lake, NJ – January 29, 2014… BMW Motorrad USA has announced pricing for the five latest 2014 Model Year motorcycles set to be introduced late winter / early spring 2014. These five models complete BMW Motorrad USA’s entire 2014 model lineup, which now includes 20 models.

BMW’s 2014 model’s continue to set a benchmark in their segments, offering unsurpassed riding dynamics, attractive styling, “world’s first” features and a comprehensive level of equipment and options. This strong product offensive is coupled with generous value-added pricing, delivering new technologies and more equipment (often at the same price as predecessor models) for value improvements upwards of $1,000. Pricing details and a summary chart follow.

2014 R nineT (All New Model)
Standard Package (MSRP: $14,900) includes:
Integral ABS
Modular frame concept with removable rear foot peg frame and rear frame
3 mounting points on rear axle housing (for customization)
Adjustable rear spring preload
Adjustable rear shock rebound damping
Radial front brakes
Aluminum fuel tank
On board computer
White turn signal lenses
LED rear light

Color: Black Storm Metallic

Options: Anti Theft Alarm – $395

Key Features:
Blends classic design with cutting edge technology (front suspension and radial monoblock front brakes are derived from the S 1000 RR)
High-quality craftsmanship with all-aluminum fuel tank
Wide range of customization opportunities
Commemorative model celebrating 90 years of BMW Motorrad

2014 R 1200 GS Adventure

Base Model (MSRP: $18,200) includes $1,000 worth of added value over predecessor model:
ASC (Automatic Stability Control) — $400 value
2 riding modes (rain, road) — $100 value
Steering damper — $100 value
Longitudinally adjustable passenger seat — $50 value
Stepless Adjustable Windshield via hand knob — $150 value
Removable passenger foot pegs — $50 value
Lower base MSRP (-$150)

Standard Equipment:
Integral ABS (disengagable)
ASC (Automatic Stability Control)
NEW: 2 ride modes (rain, road)
NEW: Steering damper
NEW: Stepless adjustable windshield
Height adjustable rider seat
NEW: Longitudinally adjustable passenger seat
NEW: Bolt on/off pillion rider foot pegs
Hand protection
On board computer
Aluminum engine guard
Accessory socket
LED rear light
White turn signal lenses
Center stand

Alpine White (with Black/Olive Grey seat)
Olive Green Metallic Matt (with Black/Olive Grey seat)
Racing Blue Metallic Matt (with Black/Blue seat)

Special Packages:
Comfort Package (MSRP: $500) includes: chrome exhaust, heated grips, TPM (tire pressure monitor)
Touring Package (MSRP: $1,925) includes: dynamic ESA, on board computer pro, GPS preparation, cruise control, LED auxiliary lights, saddle bag mounts
Technology Package (MSRP: $1,425) includes: LED headlight, ride modes pro, heated grips, TPM (tire pressure monitor)

NEW – Dynamic ESA — $ 950
NEW – LED Headlight — $820
NEW – On Board Computer Pro (only with Touring Package)
NEW – Ride Modes Pro — $300
NEW – GPS Preparation — $205
Chrome Exhaust — $150
Heated Grips — $250
TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor) — $250
NEW – Cruise Control — $350
LED Auxiliary Lights — $450
Anti Theft Alarm — $ 395
Off Road Tires — $0
Saddle Bag Mounts — $350

Premium Package (MSRP: $21,550) includes Touring Package,Technology Package and $1,325 worth of added value over predecessor model:
“Dynamic” ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) — $150 value
On Board Computer Pro — $55 value
GPS Preparation — $205 value
Cruise Control — $350 value
LED Headlight — $ 820 value
Ride Modes Pro — $ 200 value
Tire Pressure Monitor — $250 value
Additional standard equipment: steering damper, adjustable passenger seat, stepless adjustable windshield, removable passenger foot pegs — $350 value
Premium Package price increase over predecessor – (-$1,055)

Key Features:
More power with added smoothness and cruise control: New air/water-cooled boxer (125 hp, 91 lb/ft) with added smoothness and tractable power thanks to a new engine crankshaft and vibration damper; ride-by-wire throttle with optional cruise control
Five available ride modes adapt the Adventure to any riding situation – rain, road, dynamic, enduro, enduro pro
Intelligent suspension: Optional Dynamic ESA semi-active suspension continuously adjusts damping in milliseconds, compensating for road conditions and rider input. The rider can also adjust settings (spring preload and damping) according to motorcycle load or firmness preference.
Light and nimble: New aluminum gas tank saves weight and keeps the bike narrow in the rider’s seat and knee areas: The new Adventure is 7 lbs lighter (wet weight) than its predecessor.
Adjustable wind protection: New, larger Adventure windscreen can be adjusted via a handwheel.

