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Finding Cannon Ball’s Trail

Cannon Ball Trail posterJust days after arriving home from a very unique motorcycling adventure, creator of Miles By Motorcycle, Bob’s good friend and long time customer, Yermo Lamers stopped by grinning ear to ear to fill us in on the details of the exciting trip he had just returned home from.

By mere coincidence, Yermo found himself joining an industry invite-only ride that had been in the planning for the past 3 years and that will forever be noted in motorcycling history, Cannonball’s Trail Centennial Ride.

While we could pass along the stories shared with us via this newsletter and drop names of all the motorcycling legends he rode with, it would be a disservice to both you and Yermo, which is why we invited Yermo to host a Saturday session at Bob’s BMW so you can personally hear all about the adventure straight from the horse’s mouth.

So mark your calendars to join us on July 26 at 11am. Yermo will be at Bob’s sharing:

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Motorcycle SafetyEvery year, May is dedicated to reminding motorists to share the road with motorcyclists. Bobs has always planed the safety of its customers and all who ride ahead of all else. As more bikes put rubber to the road motorists need to be more alert and motorcyclists need to be reminded how to ride smart and ride safe. Do your part as a motorcyclist and take a few minutes to read through General Guidelines For Riding A Motorcycle Safety provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

For many years, Bob’s BMW has helped spread the “Share The Road Message” via its 2 trailers and a 5′ x 40′ hillside banner visible from Route 32. This image will soon be converted to magnets and bumper stickers! Stay tuned.

To help other riders pass along the message, through the end of May, visitors to Bob’s BMW will receive a complimentary “Watch For Motorcycles” sticker. Ask any of our parts staff behind the counter.

Your Mission For March


Bob’s BMW and The Howard County Arts Council present Road to the Arts…12 art sculptures have been placed throughout Howard County in an effort to integrate art into the community and for the month of March Bob’s BMW is challenging ALL local motorcyclists to ride to as many of these ARTsites, take a selfie in front of the sculpture, submit your images, and you will be entered to WIN gift certificates to local Howard County restaurants…there will be SEVEN drawings!

How It Works

  1. Pick up a “Road to the Arts” map at Bob’s BMW and complete a very short registration form. Maps and forms will be available at the coffee station.
  2. Ride your motorcycle to at least 6 different art sites. The more you
    visit the better your chances are of winning!
  3. Take a selfie in front of each sculpture (see rules below).
  4. After visiting your last site, send your pictures to
  5. Get entered to WIN gift certificates to local Howard County restaurants. There will be 7 drawings: Four drawings for a $50-$60 gift certificate (must visit 6-11 sites to be eligible) and three for a $100 gift certificate (must visit all sites to be eligible).


  1. There will be 7 drawings: (4) for $50-$60 gift certificates and (3) for $100 gift certificates to great Howard County restaurants. Participants who visit 12 different sculptures will be entered into all 6 drawings. Participants who visit 6-11 sculptures will be entered into the drawings for the $50-$60 gift certificates.
  2. Participants must send ALL pictures within ONE email AFTER visiting the last site, to by 11:59pm (EST) March 31.
  3. Each picture must include yourself in riding gear with helmet in hand so we can see your face, and the sculpture in the background.
  4. Visiting the same sculpture twice does not count.
  5. You do NOT have to visit all the sites in one day. You can visit the sites anytime between March 1 and March 31.
  6. You do NOT have to ride a BMW to participate!

NOTE: The sculpture, “Getting the Band Back Together,” at North Laurel Community Center is now a skate border and tricyclist sculpture.

A special shout out to Howard County Arts Council for organizing these ARTsites and Bob’s BMW also wants to thank the following restaurants for their gracious donations:

Upcoming Ride for GS Riders

535300_317880768279915_1990770467_nAny adventure riders looking for some fun to have on Sunday, December 1 might want to check out the 60 mile dual sport ride in New Park, PA hosted by the Baltimore County Trail Riders. This “Blind Enduro” event is an annual event the Trail Riders host in an effort to raise money for the Star Community: A home and school for the disabled. A blind enduro race is not a contest of speed, but of consistency. Each rider completes the course 3 times and is timed. The rider with the most consistent time between 2 rides is the winner. The course is a single track through the woods and although not impossible for a GS bike, it would be difficult because of its size which is why in addition to Blind Enduro contest, a dual sport ride was mapped out and added to this year’s event.

