Join Bob’s Latest Moto Adventure to Afghanistan!


You’ve accompanied Bob on his previous tours to some of the world’s most scenic and interesting places and you’ve proven your Taste for Adventure. Now, in this first-ever motorcycle tour inspired by the great culinary treasures from the beautiful countryside of Afghanistan, you’ll get to prove that you also want an Adventure for Taste!

HIGHLIGHTS of the Tour

Afghan-Kandahar-Scenery• Enjoy a THIRTEEN day thrilling tour through an exciting, “otherworldly” terrain that you’ll never forget – all safely guided by friendly, armed locals who really know the territory. After a a couple days on the road, you’ll wonder why you ever thought you needed guardrails!
• Each day you’ll dine on local delicacies prepared to order. Can you name the 22 favorite Afghani recipes for goat? By the end of the tour you’ll know them all!
• You’ll stay in the finest local mud accommodations. On nights when we travel through mountainous regions, cave dwellings provide a real feel of local culture. In every case, secure overnight parking for your bike is assured!
• Learn new riding techniques for safely avoiding craters and trenches, and even how to navigate through active minefields.
Afghan-Weapons-Issued• On the last day of the tour, you’ll take a break from the dirt roads while we enjoy a guided (and guarded) tour of beautiful downtown Kandahar!
• Throughout the trip, your safety is guaranteed by special forces of the Afghan Military who were rigorously trained by U.S. Army Rangers! In addition, each tour participant will be issued his or her own certified military grade assault weapon for that extra measure of security.
• And there’s much MORE! Call for details.

BACKGROUND of this Tour

One of Bob’s closest friends is a man named Hamid Karzai. Hamid is a native of Afghanistan, but he once lived in Baltimore for a few years and was employed as Maitre’ D at his family’s Afghan restaurant called Helmand. It was there that Bob and Hamid became friends years ago. They spent many hours chatting over spicy dishes and strong coffee, and they talked about many things: good food, of course, but also motorcycling! Hamid was a dedicated rider since the happy days of his youth riding a dirt bike over the challenging terrain left in the wake of Russian artillery. Hamid knew that he would have to return to Afghanistan, but they agreed then that one day they would continue their friendship in Hamid’s home country. (Oh yes, the Karzai family restaurant is still going strong in Baltimore!) Of Afghan-Food-1course, a lot has happened in the intervening years and this reunion had to wait longer than expected. Incidentally, Hamid since became the president of Afghanistan. But now, finally, it’s a perfect time for Bob and Hamid to resume their great friendship. And luckily, Bob wanted to YOU to share this auspicious moment with him!


Participation is limited on this exciting tour and available spaces will go FAST!
For more details and to reserve your spot on the tour, contact Bob now:

PLUS…Sign up by April 1st and we will include a SHIRTLESS pony ride with Putin!


We are currently planning a trip to Russia in 2015! What do you think? Please contact Bob for more information!

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