Motorcycle Safety Month

Maybe you have seen more “share the road with motorcyclists’” advertisements or maybe more hi-vis on the road this month? If so, it is most likely because May was the nation’s official month to raise motorcycle safety awareness. Here at Bob’s that is our goal everyday! In fact, perhaps Bob has shared one of his favorite acronyms with you (he loves acronyms!)—ATGATT—All the gear all the time! If you’re going to ride you must be prepared for anything and that includes the possibility of accidents. All it takes is one time not wearing quality gear to learn the importance of ATGATT…if you are that lucky. This is why Bob’s apparel department offers a huge inventory of men and women’s gear; a variety of types, styles, and sizes of the best quality manufacturers.

Gear includes head to toe: helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, and boots. Luckily over the years, technology has helped the industry come up with some amazing features that allow riding gear to do its job plus look cool and be cool for the rider! And please whatever you do, do not purchase the gear and then leave it at home; wear ALL the gear ALL the time!

Ok so we covered ATGATT. Next let’s talk hi-vis. Motorcyclists need to be seen on the road by others, so what better way than to choose gear that offers hi-visibility. Some high visibility is better than none so if you’re reluctant to get the full neon yellow vest, try a more discrete jacket that still gets the job done like the Olympia Nomad Transitional jacket that is more so trimmed in hi-vis. The point being…there are options people!

Now take a minute to think back when the last safety course was you took? Certainly you don’t believe that just because you have your license, the training is over?!

Every state offers motorcycle safety courses for all levels. Just around the corner from Bob’s is the Howard County Riders School that offers 7 different courses, each focusing on various skill levels and offering different lesson curriculum . And that is just in Howard County. Every county offers its own safety courses and they can easily be found by visiting the MVA’s website..

No doubt this is all stuff everyone knows and has heard before. The question is are you helping raise awareness by doing everything you can as a member of the motorcycling community?

Click here for more facts and to see how YOU can help to raise awareness!

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