The event takes place on private property; in fact it is on the grounds of Star Community. No permits are required and being on private property you will have the opportunity to enjoy some new, unchartered territory! New Park is about 1.5 hours away and the ride begins at 10 a.m. All the information will be posted on GS Riders Of Bob’s BMW facebook page. Anyone who signs up can contact to receive a complimentary t-shirt and cap to wear to the ride and represent Bob’s RoadCrew!

Before signing up, odds are you have some questions about the ride and to answer those questions we have arranged for Dave Larrabee, good friend and customer of Bob’s and who is a member of the Trail Riders organization to be at Bob’s on November 16. Dave will be stationed by coffee and donuts between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. ready to answer your questions and share more details with you.

Baltimore/Washington Ride for Kids had raises $140,043!

Theodora, Paige and Olivia at the Baltimore/Washington Ride for Kids

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s 22nd Baltimore/Washington, D.C. Ride for Kids, held Sept. 22, had raised $140,043 at press time.

More than 350 people attended the ride, which started on a cool, cloudy morning at the Howard County Fairgrounds in West Friendship, Md. The event’s Stars were local brain tumor survivors Paige, Olivia, Theodora and Nicholas.

“When I first got involved there was little interest in pursuing a cure of pediatric brain tumors,” Johns Hopkins researcher Dr. Chetan Bettegowda told the motorcyclists. “Now as a direct result of the funds you all raise, there have been great strides in the treatments for this disease.”

The individual, motorcycle club/chapter and motorcycle business with the most raised were Bob Henig ($30,868), R&T Motorcycle Club ($15,300) and Bob’s BMW ($18,439).

Thomas Pfarr won the drawing for a new Honda CBR250R and Henry Winokur won a Bell motorcycle helmet. Tom Chicca won a Dunlop tire.

Thank you to the dedicated volunteers who organized the event. The 2013 task force leaders were Tom Chicca and Marcy Rich.

We are still collecting online donations! Fundraisers will receive incentive credit through Oct. 22.

Rider’s Report: First Time on the Track

Greg Perticone was the winner of MotorcycleXcitement’s very generous donation to our Spring Open House—a FREE Track Day—that he redeemed earlier this month and has since told us all about the great experience it was!

This was the first time Greg has ever taken his Kawaskai Ninja ZX14R on the track. As excited as he was to learn he won the track day, he found himself just as nervous the day he arrived at the track. Not only had Greg never ridden on a track before, this was also his first time to the track!

Greg explained, “At first my wife and I were a tad stressed and uncomfortable due to having zero knowledge about the track and what to expect plus because we were out of town for Bob’s Track Day in June we did not see any familiar faces when we arrived. It was unfortunate we missed the group track day hosted by Bob’s…the orientation to meet fellow riders and become familiar with what to expect would have been very nice.”

Despite not seeing any familiar Bob’s BMW faces, everyone they spoke to was extremely kind and very willing to help out with any and all questions. The coaches were very knowledgeable and provided us with tons of hints, tips, and tricks. “Roger Lyle and his staff were outstanding. I had no idea I was going to have a coach work with me the entire day. It was fantastic and well surpassed my expectations,” reported Greg.

Among everything learned that day, the most useful thing he rode home with was his new insight on braking techniques. After 20 years of riding, when the coach told Greg, “Don’t use the back brake,” it was tough but he completely understood the importance of this technique.

Greg is now a member of MotorcycleXcitement and is planning to schedule many more trips to the track!

As mentioned above, Bob’s BMW coordinates at least one track day a year and we encourage all brands, all models to come check it out. These track days are not just about speed, they are also about learning more about yourself as a rider and the capabilities of your own bike.

Finally, Bob’s BMW is excited to share with you that MotorcycleXcitement has agreed to give away another FREE Track Day at our Oktoberfest and Celebration of BMW’s 90 years…be sure to stop by and register for this great giveaway!