2014 R 1200 RT
Base Model (MSRP: 17,650) includes $1,100 worth of added value over predecessor model:
Heated grips — $250 value
ASC (Automatic Stability Control) — $400 value
2 riding modes (rain, road) — $100 value
Steering damper — $100 value
On board computer pro — $350 value
Multi controller — $100 value
LED white turn signals — $100 value
Base MSRP increase (-$300)

Standard Equipment:
Integral ABS
Heated Grips
ASC (Automatic Stability Control)
NEW: 2 ride modes (rain, road)
NEW: Steering damper
Stepless adjustable power windshield
Height adjustable rider seat
Two-section seat
NEW: On Board Computer Pro
Multi Controller
NEW: LED white turn signals
LED taillight
Side cases in body color
Lockable storage compartment
Adjustable shift lever

Quartz Blue Metallic
Callisto Grey Metallic Matt
Ebony Metallic

Special Packages:
Comfort Package (MSRP: $850) includes: chrome exhaust, central locking, tire pressure monitor, anti theft alarm, dual accessory socket
Touring Package (MSRP: $1,400) includes: Dynamic ESA, GPS preparation, heated seats, cruise control
Dynamic Package (MSRP: $275) includes: hill start control, headlight pro, ride modes pro
Standard Package (MSRP: $600) includes: GPS preparation, cruise control, dual accessory socket
Technology Package (MSRP: $1,525) includes: Bluetooth, audio system, chrome exhaust, radio software, tire pressure monitor, dual accessory socket
Luxury Package (MSRP: $1,525) includes: Bluetooth, gear shift assistant pro, audio system, radio software

Bluetooth Interface Control (required w/ 270 Audio System) — $0
NEW: Dynamic ESA — $950
NEW: Hill Start Control (only w/ Dynamic Package)
NEW: Headlight Pro — $250
NEW: Gear Shift Assistant Pro — $475
NEW: Ride Modes Pro (only w/ Dynamic Package)
Audio System (only w/ Bluetooth and Radio Software) — $1,300
NEW: GPS Preparation — $205
Chrome Exhaust — $150
Radio Software (required w/ Audio System) — $0
Central Locking (only w/ Anti Theft Alarm) — $400
Heated Seats — $300
TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor) — $250
NEW: Cruise Control — $350
Anti Theft Alarm (only w/ Central Locking) — $395
High Seat — $0
Dual Accessory Socket — $50
Low Seat — $0

Standard Package (MSRP: $18,250) includes $1,055 worth of added value over predecessor model:
GPS preparation — $205 value
Additional standard equipment: 2 riding modes (rain, road), steering damper, on board computer Pro, multi controller, LED white turn signals — $750 value
Standard Package lower price (-$100)

Premium Package (MSRP: $20,850) includes Touring Package, Dynamic Package, Technology Package and $1,110 worth of value improvements over predecessor model:
“Dynamic” ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) — $50 value
GPS Preparation — $205 value
Hill Start Control — $150 value
Headlight Pro — $100 value
Ride Modes Pro (adds dynamic) — $100 value
TPM (Tire Pressure Monitor) — $250 value
Additional standard equipment: Steering damper, “Pro” for On Board Computer, LED white turn signals — $255 value

Key Features:
More power with added smoothness and cruise control: New air/water-cooled generation boxer with added smoothness thanks to a new engine crankshaft and vibration damper. Longer final drive ratio for effortless cruising at high speeds.
Shift Assist Pro: Clutchless upshifts and, for the first time, also clutchless downshifts. The new RT blips the throttle, matching rpm for smooth, perfectly matched downshifting.
Intelligent suspension: Optional Dynamic ESA semi-active suspension continuously adjusts damping in milliseconds, compensating for road conditions and rider input. The rider can also adjust settings (spring preload and damping) according to motorcycle load or firmness preference.
The world’s first Hill Start Control: Operates the rear brake when starting from a standstill at a slope, allowing the rider to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground and concentrating only on coordinating clutch and throttle action.
Improved riding dynamics, same low weight: Lower center of gravity and lower seat height with improved riding dynamics. The weight is kept at the same level of its predecessor’s.