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Carmichael, Hamel, McDonald, Renfrow and Traynors compose AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Class of 2013

July 12, 2013

Contact: James Holter
Phone: (614) 856-1900, ext. 1280

Carmichael, Hamel, McDonald, Renfrow and Traynors compose AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Class of 2013

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — With voting completed for the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Class of 2013, the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce the inductees who will be formally elevated to the Hall of Fame: multi-time AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross champion Ricky Carmichael, multi-time desert racing champion Danny Hamel, K&N co-founder Norm McDonald, multi-time roadracing champion Randy Renfrow and Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation founders Mike and Dianne Traynor.

“The Greatest of All Time, an AMA and Baja racing standout, a well-known industry business veteran, a multi-talented AMA roadracer and a visionary couple of motorcyclists who started the Ride for Kids program and raised millions of dollars from fellow riders — I can’t think of a more wide-ranging and well-deserving class of inductees,” said Jeffrey V. Heininger, chairman of the AMHF, which oversees the Hall of Fame.

“Each member of the Class of 2013 has made a lasting impact on the world of motorcycling, rising to the highest levels in their endeavors, whether in competition, business or helping others less fortunate,” Heininger said. “It’s an honor to welcome them to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame family, and we look forward to celebrating their achievements at this year’s induction ceremony, Oct. 18-19, in Las Vegas.”

Potential AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famers are considered in eight categories, each focused on a specific area of achievement: Ambassadors & Industry, Design & Engineering, Dirt Track, Leadership & Motorcycle Rights, Motocross & Supercross, Off-Road, Roadracing and Specialty Competition.

The Class of 2013 was selected by a voting procedure that included ballots cast by living Hall of Fame members, members of the AMA and AMHF boards of directors, and members of, and advisers to, the Hall of Fame category committees. The current total number of eligible voters is more than 250.

The selection of the 2013 AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame inductees is the culmination of a comprehensive review of the procedures and makeup of the Hall of Fame nominating processes and committees. The revisions institutionalize the integrity of the nominating process, from application through induction, into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Class of 2013:

Ricky Carmichael has more combined AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross National wins than any other rider in history. From 1997 to 2006, Carmichael won a championship series title each year. In 2002, he recorded the first perfect season in AMA motocross history by earning 24 straight moto victories for 12 overall wins in the premier class — a feat he repeated in 2004.

Carmichael, who was traveling in Europe, said through a text relayed via his mother, Jeanie, “This is for all of the people who helped me get to where I am, and the sponsors that gave me the support to do the job I needed to do. And also, this is for all my fans who supported me through the journey.”

Jeanie added: “This is very honorable for Ricky. He has devoted his life to this sport and now he is recognized for all this achievement. To think that he is being recognized by his peers for this special respect, it is amazing and frankly, emotionally, very moving.”

Danny Hamel accomplished much as an off-road racer: five-time AMA Hare and Hound national champion, Baja 1000 and 500 overall winner and more. Between 1977 and 1995, Hamel was the only rider ever named both as the AMA Amateur Athlete of the Year and AMA Amateur Sportsman of the Year in the same year. He died in June 1995 while racing the Baja 500 when a car strayed onto the road that was part of the course and Hamel collided with it.

“Danny would be speechless with this news,” said Hamel’s friend, Mike Hodges. “He’d walk away, give a very loud ‘Hoo-Ray’ and he’d savor the moment.”

Norm McDonald has been an ambassador for motorcycling his entire life as a racer, promoter, teacher, sponsor and advocate for motorcyclists’ rights and safety. In 1957 he opened K&N Motorcycles — a motorcycle shop — with Ken Johnson. By 1965, they created K&N Engineering and in 1966 the K&N Air Filter was introduced. Over the years McDonald sponsored hundreds of racers, with more than 30 of them going on to the national level.

McDonald was at a loss for words when he heard the news: “When John Ulrich told me I was nominated, I was shocked,” McDonald said. “Now, with this news, I am honored and numb.”

Randy Renfrow began his pro roadracing career in 1981. He won the AMA 250 Grand Prix championship in 1983, the AMA Formula One title in 1986 and the AMA Pro Twins Series championship in 1989. He was known for his ability to be competitive on any type of machinery, from diminutive 250 Grand Prix bikes all the way up to AMA Superbikes, and he excelled in nearly every class of professional motorcycle roadracing. In all, he won 17 AMA Nationals in four different classes. Renfrow died in 2002 in a non-racing accident.

Said his brother, Shawn: “My brother was a lifelong supporter of the AMA and AMA Pro Racing. If he were here today he’d say this is his highest honor.”