2014 K 1600 GTL Exclusive
Base Model (MSRP: $29,950) comes fully loaded with all options as standard and includes the following added equipment (valued at $1,060) over its predecessor (K 1600 GTL with Premium Package):
Keyless Ride — $375 value
Heated back rest — $300 value
Exclusive saddle seat — $300 value
Exclusive exhaust — $500 value
Armrests — $535 value
Engine protection bars — $350 value
Inner bags (3) — $455 value
Top box rear light — $235 value
Ground Lighting — $110 value
Surface finish / exclusivity (e.g. brushed aluminum tank cover, special color, chrome accents, new indirectly lit instrument cluster) — $1,200 value
Price difference vs. K 1600 GTL Premium Package (+$3,300)

Standard Equipment:
Xenon Adaptive Headlight with Dynamic Leveling
LED Auxiliary Lights
DTC – Dynamic Traction Control
NEW: Keyless Ride
NEW: Hill Start Control
ESA II (Electronic Suspension Adjustment)
Central Locking System
TPM – Tire Pressure Monitor
Anti Theft Alarm
High Seat
Heated seats
NEW: Heated comfort backrest
Heated grips
NEW: Inner bags for top case & side cases
NEW: Factory installed rear seat arm rests
NEW: Factory installed ground lighting
NEW: Factory installed LED rear light
NEW: Indirect lighting for instrument cluster
3 ride modes (rain, road, dynamic)
Audio system (AM/FM tuner, satellite radio, iPod/USB integration, AUX input)
GPS preparation
Integral ABS
Xenon adaptive headlight with dynamic leveling
Cruise control
Stepless power adjustable windshield
Multi function display w/ on board computer

Color: Mineral White Metallic High Gloss with Magnesium Silver Seat

NEW: Extra High Seat / Replaces standard high seat– $0
High Seat — $0

Key Features:
The luxury touring benchmark: Based on the undisputed luxury touring segment leader, the Exclusive elevates the bar even higher with new equipment, technology and a unique finish.
The world’s first Hill Start Control: Operates the rear brake when starting from a standstill at a slope, allowing the rider to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground and concentrating only on coordinating clutch and throttle action.
Keyless Ride by BMW: Leave the key in your pocket or bag and operate the ignition, central locking, anti-theft alarm system and even the fuel filler cap.
Heated backrest: Rear padded backrest is now heated (top section) and has added a new padded section for the lower section.
New, more comfortable seat: Longer, more comfortable seat with softer cover, finished in premium Magnesium Silver.

2014 S 1000 R
Base Model (MSRP: $13,150)

Standard Equipment:
Integral Race ABS (disengageable)
ASC – Automatic Stability Control (disengageable)
2 Ride Modes (rain, road)
Anti-hopping clutch
LED rear light
Drop sensor
46 mm upside down telescopic fork, compression and rebound damping adjustable
Adjustable rear rebound damping

Racing Red
Light White
Frozen Dark Blue Metallic

Special Packages:
Sport Package (MSRP: $845) includes: gear shift assistant, dynamic traction control and cruise control
Dynamic Package (MSRP: $955) includes: dynamic damping control, heated grips and engine spoiler

Gear Shift Assist — $450
DTC – Dynamic Traction Control (4 ride modes) (only w/ Ride Modes Pro) — $495
NEW: DDC – Dynamic Damping Control — $750
Ride Modes Pro (adds dynamic, dynamic pro) (only w/ DTC or Sport Package) — $0
Heated Grips — $250
NEW: Cruise Control — $350
NEW: Engine Spoiler (only w/ Dynamic Package) — Package
Anti Theft Alarm — $395