Mike and Dianne Traynor co-founded the Ride for Kids motorcycle charity program and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. They began the Ride for Kids in 1984 to raise funds for childhood brain tumor research. With tens of millions of dollars raised since 1984, motorcyclists have helped the PBTF become the world’s largest non-governmental source of funding for childhood brain tumor research. Mike Traynor died in 2009 and Dianne Traynor died in 2012.

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation board member Larry Little, vice president and general manager of the Marketplace Events Motorcycle Group, said the organization was touched by the news.

“Like so many, I am overjoyed that Mike and Dianne Traynor have been recognized for their immeasurable impact on both the medical and motorcycling communities,” Little said. “They committed their lives to eliminating children’s brain tumors, and along the way they simultaneously raised positive awareness about motorcyclists and motorcycling. Their legacy will long live on as the foundation they created grows ever closer to finding a cure for one of the deadliest forms of childhood cancer. On behalf of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, Ride for Kids volunteers and the young brain tumor patients we serve, our thanks to the Hall of Fame members for recognizing Mike and Dianne’s contributions and for selecting them to join the Hall of Fame.”

The class of 2013 will be officially inducted on Friday, Oct. 18, during the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Legends Weekend in a star-studded gala at Las Vegas’ Green Valley Resort & Casino, with tickets available to the general public. Also featured at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony are two Hall of Fame Legends — existing members of the Hall of Fame whose lifetime accomplishments are highlighted. The 2013 Legends are: Mark Blackwell, a pioneering racer in American motocross, a six-time AMA championship race team manager and a well-respected executive in the motorcycle industry; and Torsten Hallman, a four-time World Motocross champion who was instrumental in introducing the sport of motocross to America and founded the Thor brand.

Also part of the weekend’s activities is the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Dave Mungenast Memorial Legends Reception on Saturday, Oct. 19, where the class of 2013, the 2013 Legends and AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famers from previous years will be honored and interviewed on-stage in a relaxed setting that allows fans and friends to get up close and personal with motorcycling’s heroes.

Tickets are on sale now at Price is $140 for Friday night’s induction ceremony, and $20 for Saturday’s reception, which includes a continental breakfast. Additionally, rooms at the Green Valley Ranch can be reserved now for a special rate at or by calling (866) 782-9487 and using the code GCIAMHF.

The AMA Legends Weekend is a fundraiser for the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame, located on the AMA campus in Pickerington, Ohio, and overseen by the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation. The mission of the AMHF is to celebrate, elucidate and preserve the rich tradition of motorcycling in America. For more information, please visit

About the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation
Founded in 1990 by the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation, the goal of the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum is to tell the stories and preserve the history of motorcycling. Located on the campus of the American Motorcyclist Association in Pickerington, Ohio, the Museum’s three major exhibition halls feature the machines and memorabilia of those who have contributed notably to the sport. The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to motorcycling, including those known for their contributions to road riding, off-road riding and all categories of racing, as well as those who have excelled in business, history, design and engineering. More information can be found at

Ride to Bob’s on International Female Ride Day

International Women's Ride Day 2013

International Female Ride Day© is a global campaign for women motorcyclists who own, ride or have access to a motorcycle or scooter. The day invites women to “JUST RIDE”.

By participating and riding on this globally synchronized united day, women underline and demonstrate their passion, ability and enthusiasm for motorcycling. Women participants are role models contribute to the activity by building awareness of female motorcyclists. This worldwide, synchronized unified presence further demonstrates through every cultures and in one language the fun and enjoyment females of all diversities share in this wonderful activity, in all its forms/variations – of motorcycling!

The event occurs on the first Friday of May each year. Women participate by simply being on their motorcycle to “JUST RIDE” …

  • to work
  • to meet a friend(s)
  • to a fitness class
  • to their local motorcycle retailer
  • to a country road
  • to take an off road or track day course
  • to a shopping mall
  • to your friends charity event and so on.

The day invites women to be on a motorcycle. It is not an organised ride nor is it a ride for charity. There has no directive so to speak, other then simply getting on your motorcycle, scooter or trike. It’s a simple action designed not to dilute the events core message- of highlighting women motorcyclists!

It isn’t surprising however, that numerous women’s groups are organized to JUST RIDE on the first Friday in May. Clubs, groups, organisations or solo- women incorporate their own purpose or theme. Often these events include a fund raiser of their local preferred charity or simply solidify camaraderie!

This campaign was introduced by Vicki Gray director of MOTORESS to ensure the growth of women in motorcycling. The only request is that women get out on their motorcycle, scooter or trike and “JUST RIDE”!

Motorcycles of all brands, types, styles, capacities and forms. Motorcycles for street, off road/dirt or scooter, sport, duo-purpose, cruiser, touring, trike or ATV.

This is one day devoted to women riders! Women of all ages and all experience levels demonstrating their personal passion, pleasure and camaraderie, unified in a globally synchronized action – together in the activity of motorcycling- around the world!

For more information, click HERE.

FAST TRACK Licensing

If you are riding a motorcycle on the street and you do not have a Class M motorcycle license here is your opportunity to get one FAST. Some riders say they are not properly licensed because they perceive the licensing process to be inconvenient and time consuming. With FAST TRACK Licensing we have removed some of the administrative barriers to the licensing process. FAST TRACK Licensing is available for both two and three-wheeled motorcycles.

FAST TRACK Licensing is conducted from April through September at selected Motor Vehicle Administration branch offices. See the list of locations at the bottom of this page. It is facilitated by certified Motorcycle Safety Program Instructors who are also certified to administer the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) knowledge and rider skill tests.

A learner’s permit is not required and there is no 14-day waiting period. An applicant is not required to have an accompanying rider but is still expected to transport his or her motorcycle to the MVA branch legally. The MVA is not responsible for any violation obtained by an individual who fails to operate their vehicle in accordance with Maryland law.

Applicants are expected to have already read and be familiar with the Motor Vehicle Administration Motorcycle Operators Manual, publication DL-001. This manual is also available at any MVA branch office. Applicants will first participate in a Study Hall where we will review the Test Yourself questions located throughout the manual and the sample knowledge test on page 38. Applicants will also be able to ask questions about the information in the manual. After the review the knowledge test will be administered.

Applicants must answer 21 out of 25 questions correctly, or score 84%, to pass. Another feature of FAST TRACK Licensing is that if a rider fails the knowledge test he or she does not have to return the next day to retake the test. The applicant will be coached as to the correct answers for the questions missed and then a second, but different test, will be administered.

After passing the knowledge test applicants will then be administered the on-cycle Rider Skill Test. An applicant’s motorcycle must be street legal. That means it is insured, registered and tagged. The applicant must present the vehicles current registration card and if the motorcycle is not registered in the applicant’s name will have to show proof that they have permission from the registered owner to use the motorcycle. The Examiner will inspect an applicant’s motorcycle to be sure that all the lights work and that there are no obvious equipment violations. An applicant is required to use a DOT compliant helmet and approved eye protection. If the applicant fails the riding test they will receive coaching on what they were assessed points for from the Examiner and then will be permitted to take the test again.

After passing both tests an applicant will be given a FAST TRACK Completion Certificate. This Certificate is valid only at the branch where it is issued and for that day only. The applicant will present this certificate to an MVA licensing agent to get the Class M license added to his or her current license. The applicant will have to pay the appropriate fee. Applicants with a valid learner’s permit do not have to take the knowledge test and will not have to pay a fee to get the Class M license. If an applicant fails the riding test he or she will be issued a Class M learner’s permit.

Applicants who fail the knowledge or skill test twice will be encouraged to participate in a formal rider training course and will not be allowed to participate in another FAST TRACK event in 2012.

FAST TRACK Licensing is conducted by appointment only at the following MVA branch offices during regular business hours and is available only to Maryland licensed drivers over the age of 18. For 2012 we will be accepting requests for appointments online only. To view the flyer for the event and to make an appointment online click on the link of the location you want to attend. There is a link on the flyer to make an appointment.

When you click on the link in the flyer an email will open. Enter the required customer information below and click “Send”. If you completed the process properly you will receive an auto-response from the Program confirming your appointment.

The schedule will be posted by the beginning of March 2013.

Walk-ins will be accepted as space permits. However, although every effort will be made to accommodate walk-ins, individuals without an appointment will not be guaranteed participation.