Standard Package (MSRP: $13,995) includes:
Ride Modes Pro
Sport Package

Premium Package (MSRP: $14,950) includes:
Ride Modes Pro
Sport Package
Dynamic Package

Key Features:
More pull than the S 1000 RR in the critical low and mid-rpm range: 7 lb/ft more torque in the low to mid rpm range (up to 8,000 rpm).
Optimized for street use: Higher-mounted handlebars and revised foot peg positioning for street conquering ergonomics.
Refined geometry: Added stability thanks to a longer swingarm and revised chassis geometry.
Widest range of standard equipment: ASC, 2 ride modes, steering damper.
Widest range of options: DDC, cruise control, DTC, shift assist, heated grips, engine spoiler.


garageSure, you’re sick of the hassle of bike covers. And you wish you had a garage, but… Well, here’s the solution! With a Speed-Way shelter you simply push your cycle right into a the shelter, lower the retractable cover over your bike, and Bingo, you’re done! Nothing could be faster or more convenient!

• 100% Waterproof and UV protective fabric!
• Cover does not touch motorcycle. NO WAITING for pipes to cool down!
• 2 large side windows offer full ventilation – so no condensation buildup inside. Window covers can fully close.
• Two sizes available – fit virtually all standard, sport and touring motorcycles as well as scooters and many ATVs.
• Fast assembly: less than 30 minutes!
• Powder-coated steel tube structure for rust protection and protection from falling objects.
• Built-in locking hardware allows the Speed-Way motorcycle cover to be locked in the lowered position. (You provide your own padlock)
• Easy to Use – Simple hand-lift retractable function for covering and uncovering your bike.
• Anchor plates and cement anchors included for secure mounting and support.

More Features!
• Durable polyester fabric with 700mm polyurethane coating and fully taped interior seams for 100% waterproofing.
• Sewn-in Velcro® bottom allows for a sealed enclosure.
• Side tiedown attachments sewn into each side of the fabric cover for added support in the event of high wind.
• Includes a custom Speed-Way Carry Bag for storage or other use.
• Interior Light included: a 48 lamp L.E.D. Bright Light with 3 operating functions. Helpful for night parking or general night access.
Note: Stakes add stability. Stakes not included.

Dimensions STANDARD Size (pictured):
Height: 64″ | Width: 43″ | Length: 108″

Fits most Standard and Sport bikes.
(There is a LARGE Size also available for Touring bikes.)

Click HERE to purchase

NOTE! The rubber diamond floor mat pictured is NOT included. It is available separately.

Showcase Your Motorcycle At The 2014 BMW MOA Rally

campgrounds2After 30 plus years of participating as a vendor at the MOA International Rally,Bob’s BMW knows it is necessary to annually change up your display to keep it new and fresh so the rally continues to be fun and exciting for all those attending! So for Bob’s 2014 MOA rally display we’ve decided we want to include as many of our customers and their bikes as we can! If you are planning to attend this year’s rally July 24-27, “Rolling By The River” in St. Paul, Minnesota, and your bike was modified, customized, refurbished, or restored (partly or completely) at Bob’s or it was ‘thanks’ to Bob’s great inventory of parts and accessories that your bike is what it is today please contact us as soon as possible to join in on the fun we are planning.

The plan is to rotate the display of bikes at Bob’s booth multiple times each day so that we are not holding any one bike hostage too long—we want you to enjoy the rally to its fullest and we know that includes having your bike available to go out and enjoy some great riding! If you would like to feel like a celebrity at the rally, simply provide with 2 good pictures of your bike (right and left), details of the work Bob’s has helped you with, your contact information including full name, phone number, email, and address, along with a short blurb on why your bike should be showcased in our display at this year’s MOA rally!

Want to go to Cuba in 2015?

cuba-2015Are you ready for an amazing group riding adventure in 2015? Bob’s has teamed up with Moto Discovery and the destination is Cuba! That’s right, the place everyone wants to go but because of US travel restriction almost no one gets to visit. The owner, Skip Mascorro started his company about the same time that Bob started Bob’s and like Bob’s they have lots of experience and a great reputation. Skip has made this opportunity possible for a very limited number of participants from Bob’s customer base and you could be one of them.

Havana-Cuba-postcardIf you chose to join Bob and his wife Suzanne, you’ll get to meet some of the legendary Harlista’s, enjoy some amazing Cuban cuisine and culture and maybe even smoke a hand rolled cigar if that’s your thing. You’ll be able to learn about and experience a beautiful, unspoiled country full of history that in some way touches most Americans from the people who live there. To learn more about the tour, the bikes that will be available, the general costs involved, and of course what’s included…click here. Please note, as this will be a custom tour with Bob’s the exact price may vary slightly.

Bob was convinced by Skip that the longer, 15 day tour is the way to go but we want confirmation from those of you seriously considering this awesome opportunity. So to help finalize the last few details, anyone seriously considering saying yes (or know someone who might be interested) to an experience your friends will be jealous of and you’ll be talking about for the rest of your life, is asked to please take a few minutes to complete the short survey below. Before taking this survey take a few minutes and check out the tour and don’t forget to watch the very informative 3 minute video and browse the “What’s included” and “FAQ” box near the bottom of the page.

Now, please take a few minutes to complete our survey about the upcoming Cuba Trip…serious inquiries only!


Enjoy and Thanks!

Bob & Suzanne Henig
Owners, Riders and Enthusiasts

Bob’s High Mileage Polar Bear Challenge

It’s not too late to join the FUN!

Round 1 of Bob’s High Mileage Polar Bear Challenge is complete are the results are in! The winner for highest miles among female riders (and among male riders!) is our good friend, long time customer, and Bob’s ambassador Lisa Hecker, riding a 2008 R1200GS, and clocking in with a whopping 2,776 miles! The male winner is our new friend and customer riding all the way down from Brooklyn, New York to join the challenge, Neftali Colon! Neftali clocked in with 1,665 miles, riding a 2007 Yamaha!

Round 1 winners received brand new winter riding gear donated by our gracious sponsors, Rev’it and Gerbing heated gear. Lisa is deciding between either the Rev’it Kelvin or Element glove and Neftali is deciding between either the Gerbing T5 or G3 heated gloves.

Round 2 is now open for registration and we encourage you to join in the fun, you too could be a winner! To date we have 24 riders on all brands—Harley’s Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki—not just BMW’s signed up! So please, help us spread the word that you do not have to ride a BMW to participate! Not to mention folks are traveling from surrounding states–New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia–to register in the challenge!

Each month, now through March the two riders (1 male, 1 female) with the highest miles will WIN winter riding gear provided by Rev’it USA and Gerbing Heated Gear. In addition to monthly winners, two riders will be grand prize winners for riding the most cumulative miles (December through March).

There are still monthly prizes to be won and all it takes is one good month of riding to get yourself into the running for the cumulative mile grand prize! For more information on how to register and a full list of registration and check-in dates, read more

Note to those of your currently registered, Round 2 check in is coming up January 31-February 1. I know it’s cold out there (really cold!) but you’ve got to ride to win!

Name Round 1 Results
Lisa H. 2776
Neftali C. 1665
Martin C 1640
Kelly V. 1350
D. Hagans 1234
D. Hrenchir 918
Omar A. 863
James P 764
Brian L. 664
Ted K. 522
G. Kerkeslager 494
Paul C. 408
Janet C. 224
Ken M. 220
Dave M. 159
Dawn D. 93

Looking Back Over 2013


Our team of certified sales advisors assisted over 350 riders last year, both current and new to the Bob’s family in their selection of new and used motorcycles—BMW’s, Harley-Davidsons, Hondas, Ducatis, Suzukis, Victorys, Kawasakis,  Vespas, Yamahas, Triumphs, Urals, Piaggios, Moto Guzzis, Can-Ams, Big Dogs as well as several sidecar rigs and trike conversions in the mix. Some were true antiques, others classics and a smaller number were what we call Project Bikes. Many of our patrons live nearby and we see them on a regular basis but others came from miles away, as far as Canada and Hawaii, wanting a greater adventure and more memorable experience when taking delivery of their motorcycle. The record for riding home from Maryland on a bike purchased from Bob’s now stands at approximately 4,600 miles!