If you cannot make your scheduled appointment please contact the Program by email at and put FAST TRACK Cancel In the Subject line, or by calling us at 443.572.8236 to cancel. Individuals who do not show up for their scheduled appointment may not be allowed to participate in another FAST TRACK Licensing event this year.

By requesting an appointment you acknowledge that you have read and understand the information on this page concerning the FAST TRACK Licensing process.

FAST TRACK Licensing is NOT a substitute for rider training and all participants are encouraged to enroll in a Basic Rider Course 2 after getting their license to update and refresh their riding skills. Applicants who cannot pass either the knowledge or the riding skills tests on the second attempt will be counseled to consider enrolling in a Basic Rider Course or an Alternate Basic Rider Course and will not be permitted to participate in another event during the current calendar year. Both courses will allow a rider to practice street riding skills and if they pass they will be issued a Motorcycle Safety Program Completion Certificate for the Class M license.

* The riding test is designed to accommodate the traditional two-wheeled motorcycle trike conversion with two wheels in the rear and some of the newer factory trikes with two wheels in the rear, or front. However, it may not accommodate some three-wheeled motorcycles that are considered automotive conversions, or automotive hybrids. If you are not sure whether your 3-wheeler can be used in the riding skill test, please contact the Motorcycle Safety Program office before scheduling an appointment.

Welcome Invasion: British Motorcycles in America, 1940-1980

Hershey, PA (February 27, 2013) The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum is proud to announce the exhibit, “Welcome Invasion: British Motorcycles in America, 1940-1980.” The exhibit will open Friday, March 15th and run through Thursday, October 17th, 2013.

North American motorcyclists, many having learned to ride on Harley-Davidsons and Indians, eagerly took to and purchased the comparatively light-weight, fine handling and powerful English brands. Racers in particular valued the compact size, technical innovations, and excellent power output of now-classic competition motorcycles by AJS, Triumph, BSA, Matchless, Norton, and Royal Enfield. The British marques were accepted as “real” motorcycles by American riders, and even today are respected by even the most ardent proponents of American motorcycles.

The exhibit, informally called “British Invasion,” will present the British motorcycle as both aesthetic object (art) and as material culture (possessing meaning and a story). British Invasion will also interpret British motorcycles through an investigation of: 1) Technical innovations (such as Edward Turner’s parallel twin design); 2) The positive response by American buyers (why they were popular); and, 3) The eventual implosion of the British motorcycle industry in the 1970s. To assist in placing the British motorcycle within its context, period dealer signs, movie and popular music posters, and quotes by motorcycle commentators will be displayed. Additionally, visitors can examine “The Literature” table, holding examples of some of the primary literary texts addressing motorcycle studies.

A selection of the show-winning motorcycles on display in the British Invasion are: 1948 Triumph Speed Twin with sidecar; 1956 Ariel Square Four; a hand-built 1970 Cheyney-BSA off-road racer; a very rare 1955 T100R factory racer; a bevy of pristine 1960s Triumph twins; and the signature British performance bikes of the 1970s, to include a 1971 BSA B50MX, 1974 Norton Commando, 1974 Triumph Trident, and a custom 1974 Triumph/BSA Hurricane street-drag creation. Supporting the exhibit will be period motorcycle gear and collectables.

Please join the AACA Museum in enjoying an exhibit of some of the most beautiful motorcycles in America, in one of America’s premier motor museums! Museum patrons can also enjoy the museum’s newest display Porsche Style & Design which showcases more than 20 air and water cooled models as well as prototypes. There are also other household and personal items also designed Porsche that are in display as part of this Porsche Style & Design exhibit.

The Antique Automobile Club of America Museum, a member of the Smithsonian Institution Affiliations Program, displays beautifully restored automobiles, buses and motorcycles in unique life-like scenes representing the 1900′s – 1980′s in a cross-country journey from New York to San Francisco. The AACA Museum, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, is celebrating 10 years as one of the nation’s largest automotive museums. Special exhibits change several times a year and focus on a variety of eras and types of vehicles. The AACA Museum is located just off Route 39, one mile west of Hersheypark Drive in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Regular admission $10, seniors age 61 and older $9, juniors age 4-12 $7, children age 3 and under are FREE. To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, Admission will be just $10 for two guests every Tuesday through 2013. The Museum is open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and select evening hours during the summer months. For further information, please call 717-566-7100 or visit

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