img_5724Our team of certified apparel advisors helped customers in person and online to select the perfect riding gear for their needs and budget from great vendors including BMW, Olympia, Rev’it, KLIM, First Gear, Gerbings, Schuberth, Arai, Scorpion, Sidi, Shoei and many others. Some of that protective riding gear got used and we are so very thankful it was there to take care of them! Our team of parts and accessory experts provided electronic and personal guidance on accessory purchases from Airhawk, GoPro, Ohlins, PIAA, Cardo, RKA, P3, Kryptonite, J-Pegs, Clearview, ZTech, Garmin, Dow, Illium, R&G and dozens of other top level suppliers so worldwide adventures or simply the commute to work would be that much more enjoyable.

Our inventory and shipping team, in addition to insuring it’s all on the shelf when needed and then making it all go out on time and arrive as ordered, also helped our certified BMW parts experts deliver thousands of individual orders of genuine BMW parts plus countless reproductions and aftermarket replacements so our friends and customers here in the US and in dozens of other countries around the world could maintain, repair, refurbish and restore their motorcycles at home in their own garage or work space while hundreds and hundreds chose to bring their machines to us so our expert technicians could provide all the care they desired so they could simply go out and enjoy the ride. From crush gaskets to complete transmissions we’ve got everything you and your bike require to remain safe, roadworthy, comfortable and fun all year long.

In 2013 Bob and Suzanne hosted two very exciting group tours taking along with several dozen friends, customers and even some fellow dealers. They went to Morocco with Edelweiss Bike Travel and then to South Africa with Ayres Adventures for once-in-a-life-time group motorcycle adventures…LUCKY! The good news is if you were unable to join-in one of these adventures Bob is already planning a 2015 group adventure to Cuba! Anyone interested is encouraged to take the survey below so he can plan the best trip possible based on customer input…please serious inquiries only are asked to complete the survey.

Just before the 2013 Open House which turned out to be one of the biggest turnout yet, Bob and the team spent days updating the Vintage Museum, rotating in many new and never before seen bikes from Bob’s personal collection. We (Bob especially as the vintage BMW’s are his true passion) especially love sharing the machines, artifacts, memorabilia and other pieces of BMW history in the Vintage Museum with guests.

img_6132Customers helped us remain involved and engaged raising significant amounts of money for very worthwhile causes like the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation via the Ride for Kids ® events as well as support several other local non-profit organizations to help insure we are giving back to our community wherever possible. Throughout 2013, we were also able and happy to send out thousands of dollars in door prizes to BMW clubs all across the country because they too are part of our family!

Without people like you none of this would be possible. We do this because we want to, it’s our chosen profession and we do this so we can deliver the Ultimate Motorcycle Experience to as many people as humanly possible each year and have fun doing it because it is our passion. We hope that shows when you visit the dealership, shop online, and every time we speak or exchange an email!

We are in the works planning an exciting year ahead! Please stay tuned for our forecast on what’s in store for 2014 and may this year be the Happiest New Year for you, your friends, and family!

Bob, Suzanne and the entire team at Bob’s BMW.

Join us this weekend at IMS DC!

See You This Weekend At D.C. IMS!

Be sure to stop by the BMW Motorrad booth at the D.C. International Motorcycle Show this weekend,
January 10-12 at the Washington Convention Center! Speak to a Bob’s BMW representative in the booth
and ask for your exclusive event SAVINGS card for a future purchase at Bob’s BMW! All show attendees will receive this one-time, limited offer just for stopping by the booth and saying hello…


If you have never been to an IMS show, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.
The International Motorcycle show is the best place to see the latest in gear, aftermarket parts and accessories, enjoy seminars, and see the all-new models from major manufacturers including:

BMW, Can-Am Spyder, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Indian Motorcycle, Kawasaki,
Star Motorcycles, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory Motorcycles, Yamaha, Zero Motorcycles

For a complete schedule of each day’s activities, click here.

*This limited offer expires March 31, 2014 and applies only to BMW apparel and accessories. It cannot be combined with any other existing discount, offer, or program. Limit one discount for accessories and one discount for apparel. Offer has no cash value. Original card with unique ID number must be presented at time of purchase. No duplicates or photo copies will be accepted. Online sales do NOT qualify.

We’re Open!


Bob’s plans to open on time if possible on Friday January 3, 2014 but we won’t know what the morning brings weather and accumulation wise until we get our behinds out of bed, shovel our driveways, clear off our cars and head out. So if you are trying to reach us before 10:00 AM it’s justpossible that we are still clearing our own driveways or manicuring the dealership parking lot so the real crazies can make it in — they always do so we’ve got to have a spankingly clear parking lot — or perhaps not enough of the team have made it in yet to answer all the calls we have been getting lately for parts, accessories and gear. It’s always sunny and warm someplace that people need their BMW fix — and that’s what we are here to take care of.

Winner of Door Prize Announced

circuit-redThe winner of the helmet doorprize is Christopher Zeleznik from Alexandria, VA. Christopher won a NEW Scorpion EXO R2000 helmet!

Congratulations from everyone at Bob’s BMW Motorcycles!

New at Bob’s

New Online Feature: Chat Online
Bob’s is pleased to announce we now offer online chat support to customers shopping online for parts, accessories, and apparel. In addition to being able to call or email us with questions, now you can chat with one of our BMW certified parts and apparel advisors at any time during regular business hours. It’s a quick and easy way to get answers to your questions!

When you are browsing Bob’s BMW Online in the bottom right hand corner of your screen you will see a tab that says, “Questions? Contact us!” Simply click that tab and let us know how we can help.

We’ve had this new feature for just over a month and so far customers are loving it. Next time you are shopping online be sure to try it! And remember to use Promo Code FREESHIP now thru 12/23/13 to receive FREE Shipping NOW on orders $100 or over!

BMWMotorrad_HPLogo Parts and Accessories
We are now an authorized BMW HP parts dealer! These high-performance items fit the S1000RR and the HP4 and can be bought, installed, and serviced at Bob’s, another advantage that most BMW shops can’t offer.

Stay Connected With Bob’s Through Social Media
By now, we hope all of you who receive our newsletter are also fans of one or both of our Facebook Pages. Our main page, Bob’s BMW Motorcycles, has over 5,000 fans and our secondary page, GS Riders of Bob’s BMW, has been a little slow taking off but is growing day by day so if you are a GS rider or know any brand dual sport rider, be sure to LIKE the page and pass it along. Bob’s created these pages for the same reasons you have personal facebook pages, to stay connected with our friends; these pages are not used as a channel for selling. The pages are meant to help us keep motorcycle enthusiasts near and far updated with what’s going on at Bob’s and in the motorcycling world as a whole. They also serve to provide enthusiasts with an online resource to talk amongst each other, and is a place to share cool photographs, stories, videos, coordinate rides, and whatever else the user may like.

In addition to our facebook pages, we also have a Bob’s BMW Motorcycles Facebook group. Ugh—multiple pages, separate groups—how is anyone supposed to keep this stuff straight?! You will have to ask Mark Zuckerburg that; we just do our best to stay on top of it all so we are not left behind! Long story short, the group is more like a forum, managed and driven by its members (currently 630), whereas the two pages mentioned above are where we (the dealer that you LIKED) post regular updates and information. Try to think of it like this, you LIKE pages similar to being someone’s friend but you JOIN groups to become an active member of that group.

That’s all for Facebook, but did you know Bob’s also hosts its own YouTube Channel? The foundation is built and we have been loading videos periodically over the years. Our goal for 2014 is to start loading videos created at Bob’s on a more regular basis, but for now click here to subscribe and as videos are uploaded you will be notified.

How about instagram…do you have an account? Bob’s does! It is the newest addition to our online presence and so far we are loving it. Pictures speak a thousand words, especially in this industry so please be sure to tag us #bobsbmwmoto next time you find yourself posting a great picture you snapped while on the road or off-the-road!

Next on our social media to-do list is LinkedIn! Once we are set up and ready to get linked in with you, we will let you know!

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